Hebei University of Economics and Introduction

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					Hebei University of Economics and Introduction
                     Hebei University of Economics
Hebei Province, Hebei University of Economics and is a key focus of the construction
of 10 universities, is a so economics, management, law-based, both of literature,
science and engineering of multi-disciplinary nature of Finance and Economics
University. Department of Education 2004 Undergraduate Teaching Assessment was
With the school building and continuous development of teaching quality in schools
increase steadily rising educational levels, school strength has increased markedly,
growing up social reputation for the community trained and highly qualified graduates
a large number of widely acclaimed by all walks of life and welcome.
Schools in Hutuo River, located in Shijiazhuang City, northwest of the Landscape
ecological zones, schools, a total area of 3,400 acres, the campus beautiful, green area
of more than 40%, as the "garden" campus.
School has more than 60 million square meters of building area, teaching and research
equipment worth 92.97 million yuan, has a reading room, computer room, language
labs, multimedia classrooms, multi-academic lecture hall, laboratories, specialized
laboratories and simulation of advanced teaching facilities.
Schools with 15 undergraduate colleges and four teaching departments. There are also
a Graduate School of Continuing Education and Economic Management (Independent
Institute). 49 existing undergraduate programs, covering economics, management, law,
culture, science, engineering and six disciplines. Has a level of disciplines and 28
master degree master degree programs, four provincial-level key disciplines, 2
provincial key development disciplines. Existing full-time undergraduate students
from more than 25,000 people, more than 900 postgraduates, while more than 17,000
continuing education students.
The college has more than 2,100 schools, of which more than 1,100 full-time teachers,
teachers in senior positions 598, accounting for 54% of the total number of teachers
have doctoral and PhD 300 people. There is also a group of teachers enjoy special
government allowances experts, the Ministry of Education, "New Century
Excellent Talents" was selected by the provincial quality control experts,
Outstanding Young Expert, provincial Social outstanding young experts, the
provincial education teacher, etc. .
School built "award, loan, to help make up for" a number of one
scholarship, student system, with more than 800 annual work-study positions to
reward outstanding students and students living in difficult funding.
Schools attached to international exchanges and cooperation with the United States,
Britain, France, Russia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Nepal and other
educational institutions in 26 countries and institutions of higher learning to
cooperative and Zhang Qi exchange relations between expatriate graduate teachers
employed year-round teaching, Every year, teachers abroad to visit, study and
participate in academic exchange activities. Smooth progress of foreign Cooperation
in Running Schools, the University of Kathmandu, Nepal now has co-founded the
"Confucius Institute."