To all CNIC Clearinghouse users

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					To all CNIC Clearinghouse users:

The CNIC Clearinghouse document management and collaboration tools are scheduled to be
taken permanently offline approximately within the next 40 days. However, the Data Collections
tools (POM 10, RAM, QPDC, SLCS, etc.) WILL NOT be taken offline during this process.

The capabilities of the document management and collaboration tools that are included in the
Clearinghouse are now available within the CNICGateway. You will be directed in the next day or
two on how to begin transitioning any of your currently relevant content into the CNICGateway
over the next month.

This is your initial announcement. The phasing out of these capabilities is intended to integrate
the Clearinghouse into a single destination, the CNICGateway, where individuals across the
organization can readily access the information they need.

If you do not currently have access to the CNICGateway you should complete the necessary
steps to get access to it.
      All users with CAC card and NMCI access are automatically granted to the CNICGateway,
        no registration is required. However configuration of Internet Explorer may be needed.
        Assistance with configuration can be obtained from contacting the Support Center at
        CNICPortalSupport. or 888-CNI-4ALL.
      All users with CAC card but without NMCI access have to register through in order to get access to the
      All other users should contact their Government POC to request a CAC card.

All end-users should contact their Content Manager and/or Regional Portal Master listed at
ters.aspx to request that the CNICGateway be setup for them with a Document Library and/or
List structure and space allocation for the Clearinghouse content being migrated.


Clearinghouse Administrator