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"Children's shoes in China at least 38 billion yuan every year
the market size." Face of this analysis, production of children's
shoes of the entrepreneurs in Quanzhou was huge potential for development, but also
worried, because the homogenization of constraining the development of enterprises .
Industry sources say that the cartoon characters and cartoon dolls implanted
children's shoes production design is a breakthrough development of a
better way homogeneous.
Implantation animation out of the homogenization of the two percent sales market
may increase
According to statistics, children under 16 years of age in China reached 380 million,
or about a quarter of China's total population. If the average 100 yuan per
year per child for children's shoes spending of domestic shoes market, has
38 billion yuan on the scale. Children growing consumer market, resulting in a
number of blind children's shoes production enterprises to seize the market,
this industry has brought to the homogenization of bondage.
Currently, brand shoes in the shoe industry in the small proportion of the domestic
market, about 70% of children's shoes for non-branded products, 20% of
imported brand children's shoes, only 10% of domestic brands.
"And that 70% of the non-branded children's shoes is the
potential for cooperation with the animation company's shares, with a
quality children's shoes with style, to attract children through the implanted
eye animation cartoon image of at least 10% -20% of increase sales, build brand has
become imperative that these enterprises from homogeneous. "Fujian Sega
America President and Lacquers video animation of the media.
"Non-brand children's shoes Enterprise Competition is not only
the quality, style design is directly related to sales." Yang Xiaoming
believes that the golden age of Quanzhou children's shoes industry has also
brought opportunities to the animation industry, children's shoes industry
started out simply to product competition-oriented era, more attention to the
animation business marketing.
Cartoon image of the advertising investment made less effective more quickly
Implanted in the children's shoes on the cartoon image, many entrepreneurs
think of first is "authorized." "But the famous
cartoon star to get the authorization easier said than done? Last year, Huarong Group
by Haier Group, animation cartoon brand authorization, only the operation of the
establishment of a special brand of animation industry Co., Ltd., China Huarong
Group on the end to spend a million or so. "Quanzhou a company official
said children's shoes, although many children's shoes
manufacturers optimistic about the development of cooperation with the cartoon
image of the future, but because the investment cost of funding the operation of a
huge animation industry, animation image and products, once designed and
manufactured out of line, market financial planning in place, quality
children's shoes and other sectors, but hard to go wrong, the money to drop
down, there may not see the match with economic benefits.
In this case, enterprises and R & D cartoon animation companies own
image is not surprising. "Such a mode of children's shoes Qi Ye
to the main against a culture of personalized technology research and development,
and secondly Haike replace star endorsement, anime figures compiled directly Jiang
Guang Gao film screening." Quanzhou kung fu animation design
Youxiangongsi Zongjing Li Li Zhubing said virtual animation voice low risk
investment, involving a wide range of audiences, to a certain extent, cost less than
celebrity endorsements.

"Compared to spend heavily in the preparation of animation, the cartoon
image of the investment made living more practical business advertising on
children's shoes." Businesses and children's shoes for
the current animation companies more in two forms, both weighed Yang Xiaoming
the pros and cons: the preparation of large investment costs animated short cartoons
have 20 sets cost millions, but the animation completed, the partners will be selling its
related TV media player; and create smaller animation advertising investment,
ordinary small animation company can be done, but to put its extensive television
media companies need to spend a lot of money. "How to choose forms of
cooperation, the key is how the company's financial strength and long-term
development plan."
United States and Japan learn from successful cases extended into the late
"Depends on cartoon animation, cartoon depends on the story."
At a recent lecture at UW, Professor, Peking University, said Chen Shaofeng,
Quanzhou should combine their strengths, and the animation industry docking, pay
attention to footwear and other industries in the clothing chain extension. Marriage of
animation industry is only part of enterprise upgrading children's shoes,
children's shoes for enterprises in Quanzhou City, through the animation
industry is the big brand companies long-term goals.
"Because of the shortage more mature animation company, animation
industry chain in the design, production and operation of various aspects of such
situations often occur out of line, now most of the manufacturers with the animation
company's cooperation is still at the starting and breaking-in
period." Lizhu Bing said . It is known that more than 80% of the animation
business, with cartoon animation production program production without marketing
plan, not to broadcast the program matched with the animation product marketing
listing. The United States, Japan successful animation project at the beginning of the
project, has plans for animation production before, during and post use of funds
allocated by a ratio of about 30% of the total investment amount, 30% and 40%.
Funds from the domestic animation companies planning to see the ratio, most of the
funds on the use of pre-and medium-term, accounting for 25% and 65%, Hou Qi
funds especially in product development, brand licensing Deng links the input of only
10 %, and even some companies almost no planning and arrangement of funds needed
for operation of the market. In the United States, authorized by the brand development,
production and sales of licensed products up to 600 billion U.S. dollars, at least 3,000
companies worldwide production of the Disney authorized merchandise. Japan, one of
three cartoon icons Pikachu, its derivative products in the domestic manufacture and
sale of a total of 1122 companies.
(Xinhua Chen Yunqing)