Hewlett-Packard Company history by fdjerue7eeu


									Hewlett-Packard Company history
Later, the founder of the great companies in terms of an angel or a devil who? Perhaps
as long as Bill Hewlett (Bill Hewlett) and David Packard (Dave Packard) have breath
in, their successors would have ready dependent on the pleasure. Open minded when
people stubbornly adhere to more persistent than the little people.
Hewlett-Packard's story implies this logic.
Garage era, passed and
Hewlett and Packard have one thing in common: not going to inherit his father.
Hewlett's father is a professor of medicine at the age of 12 died in Hewlett.
For Hewlett, the blessing in disguise really, bad thing "if the father has not
died, I could be forced to become a doctor." Packard as the father liberal,
so better than luck, though his father would like his son to be a tall lawyer, or a player
(as Packard has outstanding performance in sports, created a statewide track and field
discus, one person scored, high jump, long jump, high and low field championship
record), but after all he is a lawyer, willing to Packard to decide their own future.
1924 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate 弗瑞德特曼
(Fred Terman) were recruited at Stanford University, "those vacuum tubes,
semiconductors and computers as interested as chasing girls," young
people, at this time, Silicon Valley name or its original name - Santa Clara Valley.
Hewlett Packard and the University before graduation to prepare a business plan, but
fruitless, because Roosevelt did not prompt the United States out of the Great
Depression. I went to in Colorado before graduation camping and fishing together,
spent two weeks time, they become lifetime intimate friends. After graduation, the
principle of the lock, the 16th century interest in the history of Mexico to the MIT
graduate Hewlett. In fact, the curiosity with a Hewlett life, when his powerful body
"is also the same as the 25-year-olds ask questions", and in the
evening quietly to the laboratory experiments, his last a patent is 13 His first invention
was made in 1971. The Packard is done in a GE electrical engineer.
Terman of Stanford University as vice president of a commencement address:
"the most successful radio companies by people with little education
founded. For those of you who have a solid theoretical foundation for a greater chance
of success the. The children, you have as big in the industry. "
Hewlett master's hat back with MIT PhD candidate at Stanford University,
Terman for his application for a scholarship. At this point, the economy started to
recover. Hewlett and Packard's entrepreneurial enthusiasm has been ignited
again. They rented a garage behind Packard home, started a part-time work in the
garage. "Uprising" of all material capital equivalent to 538 U.S.
dollars, including cash and a used Sears drill press (including a table, a set of pliers
and a screwdriver, a rasp, hacksaw, iron, etc.). Of course, there is a good circuit design
at Hewlett Packard and good process design. However, they did not easily decide
what their own production, which is "afraid of the wrong men, women
marry the wrong husband afraid of" empathy. Terman advice:
"you two complement each other, then the production of electronic
products it." Electronic products was absolutely a sunrise industry. Terman
also introduced, including Disney, including 25 potential customers, Disney was
ordered 8 sets 200 B-HP's first pot of gold would be in the bag so,
electricity can not be resolved before payment difficulties. Another version is the
Packard an audio oscillator in the Southern California Fair met Disney's
sound engineer Harkins, only contributed to the deal. Disney's orders not
only bring revenue, also brought fame.
Hewlett negative feedback of the first achievements of the HP product - acoustic
oscillator capacitance resistance (HP200A). As for why not take a HP200A HP 001A,
"it will not allow us to look 'lips hairless, work is not
strong'." The price is very low - only 10% of similar products.
Packard      filed     a     patent     application     for    the     HP200A       and
"electronics" on an advertisement. Operational capability of
their business is evident.
In 1939, Hewlett-Packard first year, to flip a coin to the name of the Hewlett-Packard
partner's annual income is 5,369 dollars, 1,563 dollars profit.
Garage's coming to an end. The following year, it no turning back from
Edison Avenue Palo Alto, California moved to No. 367 Page Hill Road (Page Mill
Road) to the office. This year, despite an increase of only one employee, for the three,
but the income has increased several times for 34,396 dollars.
Packard's "Daddy"
"If you can not complete the work, we will be able to find another person
to complete." Tall and 6 feet 5 inches Packard man of few words, but often
say this.
University of Washington engineering design of the new graduates 埃里克哈默
Quest oscilloscope models are "introduced" to the HP Labs, this
more than 20-year-old boy in order to reduce its weight, with a relatively thin
aluminum to replace 16 the 14 aluminum. The next day, Hamokuisi humming a happy
ditty to HP when the oscillosc

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