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					                                                     Mission/Vision Statements

    Mission and Vision Statements:
    Setting and Holding the Course

              Building for the Future:
           A Farm Manager’s Workshop

                      Sterling, CO
                   February 26th, 2008


 • Understand the Role of A Mission
   Statement in Strategic Management.

    Begin t Develop A Mission Statement for
 • B i to D     l      Mi i St t      tf
   Your Farm Business.


What is our perspective?

 “If it ain’t broke...
        Don’t fix it.”

  “If it ain’t broke...
          You haven’t looked hard enough.
                Fix it anyway!”
                             Tom Peters
                           Thriving on Chaos


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                                                     Mission/Vision Statements

     Steps in Strategic Planning

 •   Defining the Mission of the Business
 •   Formulating Business Goals
 •   Survey the Business Environment
 •   Assess Business Resources
 •   Identify/Select Strategies
 •   Implementation
 •   Measure Progress

              Strategic Direction

                Vision and Mission

     Vision/Mission Statements

 • Statements that explain who we are
      • Type of organization
      • Products/services
      • Needs we fill
 • Statements that explain our direction, our
   purpose, our reason for being
      • What difference do we make?
 • Statements that explain what makes us unique
      • Values
      • People
      • Combination of products and services

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                                                               Mission/Vision Statements

 Strength? Weakness?

 Beck's Superior Hybrids
 We are farmers, just like you. The big difference is why
 we farm. We are scientists. Specializing in all aspects
    agronomics.           family.
 of agronomics We are family With over 60 years
 experience, we know that in order to offer the best,
 you have to be the best.

 Here at Beck's, our team knows that sometimes good
 just isn't good enough. No company ever got to be
 great by just being good. They became great only after
 going that extra mile.

  Mission/Vision Statement

 A statement that clearly defines the firm’s
   “reason” for being in business
   • Should significantly stretch the resources and
     capabilities of the farm
   • Should inspire people in the organization to
     achieve things they never thought possible
   • Should unite people in the organization toward
     the pursuit of one common goal



 Quality Pork Farms
 Our mission is to own and operate a profitable, efficiently
   managed swine farm that produces wholesome pork
   products to be marketed worldwide. We strive to be a
   dynamic enterprise, taking advantage of new
   technologies and growth opportunities as the resources
   become available.
 We will produce pork with care and concern for the
   environment and local community. Employees shall
   strive together to create healthy working conditions, and
   opportunities for financial, emotional, and spiritual

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                                                                          Mission/Vision Statements

 Components of a Vision Statement

 Recognition of Service to Stakeholders
    • Owners/Creditors
    • Employees
    • Customers

 C    Id l
 Core Ideology
    • Core Values - timeless guiding principles
    • Core Purpose - reason for being

 Envisioned Future
    • Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) -                         a
      clearly articulated goal
    • Vivid Description - a graphic description of what success and the
      future will be like.

   Examples of Mission Statements

   Ben & Jerry’s
      Product: To make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all
        natural ice cream and related products in a wide variety of
        innovative flavors made from Vermont dairy products.
      Economic: To operate the Company on a sound financial
        basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our
        shareholders and creating career opportunities and financial
        rewards for our employees.
      Social: To operate the Company in a way that actively
        recognizes the central role that business plays in the
        structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve
        the quality of life of a broad community: local, national, and


 • Spend some time thinking about the vision and
   mission of your business.
 • The exercises have a set of questions that will
   help frame your thinking.
 • Begin writing things down today, you can revise
   and work on it more later.
 • Developing vision and mission statements are
   not immediate occurrences they take time,
   reflection and practice.
 • We’ll present mission statements to one another
   at the next meeting.

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