Advancing Alternative Energy Technologies by RG


									Advancing Alternative Energy Technologies

Workshop on Alternatives to Conventional Generation Technologies

25 November, 2002
Glenn MacDonell Director, Energy Industry Canada

Overview: Advancing Alternative technologies

• Assisting technology development:
– Technology Partnerships Canada

• Focusing technology development efforts
– Technology Road Maps

• Commercialization
– Fuel cell commercialization road map – Photovoltaic barrier study – Renewable Energy skills study
– Trade Team Canada Electric Power

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Industry Canada




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Industry Canada’s Strategic Objectives
Increasing Canada’s share of global trade • Trade Team Canada Electric Power Equipment and

Improving Canada’s position as a preferred location for domestic and foreign investment • Investment Partnerships Canada


Building a fair, efficient, and competitive marketplace. • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
•MicroPower Connect (supporting this NRCan initiative)

Connectedness Innovation

Making Canada the most connected country in the world ebiz.enable
Improving Canada’s innovation performance • Innovation Strategy
• Technology Road Maps • Technology Partnerships Canada

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Assisting technology development
Technology Partnerships Canada
• Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) is a technology investment fund established to contribute to the achievement of Canada's objectives: increasing economic growth, creating jobs and wealth, and supporting sustainable development.


TPC advances and supports government initiatives by investing strategically in research, development and innovation in order to encourage private sector investment, and so maintain and grow the technology base and technological capabilities of Canadian industry. TPC supports research, development and innovation in :
• Environmental technologies • Enabling technologies (advanced manufacturing and processing technologies, advanced materials processes and applications, applications of biotechnology, and applications of selected information technologies) • Aerospace and Defence Page 5


Focusing technology development
Technology Road Maps
• Planning process driven by projected needs of tomorrows markets • Helps companies identify, select and develop technology options • Helps companies pool resources and work with academia and government • Led by industry, facilitated by government • To date 9 completed, 7 underway • Guide R&D activities of companies and government

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Technology Road Maps
Innovation Roadmap on Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass
• Industry led, multi-stakeholder, collaborative, interactive process • A tool to facilitate the setting of S&T priorities and integration of new technology with business • Phase I: • Identify markets and needs for future business growth (5-15 years) • Identify new business opportunities for exploiting technology • Provide top level information on the technological direction of the business over future years (5-15 years) • Identify gaps in market and technical knowledge, policies, regulations, outreach, etc. • Formulate recommendations and Final Roadmap report
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Technology Road Maps
Innovation Roadmap on Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass
Phase II:

Plan actions to develop and commercialize critical technologies Identify technology projects that have the best potential for commercialization

Phase III:
• Review and update the Technology Roadmap with new market and technology information

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Fuel Cell Commercialization Road Map
 Objective  Create common vision for the full scale commercialization of fuel cells  Bring together industry, government, academic stakeholders across the fuel cells sector value chain in Canada  Tasks  Identify challenges and solutions to full scale commercialization  Describe necessary actions by industry, government and academia to commercialize fuel cells  Develop implementation plan and Roadmap Report  Participants  Representation from across the Canadian fuel cell value chain (45 organizations)  Linked to Major Canadian Government Initiatives  Climate Change Technology and Innovation Program  Innovation Strategy
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Fuel Cell Commercialization Road Map Fuel Cells Commercialization Roadmap Structure
Steering Committee (Industry Champion
and Leaders from industry, government, academia)

Industry Canada

Working Group Stationary
Working Group Mobile Working Group Portable Horizontal Group Skills

Fuel Cells Canada

Horizontal Group Infrastructure

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Fuel Cell Commercialization Road Map
Overview EMB role

Key Commercialization Challenges
• Integrating fuel cell applications into current infrastructure • Creating market demand • Defining value proposition • Defining early versus late markets – managing expectations • Sustained access to capital • Access to international markets • Simplifying interconnection – Codes/ Standards/ Regulations/Permits, • Product costs, technology, reliability, manufacturing expertise, experience and new processes required
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EMB activities FC CRM

Fuel Cell Commercialization Road Map Preliminary findings
• Ongoing applied research and technology development required to prove technology reliability and reduce product costs
Market readiness demonstrations critical to commercialization
– Identify early adopters for fuel cell products



Promote development of comprehensive and realistic set of International Codes and Standards


Improve access to skilled human resources
– Work with key universities on developing fuel cells engineering program


Foster information sharing among stakeholders
– Continue working groups through Fuel Cells Canada after roadmap process ends


Industry, Government and Academia to work closely together to develop a National Fuel Cell Strategy to accelerate commercialization
– Build the right business environment to attract & retain investment
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Other EMB activities
• Photovoltaic Barrier Study • Renewable Energy Skills Study • Support of NRCan’s MicroPower Connect initiative
• Trade Team Canada Electrical Power Equipment and Services

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