Guidong Christian Church by fdjerue7eeu


									Guidong Christian Church

  ?Guidong   Christian     Church,     according         to    "Zhangping
County" the following record:

   ?Nine years of the Qing dynasty (1883) Association of London clergy Lin Chen
will be sent to the mission of Sub City, the rent for lecture Simon splinter Ridge, and
set up "to Peace Church" herbal medicine shop. In 1887, Simon
bought land to build churches and pastors floor, hire Yuquan purely missionary.
Richard CHAN 1904, ordained as the first pastor of the Church of Sub. Development
of Christianity, is to rely on British and American support for funding the church,
mountains have always been blocked, the people that Christianity is the
"aboriginal education" (foreign religions), there is resistance.
Therefore, the Qing dynasty in the year (1886) in November, in Yongfu, Chishui
dispute occurred between villagers and the church, appear for the first time lesson
plans. Boxer launched in 1990, when the anti-imperialist movement Pai-yang, but also
on 15 July (August 9) occurred Yongfu churches burned, foreign priests were expelled
event. The people of Sub City, also on July 16 (August 10) night, rushed to the church
and the school burned Zhangping Sook.

   ?Power Allied Forces after the invasion, the Boxers were suppressed, the Qing
government was forced by the imperialists under the unequal treaties signed. Rebuilt
from the Christian church in Zhangping, rehabilitation activities. 1919 (Republic of
China 8 years) of Sub Christian Association in London from the originally assigned to
the system Reformed Church in America, belonging to the National Association of
Taiwanese Chinese Christian Conference North River District, management. 1883 to
1949, namely, ordained 10 priests, preaching 49, 6 elders, deacons and 21. Has
established Christian churches in the county will have four: Zhangping Church
(opened in 1883, 1887, to build churches), Yongfu Church (opened in 1884, the
church built in 1886), West Park Church (opened 1919 , 1922, to build churches),
Ning and Church (opened in 1921, Ning Yang from the original clubs merged).

Have been opened throughout the county: south of the river, two ocean, bridge, Dean,
Chinese mouth, Ani, Yongfu, Ying water, blessing the United States (Monkey),
Man-sing, abundance, Chencun, mandarin, Gui Japan, security , 14 Ward, Pit.

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