Hardships for the worst

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					Hardships for the worst
That ancestors of this sentence is too deep, and with their current situation, more
accurate interpretation of the great words, in the realization of self-appreciation or
business, the sense of crisis is too important to enable us to always have the fear of
heart and destroyed the complacent attitude of blind optimism. Alas, the only prudent
life Zhuge Aha!
See a Bowen, that is, sense of talking to you is struggling GGMM, in the hope to give
you some warning, or motivation:
When people try to change the maximum committed an error that?
?Harvard professor, leadership, the first John. Scott's conclusion is: a false
sense of urgency.
?False sense of urgency is that although that event imminent, but in the scramble in
the state of anxiety and hurriedly, but not the kind embodied in the event of a crisis
out clear objectives and clear thinking, a planned arrangement to carry out a smooth
?Kurt believes that the real sense of urgency is the leading key change and cris is, the
sense of urgency to help enterprise crisis into opportunities, so that each individual
regain the initiative.
?We see a well-known story of change, in 1985, a user would like Haier reflect:
Factory production of refrigerators have quality problems. Haier's Zhang
served as director of surprise inspections of the warehouse and found 76 units failed
refrigerator. Zhang's approach is: to publicly shatter the 76 refrigerator,
refrigerator by the production of these employees personally hit, many older workers
on the spot in tears.
?With today's perspective, Zhang is a master of manufacturing a sense of
urgency, he edged a sledgehammer smashing woke Haier's quality
consciousness, also punched a 100 billion big companies.
?How to make real sense of urgency, there are four key strategies:
?Strategy 1, the first step in establishing a sense of urgency is to deeply understand its
opposites: complacency and false sense of urgency. Complacency and a false sense of
urgency is to make their living in the "arrogant", the partition of
the internal problems and external changes in the channel, turn off the new things,
new concepts of the door. Most cases, the complacency of people do not think it
complacency. Complacent status quo built on that basic good sense, the false sense of
urgency is built on the basis of anxiety and anger.
See a small case: Li Dongsheng self revolution - each is a eulogy as a success. Li
Dongsheng has received written an article "Eagle's
rebirth," eagle in the 40 years of age to undergo a very painful update
process - 150 days long transformation. Li Dongsheng told colleagues: we need the
old, bad habits and traditions completely abandoned, may have to give up so me past
support of our success today has become what our progress Zhang Ai, so that we can
2 to be outward- looking strategy. Regardless of organization size, set the length of
time, the eyes are too inward- looking and most of the breeding complacency. The
organization must look inward not see new opportunities and from competitors,
customers or changes in regulatory environment dangers. Therefore, you can change
an organization's culture, making it look outward. You will see the
information on risks and new opportunities, will narrow the divide between inside and
outside, complacency reduced. For example, the most common way is to deal directly
with customers to listen to the views of employees. For example, Apple CEO Steve
Jobs claimed to be chief experience officer, Lou Gerstner at IBM when the rescue is
the propaganda of "Customer First, IBM second."
Strategy 3 is full of a sense of urgency every day. One day is not difficult to achieve a
sense of urgency, the difficulty is to have a sense of urgency every day, then continued
sense of urgency to get it? Only action. With the action, right or wrong to digestion.
Action in order to eliminate anxiety. On a team, the action also has the benefit that is
passed positive signal, not necessarily believe you said, but some tend to believe you
do. When you act, it conveys a sense of urgency of the signal, also established a team
of urgency.
See a small example: Who is the sense of urgency every day to keep the entreprene urs?
The answer is Zhengfei, who wrote a famous article, "Huawei's
winter." Zhengfei repeatedly warned the winter, the first warning in winter
2000, when sales reached 15.3 billion Huawei profit to 2.9 billion electron hundred
ranked first time. Second warning winter, in 2004, up to 13,000 words in the speeches,
the Ren Zhengfei review examines Huawei currently experiencing severe difficulties.
The third warning winter 2008, and to remind staff, "the economic
situation may decline, hope high-ranking officials to have adequate psychological
preparation. Maybe in 2009, 2010, will be more difficult."
Strategy 4 found opportunity in the crisis. Should always be considered as a potential
opportunity for the crisis, not just terrible trouble, the crisis could be your friend,
crises can even be used to create a real sense of urgency. However, in considering the
sense of urgency by creating a crisis, do be careful, do not let dangerous loss of
control, but also do not let people think you fool them, make them suffer.
In short, in this increasingly dynamic world, the opportunities found from the crisis is
likely to reduce your overall risk.