Haier digital home network set up National Engineering Laboratory by fdjerue7eeu


									Haier digital home network set up National Engineering Laboratory
Yangzhou Haier
  November 10, 2009, from the Development and Reform Commission, Chinese
Academy of Sciences of the leaders, experts, and the digital home industry chain, chip,
system integration, network operations, product terminals on behalf of 26 top
enterprises gathered in Qingdao, China celebrate the field of digital home first
national engineering laboratories - Haier digital home network set up National
Engineering Laboratory.

   During the conference, the participants jointly considered and adopted the
"National Engineering Laboratory of the digital home network Statute of
the Council", the election for the digital home network Haier Jituan
National Engineering Laboratory director Dan Wei, listen to the National Engineering
Laboratory Zhu Ren reporting Laboratory Design and released the first subject of
laboratory construction projects. Ming Gao of China Academy of Engineering
academician, said at the time commented: Laboratory research in technology has lead,
challenge, on behalf of the current industry leader in digital home technology level,
and is to meet the user requirements from the paper proposed chain model of
cooperation worthy of promotion.

   Haier Digital Home Network National Engineering Laboratory is the only Chinese
home appliance industry, National Engineering Laboratory, Qingdao is also the first
country in the field of information engineering laboratory. National Engineering Lab,
will effectively integrate the various sectors of the industry chain strength, build a
national high-end and open innovation platform, built from the source of the digital
home industry, technological innovation system, a breakthrough 3C product
interoperability, integration and other digital communication family of major
bottlenecks in the field, leading the industry.

  National Engineering Laboratory and reflects the Haier Group in the household
appliance in science and technology innovation has made it dominant position in
market competition, You more powerful of the capital to create and meet
Quanqiuyonghu 需求. Meanwhile, the abundant technical strength in the laboratory
support, the customer is no longer around to provide only a single product, but the
problems for the user experience provides a complete solution.

   In the information age, the Internet era, the "digital home" on
behalf of Zhao IT Jiqichanye developing direction of application, yes the family
Application of modern Xin Xi Fu Wuye a practical embodiment, now on their way
Xingcheng market value with Juda new industrial sector. Therefore, the National
Engineering Laboratory will be based on our communication, computer and consumer
electronics (3C) integration process of industrial development, combined with
appliance manufacturing technology and network technology, home networking in the
field to carry out the terminal industry interoperability, integration of communications,
research and other key components integrated to enhance the digital home networking
industry, our capacity for independent innovation. Meanwhile, the National
Engineering Laboratory will also strengthen research and information standards for
home networking equipment and resource sharing between the integration of
technology service standards, development of multi-protocol compatibility
middleware 3C Fusion applications, promoting interoperability between the two
standards and integration. The next three years, the laboratory will break through the
limited field of heterogeneous networking, home network key technologies such as
integrated access, and achieve in the relevant system or application products; the
completion of the relevant system-on-chip (SoC) research and development and
preparation, and study 9 relevant national standards.
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