Guerrilla marketing case

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					Guerrilla marketing case
Case 1: Corning advertising witnessed the rise of guerrilla marketing
Anna. Carlos started from 21-year-old advertising industry experience, served as the
United Kingdom before and after the Tempus advertising company (part of WPP
Media Group) and television media planning and buying manager, Flextech
Television Group's sales and business marketing director, and the MTV
Europe The Group Account Director and other positions. In 1998, Carlos and fellow
senior advertising her husband John. Carver and a few friends to create a British
advertising company Corning (Cunning, formerly CunningStunts advertising
company, officially changed its name in early 2004), specializing in guerrilla
marketing, Carlos served as Managing Director. After six years of development,
Corning has become the UK and the world's most famous guerrilla
marketing company.
A good start? ? : A £ 6,000 of public relations company was first established
Corning's primary task is to convince customers to enable them to believe
that guerrilla marketing is a new area for investment. Corning's first job
was       for      the      Golden        Books     Family       Entertainment       Inc.
(GoldenBooksFamilyEntertainment) to sell the new version of "Dog
Lacey" television series.
Golden Books Family Entertainment has sold the UK this program, "the
fifth channel", and is prepared to participate in the annual international
television festival in Cannes, MIP. In order to better promote this drama, they want to
within the UK to launch a public relations activities, but the budget is only £ 6,000.
In this budget, the Corning company can design an automatic hook allows the media,
public relations activities voluntarily to report.
Corning will dog "Lacey" design has become a star, it arranged
for a day "star-type" activities. The smallest company rented a
small jet and a few runway, "Lacey" wearing TommyHilfiger
brand clothing, down from a jet plane slowly, to accept its admirers (including more
than 20 dogs and the nearby primary school students in some schools) of joy. In an
interview with the news media taking pictures, Lacey "walk the streets of
London for a while, and visited the famous" Battersea dogs home,
"the famous Harrods department store to patronize the pet department,
booking a room at the Waldorf Hotel , visit the Hyde Park, also known TheMetBar
night drinking a glass of cocktail. this whirlwind journey has been the star of
"The Times-style newspaper", "HeartFM",
"5th Channel" and other mass media, even A reporter said that
hope to interview, "Lacey."
The public relations activities for the Corning company is indeed a good start to show
their latest concept to actual execution combined with the ability to let customers start
a guerrilla marketing, the newest resort.
Quickly became a hit: £                   3,000 to create "the biggest
A year later, Corning Inc. has been invited to "FHM"
magazine's "100 Sexiest Women" planning a public
relations activities, the activities budget for £ 3,000. Corning's creative
staff at Buckingham Palace the other side has set up a huge projector, the sexy British
actress Gail

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