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					Volume 45, Number 6                                                             February 2010

I’m writing this message at the tail end of the 2010 ASHRAE
Winter Conference and AHR Expo, and while I was not able to
attend this conference, it sounds like we had good representation
from the Puget Sound Chapter. Puget Sound Chapter can boast         President’s Message................................I

the participation of 36 PSA members on various Standards and        Chapter Volunteer Social Outing............II

Technical Committees. Thanks to all of you for your time and        Outing Registration Information.............III

dedication to ASHRAE.                                               January Chapter Meeting Review..........IV
                                                                    2009-2010 Meeting Schedule.................V
A very important and significant feature of the ASHRAE Winter       HVAC&R Achievements.........................VI
Meeting was the recognition of outstanding HVAC&R industry          TEGA Committee News........................VII
achievements. The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize                Obituary Notice....................................VIII
outstanding achievements by members who have successfully           Winter Meeting Recap...........................IX
applied innovative building designs, which incorporate              Seattle Energy Code Draft Review..........X
ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and indoor         Current Job Postings.............................XI
air quality.                                                        Current Job Postings...........................XII
Four projects received first-place ASHRAE Technology Awards.
Michael Hedrick, Thomas Marseille, P.E., and Long Lam, Stan-
tec Consulting, received first place in the new commercial build-
ings category for The Terry Thomas building. Congratulations to all of you for this outstanding
achievement! Be on the lookout for articles in
the March 2010 ASHRAE Journal with more
detail on this project.
Hopefully some of you are able to take a break
and join us at the February community service
project at the Mountains to Sound Greenway
                 nursery at Lake Sammamish
                 State Park. It’s a great way to
                 roll up your sleeves, do a good
                 deed, eat some food, and meet
                 some great people. We’ll see
                 you there!
                Leslie Jonsson
                Puget Sound Chapter President
 Punch List, February 2010

Puget Sound Chapter Volunteer Social Outing
By: David Landers

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Volunteer
Lake Sammamish State Park, Issaquah
Saturday, February 27 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Greenway Nursery is home to over 24,000 native trees and shrubs. Working
under a rain canopy we’ll be potting a variety of native plants during our event.
The trees and shrubs that are potted at the nursery will grow for 1-3 years before
being planted in parks and forests along I-90, providing many benefits to people
and wildlife.
For more information about the history of the Mountains to Sound Nursery visit:

What to Bring/Wear:
Come prepared to get outside, have fun, and get dirty! Winter weather can be wet and is usually around 30-
45F -- make sure to dress accordingly.
In order to participate, volunteers are required to wear the following:
• Long pants                          • Sturdy, close-toed shoes
•Sleeved shirt                        • Gloves (provided)

In addition, we recommend that you bring:
• Warm layers
• Rain gear
• At least one full water bottle
• Small daypack for water, extra layers, etc
Tools, project materials, gloves, and extra rain gear will be provided

Friends and family members are welcome and encouraged to join us! This is an all ages event, but young
children may need supervision.
                                                                         Punch List, February 2010

February Volunteer Outing Registration Information
By: David Landers
 Saturday, February 27, 2010
 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

 Join us for part of the day if your schedule is limited.
 This is a no-cost event!
 Friends and family members are welcome.
 If youth are attending without their parent or guardian, they will need a signed
 parent/guardian permission form, found here:
 To make reservations go to the Acteva event web site:

 If you have questions regarding registration, contact Scott Vollmoeller at
 svollmoeller@glumac.com or 206-262-1010.

 Lunch provided by:

 Directions to the event:

 The Mountains to Sound Tree Nursery is located at Lake Sammamish State Park. From
 I-90, take Exit 15. Follow signs for Lake Sammamish State Park, and go north on 17th Ave
 NW. Turn left onto NW Sammamish Rd. The entrance to Lake Sammamish State Park will be
 on your right in about one half mile. Enter the park and take your first left into the large
 parking lot near the shelter.

 You will then want to walk out of the parking lot back towards the entrance, then take a left
 into the maintenance area. Walk straight toward the sheds and the ranger's house. The nursery
 is located next to the Maintenance Barn and Rangers’ Houses -- look for Greenway event
 leaders and signs.
  Punch List, February 2010

January Chapter Meeting Review
By: David Landers
 More than 80 Puget Sound Chapter members and guests attended the January 13 lunch meeting at the Washington Athletic Club.
 Those in attendance included ASHRAE Region XI Director and Regional Chair (DRC) Erich Binder and eight Past-Presidents of
                                   Puget Sound Chapter. The meeting included a 90th birthday celebration for Rod Kirkwood,
                                   who served as Chapter President in 1962-63 and as ASHRAE Society President in 1973-74.
                                   Seattle Steam Company Biomass Boiler Project Overview
                                    Stan Gent, President and CEO of Seattle Steam Company, provided an overview of
                                    Seattle Steam’s wood waste boiler project. He began his presentation by discussing
                                    the factors behind selection of urban wood waste as a fuel for the new boiler,
                                    including availability – King County has more urban waste wood available than any
                                    other county in the United States – and stability in cost compared to fossil fuels. The
                                    presentation included three time-lapse videos of components being installed at the
                                    plant: the boiler, bag house, and fuel storage silo. The presentation concluded with an
                interactive discussion between Mr. Gent and the audience regarding the plant’s operation and overall
                environmental impact, as well as the outlook for future sustainable district heating plant projects in
                urban centers throughout the United States.
                                                Past-Presidents Honored
Following the lunch presentation, Chapter President Leslie Jonsson recognized Past-Presidents of Puget Sound Chapter
for their service and dedication.

Eight Past-Presidents were in attendance at the January meeting (Left to Right): Steve Nicholes (1989-90), David
Fernandes (1996-97), Jill Connell (1997-98), Paul Bonaci (1998-99), Rod Kirkwood (1962-63), John Bergo (2000-
                            01). Pat O’Donnell (2005-06), Scott Sherman (2008-09).
                                            Happy Birthday Rod Kirkwood
  ASHRAE Region XI DRC Erich Binder provided his greetings to the chapter and recognized Rod Kirkwood on his
 milestone of 90 years by presenting him a letter from ASHRAE Society President Gordon Holness. President Holness’
 letter offered his personal congratulations and highlighted the continuing importance of
  the words spoken by Mr. Kirkwood in his address to the Society in 1973: “Optimum
Energy Utilization Through Technology”. Leslie Jonsson presented Mr. Kirkwood with a
  birthday card signed by chapter members and an ASHRAE Cross pen. While cake was
   being served, Mr. Kirkwood's son, Rod V. Kirkwood, spoke about his father’s
achievements and passion for ASHRAE and energy efficiency. Following the singing of
Happy Birthday, Mr. Rod R. Kirkwood addressed the group and provided an inspirational
  history of overcoming challenges to develop the country’s first Energy Conservation
                                     Standard – 90-75.
                                                                                                                Punch List, February 2010

2009 - 2010 Meeting Schedule
By: David Landers
                                                        February 27, 2010 (Saturday)
                                                          Volunteer Service Outing
                                                              9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
                                                    Mountains to Sound Greenway Nursery
                                                    Lake Sammamish State Park, Issaquah

                                                               March 10, 2010
                                                     “Low Impact Mechanical Systems”
                                                     Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM – 1:15 PM
                                              Washington Athletic Club, 1325 6th Avenue, Seattle
                                                           Meeting Theme: History
Tim McGinn, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and Region XI Historian will provide an overview of low energy mechanical systems successfully
    installed in North American, including radiant chilled slabs, displacement ventilation, underfloor air and multi-stage evaporative cooling.

                                                                April 14, 2010
                                   “Impact of Green Building Code Changes on the Building Envelope”
                                                     Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM – 1:15 PM
                                               Rock Bottom Brewery, 1333 5th Avenue, Seattle
                                             Meeting Theme: Sustainability; joint event with AIA
Medgar Marceau and Stephane Hoffman of Morrison Hershfield will examine current building envelope practices and explore strategies to meet the
                             new Washington State Energy Code requirements that become effective in 2010.

                                                                May 12, 2010
                              “Applied Acoustics: Noise and Vibration Control for Mechanical Installations”
                                                     Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM – 1:15 PM
                                               Rock Bottom Brewery, 1333 5th Avenue, Seattle
                                                     Meeting Theme: Research Promotion
  Alan Burt and Erik Miller-Klein of SSA Acoustics provide a practical guide to controlling noise and vibration created by mechanical systems.

                                                            June 4, 2010 (Friday)
                                                      Annual ASHRAE Golf Field Day
                                                           Harbour Pointe Golf Club
                                                  11817 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo
 Punch List, February 2010

ASHRAE Recognizes Outstanding HVAC& R Achievements
Forwarded By: Leslie Jonsson, Puget Sound Chapter President
ORLANDO – Forty-eight people were recognized by ASHRAE for their contributions to the Society and the
building industry at the Society’s 2010 Winter Conference held here Jan. 23-27.
       The ASHRAE Hall of Fame honors deceased members of the Society who have made milestone
contributions to the growth of HVAC&R technology. The Society inducts Presidential Member William J.
Collins Jr., ASHRAE Fellow, who dedicated over half a century to the HVAC&R industry, and J. Donald
Kroeker, ASHRAE Fellow, a pioneer of heat pump applications, into the ASHRAE Hall of Fame.
       The F. Paul Anderson Award, ASHRAE’s highest given for technical achievement, is awarded for
notable achievement of outstanding services performed in the HVAC&R field. The recipient is Gerald C.
Groff, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, principal, Groff Associates, Cazenovia, N.Y.
       The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by members who have
successfully applied innovative building designs, which incorporate ASHRAE standards for effective energy
management and indoor air quality. Four projects received first-place ASHRAE Technology Awards:

       new commercial buildings category for The Terry Thomas building in Seattle.

       buildings category for the IDeAs Design Facility, San Jose, Calif.

       the new institutional buildings category for the Richard J. Klarchek Information Commons Building,
       Chicago, Ill.

       facilities/processes category, for Sobey’s Warehouse, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.
   ASHRAE Technology Awards Highlight Outstanding Building Projects
ORLANDO, Fla.–Designers of systems for two office buildings, a warehouse and college library are
recognized by ASHRAE for incorporating elements of innovative building design.
        First place recipients of the ASHRAE Technology Awards were recognized at the Society’s 2010
Winter Conference, held this week in Orlando, Fla. The recipients have applied ASHRAE standards for
effective energy management.
       The Terry Thomas
         Michael Hedrick, Thomas Marseille, P.E. and Long Lam; Stantec Consulting; Seattle, Wash. receive
first place in the new commercial buildings category for a four-story office building, the Terry Thomas, Seattle,
        The Terry Thomas is the first modern Class A office building to be built without mechanical cooling in
the Puget Sound region in decades. Shading, daylighting, building form and structure and other load reduction
strategies were critical to the successful implementation of a passive cooling strategy. The use of natural
ventilation, along with a hydronic heating system, has drastically reduced the energy consumption of the
building to 45.9 kBtu/sf-year, 53 percent better than the average office. Additionally, the building includes:
automated external blinds controlled by meteorological conditions; motorized louvers controlled by CO2
sensors during the heating season and thermostats in the cooling season; integrated building design for passive
cooling, daylight and occupancy; and waterless urinals and dual-flush water closets
                                                                                                 Punch List, February 2010

By: Sarah Moore
Technology Environment               and   Government Affairs              Committee
ASHRAE Recognizes Outstanding HVAC&R Industry Achievements: Congratulations to Michael Hedrick, Tomas
Marseille and Long Lam, of Stantec Consulting, for their recognition of outstanding achievement in innovative building
ASHRAE Technology Awards Reminder: Please contact me if (A) you have a project you think would be a good
candidate for innovation and efficiency or if (B) you would like to participate in recruiting projects for the awards and/or
Upcoming Events
We’ll be headed over to Flow Control to learn about pressure-independent, “delta-P” valves, their applications and
efficiency benefits. The visit will include a short presentation on the theory behind Flow Controls’ valves as well as a
tour of the plant.
For those of us working in Seattle without vehicles on hand please let me know if you would be interested in carpooling.
The drive from downtown is about 30 minutes without traffic.
When: February 22, 2010, 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Where: Flow Control Industries, 14241 NE 200 St, Woodinville, WA 98072
Lunch will be provided.
John Hogan, with Seattle DPD, will be presenting the recent energy code changes to the State and City codes to be
implemented this summer.
When: Seattle Municipal Tower, Suite 2750
Where: April 26, 12:00-1:30 pm
Lunch will be provided.
Please RSVP to me for any of the above events at sarah.moore@arup.com or 206-493-2246.
Noteworthy News
ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Program
As published in the December ASHRAE Journal, ASHRAE has is in the process of launching its new building labeling
program intended to help track and respond the energy performance of existing buildings. Now, just as we can easily
know the performance of our appliances or the fuel efficiency of our cars, we should be able to know the performance of
our buildings and how they compare to other buildings. See the program’s website at http://www.buildingeq.com/.
Interestingly, the new Building EQ program comes at the same time as local and regional legislature is starting to put
some teeth in building efficiency policy by requiring building energy ratings in all public buildings, some commercial
buildings, and even multi-family buildings in Seattle. See the following article for more information:
This happens simultaneously with new requirements for additional sub-metering in the upcoming energy code revisions
for Washington State and the City of Seattle. This in another crucial step to promote the tracking and management of
energy use in our buildings. This spring, TEGA will be hosting a presentation on the new energy code requirements as
mentioned above.
 Punch List, February 2010

                               Living Future is coming to Seattle May 5 - 7, 2010. We want you
                               there to share in transformative conversations and active learning ses-
                               sions. This Unconference for Deep Green Professionals will touch the
                               roots of our hope, celebrate the living building movement, and provide
                               cutting edge green building and planning education.

                               Living Future 2010 aims to revisit the deep values that bind us together
                               and provide rich soil for nurturing our neighborhoods into living com-

                               Register now!
                               The deadline for Living Future 2010 Early Bird Pricing is February
                               28th. Don’t miss this chance to save big on registration. Discounts for
                               Cascadia members, sponsors, and group rates are also available.
                               Register now!
                               The Red List Ready Tradeshow showcases product manufacturers and
                               service providers that are as forward thinking and serious about sus-
                               tainability as unconference attendees. Exhibitors will share ideas with
                               decision makers at leading green building firms, generate highly quali-
                               fied leads, and participate as an essential part of the unconference expe-
                               rience. Register by January 31st for an additional 5% discount.
                              Learn more about the Tradeshow

Obituary Notice for Lloyd Wallstrom
Lloyd Lennart WALLSTROM, P.E. Lloyd Lennart Wallstrom, Professional Engineer, was born October 25,
1921, in Seattle, WA. He passed away peacefully, following medical complica-
tions from a fall,on January 23, 2010, in Bellevue, WA. He was preceded in
death by his beloved wife of 62 years, Betty-Jeane (Wesseler) Wallstrom, a
brother, Ira C. Wallstrom, a sister, Rhoda K. Nyland, and a son, Bruce L. Wall-
strom. He is survived by two sons, two daughters, ten grandchildren and ten
great-grandchildren. Lloyd spent his 38 year career with Bouillon Christoffer-
son & Schairer in Seattle, WA. He was a Distinguished 50-Year Member of
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Engineers). He became a Fellow of ASHRAE in 1981 and participated
in the writing of numerous ASHRAE Standards.
                                                                                                Punch List, February 2010

ASHRAE 2010 Winter Meeting Recap
By: Lisa Rosenow
Despite the current state of the economy, fortunately the volunteer spirit of ASHRAE is alive and well and the ASHRAE
Winter Meeting was well attended.
At the opening ceremony, ASHRAE Society President Gordon Holness spoke about his focus for the year “Energy
Efficiency in Existing Buildings – Our Greatest Opportunity for a Sustainable Future.” This represents a continuation of
Past President Bill Harrison’s message of “Maintain to sustain.”
Here are some highlights from Mr. Holness’ speech –
“75 to 85% of buildings that will exist in urban areas in 2030 exist today. [New building construction only represents 2%
of the total building stock] and if every single new building from this day forward was designed as net-zero, we would
still only impact 15% of the marketplace by the year 2030. If we focus our technology solely on that 2% of new
construction, it would probably not get us to the much-needed worldwide reduction in energy consumption that we have
been striving for. So, this year, I want ASHRAE to concentrate on the other 98%. If ASHRAE is looking to build a
sustainable future, we can see the foundations of that right now. They are the buildings we go to work in, our homes, our
schools, our places of worship. These represent the greatest opportunities for ASHRAE to make a difference in energy
use. Existing buildings also present the greatest challenges. While ASHRAE has a significant number of initiatives
underway, we need to develop an overall, cohesive program aimed specifically at promoting energy efficiency in existing
buildings. This isn’t something we can do alone. We need to work as a team with our partners and sister organizations –
together we can achieve great things.”

Several new resources were officially announced at this Winter Meeting including:

        tial). This resource provides “total building sustainability package” level information and represents a significant
        collaboration between ASHRAE, IESNA and the USGBC.

        facilities up to 90,000 SF including acute care, outpatient surgical, small critical access and inpatient community
All of these resources now are available for purchase through the ASHRAE Society website.

Evidence of ASHRAE’s focus on improving our existing building stock was prevalent in the technical programs offered
at the Winter Meeting and in technical committee discussions and planning. With so many over-lapping activities it is
tough to choose which activities to participate in at this event. I focused my attendance on operations and maintenance
and integrated design committees that I am a contributing member, and related programs.

Being an active member in society level committees is a great way to stay abreast with the latest developments within
ASHRAE, learn from industry experts (both nationally and internationally), and offers an opportunity to share your
expertise for the greater good of the industry. At our Puget Sound Chapter January Meeting we got a chance to hear Rod
Kirkwood Sr.’s story of how he and many others worked together to develop the first edition of Standard 90.1. This
proved to be a transformative effort in the industry and is an inspiring example what is possible. Attendance at the
ASHRAE Winter and Summer Meetings are great opportunities to learn, get involved, and be a part of the future of our
 Punch List, February 2010

2009 Seattle Energy Code Preliminary Public Review Draft

   TO:     Interested Parties
   FROM:           John Hogan
   DATE:           28 January 2010
   SUBJECT:        2009 Seattle Energy Code, Preliminary Public Review Draft
                   (Seattle Amendments to the 2009 Washington State Energy Code)
   The public process to update the Seattle Energy Code is now underway. For this update cycle, Seattle amendments
   to the 2009 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) are proposed:

   Resolution 30280 (Section 1.B.i) directs DPD and Seattle City Light to “propose to the City Council…amendments
   to the Seattle Energy Code…to achieve up to 20% enhanced energy efficiency beyond the current version of
   ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1”. The 2006 Seattle Energy Code achieved approximately 20% energy savings
   compared to ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004. However, since that time, ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-
   2007 has been published and it contains significant energy efficiency improvements. More recently,
   ASHRAE/USGBC/IESNA Standard 189.1, High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential
   Buildings, was published, providing criteria for all aspects of green buildings.
   DPD has scheduled a series of meetings to discuss these proposed amendments. All meetings will take place in the
   Seattle Municipal Tower (SMT), 700 Fifth Avenue, starting at 7:30 am.
       8 February 2010 (Monday), SMT-4050, 7:30-10:00 am: Ch.13 - Building Envelope &
           Ch.16 - Renewable Energy Power Generation
       9 February 2010 (Tuesday) SMT-2750, 7:30-8:45 am: Ch.15 - Lighting & Ch.12 - Metering
       11 February 2010 (Thursday) SMT-4050, 7:30-9:30 am: Ch.14 - Mechanical
       16 February 2010 (Tuesday) SMT-2750, 7:30-8:45 am: Ch.13 - Building Envelope
       18 February 2010 (Thursday) SMT-4080, 7:30-8:45 am: Ch.14 - Mechanical
       23 February 2010 (Tuesday) SMT-2750, 7:30-8:45 am: Ch.15 - Lighting
       25 February 2010 (Thursday) SMT-4050, 7:30-9:30 am: RS-29 and wrap-up

   The deadline for written comments is Monday, 1 March 2010. Submit comments by
       E-mail to john.hogan@seattle.gov, or
       Fax to John Hogan at 206-386-4039, or
       Mail to John Hogan, Seattle DPD, 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000, P.O Box 34019, Seattle WA 98124-4019
   If possible, please propose specific language changes with underline to indicate new language and strikethrough to
   indicate deletions.
                                                                                                                  Punch List, February 2010

Current Job Postings
Notkin Mechanical Engineers
Notkin Mechanical Engineers is an award-winning consulting mechanical design firm located in Seattle.
Quality, systems reliability and innovation are the trademarks of Notkin’s leadership in mechanical design
for almost 60 years. Known for successful design of complex projects with challenging requirements, the
firm has been involved in many of the region’s landmark projects such as Benaroya Hall, Museum of Glass
and Experience Music Project.

We are looking for Senior HVAC Project Engineers with 10 years of recent hands-on design experience
in one or more of the following project types: higher education, healthcare, cultural arts, or government
Perform all aspects of engineering design – calculations, system design and layout, cost estimates,
specifications, reports and correspondence, quality control, construction administration, and project close-
out – for assigned projects. Serve as primary contact for clients on design-related, non-contractual issues.
Work closely with project managers on project staffing requirements, scope modifications and schedule
In addition to design, position responsibilities include coordination of CAD drawings and other
construction documents with in-house team and other disciplines. Assure projects conform to the
commitment made to clients, deadlines are met, and work is completed in compliance with building codes
and industry standards.
    Bachelor’s of Mechanical or Architectural Engineering
    Professional engineering license
    A minimum of ten years of recent hands-on experience designing HVAC systems
    Strong verbal and written communication skills
    Proficient computer skills
Send your resume, cover letter, and references to jobs@notkin.com.
Visit us on the web at: http://www.notkin.com/.


The Punch List is published by the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers,
Seattle, Washington. Statements made in this publication are not the expressions of the Society or of the Chapter and may not be repro-
duced without special permission of the Chapter. This edition of the Punch List was compiled and edited by Scott Schorn. Questions
should be addressed to Scott Schorn at scotts@notkin.com.
    Punch List, February 2010

Current Job Postings
Rushing Company
Senior Project Mechanical Engineer
Dynamic team and client focused MEP engineering, commissioning, and sustainability consulting firm
seeks to fill a Senior Mechanical Engineering position. Rushing focuses on a variety of different market

high tech. Duties include:
        HVAC and Plumbing engineering for Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial buildings
        Mentoring of in house team members
        Project and team management
        Systems trouble shooting and problem solving
        Energy auditing responsibilities
        Interaction with all team members associated with Rushing engineering and commissioning projects
And other special projects as requested. Qualifications:
        8 years of experience
        BSME and Washington PE required
        LEED AP preferred
        Broadband knowledge and competencies in complex commercial mechanical and control systems.
        Excellent organizational skills
        Excellent verbal and written communication skills
        Willingness and drive to support business development
Demonstrated success managing client relationships, staff, and projects Full time position reports to Direc-
tor of Engineering. Competitive salary and benefit package.
Please forward resume and cover letter to Amanda Harris, amandah@rushingco.com



The Punch List is published by the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers,
Seattle, Washington. Statements made in this publication are not the expressions of the Society or of the Chapter and may not be repro-
duced without special permission of the Chapter. This edition of the Punch List was compiled and edited by Scott Schorn. Questions
should be addressed to Scott Schorn at scotts@notkin.com.