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									Gothic (gothic)

3) An architectural style
Gothic architecture is the second half of the 11th century, originated in France, 13 to a
15th century architectural style popular in Europe. Mainly seen in the Catholic
Church, also affected the secular building. Gothic architecture with its superb
technical and artistic achievement, occupies an important place in architectural

Gothic stone church in the structure of the skeleton by the voucher system and the
composition of flying buttresses. The basic unit is a square or rectangular plane in the
four corners of the pole tip vouchers to do double center of the circle frame, all four
sides and one diagonal, slate roof rack in the coupons, the formation of the vault. In
this way, you can make a vector of different span the same high coupons, dome light,
intersections clear, reducing the coupon foot thrust, simplified construction.

Flying buttresses outside the hall by the side of the dolphins send coupons to balance
the side thrust of the Office of the foot arch. In order to increase stability, often
dolphins on the puzzle steeple. As a result of tip tickets, pointed arches and flying
buttresses, Gothic church interior Gaokuang, simple, unified. Decorative details such
as the canopy, with a pointed niche, also have coupons for theme, style and structure
approach to form an organic whole.

Europe's classic Gothic architecture

Half of the 11th century, Gothic-style building the first rise in France. Some churches
have emerged in France at that time frame rib vaults and flying buttresses of the
prototype. Generally considered the first truly Gothic church is the church Shengdanni
the suburbs of Paris. The church four tickets to solve cleverly pointed arch between
the arch rib frame structure, a large area of the stained glass windows for many
churches are to follow later.

Although the French Gothic church is a Latin cross plane, but very few prominent
horizontal wing. The west is the main entrance, Tung Tau Wan hall there react
building, many small prayer room into a radial shape. Office within the church,
especially in high-rise, there is a large stained glass universe. Its appearance is the
distinctive feature of many large and small minaret and spire, tall clock tower on the
west also excuses some spire. Plane cross at the intersection of the roof has a very
high spire, buttresses and Qiangduo also have exquisite spire, small windows high up
momentum throughout the church, strong, extremely rich in sculpture.

West front is the focus of architecture, the typical composition is: on both sides of a
pair of tall clock tower, below the level of the transverse coupons gallery contact, 3
gate layers back from the perspective of the tip of the composition of the door tickets,
coupons face full of statues. Above the main entrance has a big round-chou, known as
the rose window, carved exquisite gorgeous. French masterpiece of early Gothic
church of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Amiens Cathedral is French Gothic masterpiece Flourishing Period, 137 meters long,
46 meters wide, cross-wing protruding little east of the house into a ring-shaped
arrangement of radiation seven vestry. 15 meters wide in the room, vaulted as high as
43 meters, the Office of the arch in the plane for the rectangular room, each with a
cross vault, vaulted room with the corresponding side. Column is no longer round,
four small columns attached to a cylinder, forming beam column. Column and on top
of the ticket fine rib momentum linked to enhance the upward momentum. Large
stained glass inside the church all over the universe, could barely see the wall. Outside
the church carved beautiful, magnificent. This church is Gothic architecture maturity.

Flourishing Period of the famous church in France and Lance Chartres Cathedral and
the main church, and along with Amiens and Beauvais Cathedral Cathedral together
with four known as the French Gothic church. Strasbourg is also famous cathedral, its
spire 142 meters high.

After the Hundred Years War, France in the 14th century, almost no construction of
the church. Gothic revival building up, the flame pattern has been to the period of this
style due to lattice-shaped, such as flame named Zhou. Architectural decoration tends
to "flow" complex. Beam columns are not stigma, and many
fine column from the ground directly to the vault, a rib rack. There have been
decorated ribbed vault, rib rack into a star or other complex forms. At that time, few
large-scale construction of the church. This style often seen in the
cathedral's additions or alterations section as well as more minor new

Secular Gothic buildings in France during the large number of Gothic churches and
the structure and form are very different. As the years of war, the city's
defense is strong. Mostly built castle on high ground, thick stone walls, bunkers
everywhere, strict form. However, limits the development of the city walls, crowded
noisy city, living conditions are very poor. Multi-storey public house close to the
narrow streets, Mountain Wall Street. Start overhangs to extend the second floor space,
a layer is usually workshops or shops. Mostly wood frame structure, the formation of
beautiful patterns are exposed, rather Rao joyfully. Rich pavilion, City Hall, Workers,
the multi-purpose masonry construction, with many of the Gothic church decoration

British Gothic architecture emerged later than in France, popular in 12 to the 16th
century. Church of England church did not like France stood in the crowded urban
centers, and strive to tall, the control city, but are often located in open rural
environment, as the complex part of the monastery buildings, Bijiao low, along with
with Xiudao Yuan Fang Xiang Shui 1000 stretch. They do not like the French church
structure is so highly technical, but the decoration is more free and diverse. British
churches are generally long duration, during which continued alteration, addition, it is
difficult to find the overall style of uniform.

Britain's Salisbury Cathedral and the construction of the cathedral of
Amiens, France's close, the Office of the lower deep, on both sides of each
side of the hall, more prominent cross-wing, and after a short cross wing, can
accommodate more priests, this is the layout of the UK common practice. Also in the
west facade. East end of the first multi-Israel Chamber, little house with a ring.
Salisbury church despite flying buttresses, but not significant.

Church of England in the plane of the steeple cross at the intersection are high, a
composition center, west of the clock tower behind. Salisbury center of the church
spire is about 123 meters high, is the highest in the Church of England. The church
features the appearance of the British, but the interior is still a French style of
decoration simple. Later, inside the church have a strong British style. York west of
the church complex window grilles, window lattice composed of many curves and
vivid patterns. Vault rib rack that period is rich in Exeter church rib rack like tree
branches open general, very powerful, also used by the bundle composed of many
cylindrical column.

Church of East Gloucester head and Canterbury Cathedral in the west, great windows,
with many direct lattice partition through windows, at most, four-center of the circle
for the cheaper tickets. Coiled stretch rib slim frame, very ornate. Cambridge
King's Chapel's dome as many open fan, called fan arch.
Wesminster Henry VII chapel monastery in the vault made many drooping
funnel-shaped flower decoration, Handicraft very poor. This time, the role of rib
frame structure has been lost, became the superb skills of British craftsmen
performance targets. The United Kingdom a large number of rural small church, very
simple and friendly, often one of a tower, using a variety of elaborate wooden frame,
very unique.

Secular Gothic architecture during the British high achievement. Popular in the early
Gothic architecture, feudal lords of the castle has a strong defensive, very thick walls,
there are many towers and forts, there are high walls of nuclear Fort. After the 15th
century, royal and further consolidation of the castle wall to open the window, and
give more consideration to live in comfort. British residents in apartments with
semi-timber wood columns and wood as the framework for cross-file, add a
decorative pattern, dark wooden beams and white walls and white columns, look

Germany, one of the earliest Gothic churches of Cologne Cathedral in 1248 sowed by
the construction of over Amiens Cathedral in the French design, Flourishing Period of
the French Gothic style church, with the singer and the Temple Church of Amiens
similar. It's in the Office of Internal up to 46 meters, second only to France,
Beauvais Cathedral. 152 meters west of the high towers, very spectacular.

German church very early to form their own shape and characteristics, its height in
the same hall and side room, neither the high side windows, and no flying buttresses,
completely on the side windows of the Office of the external walls of thin and light.
Dome atop the overall steep roof layer, the internal is a multi-pillar hall. West of St.
Elizabeth Church of Marlborough has two towers, more elegant appearance, is
representative of this church.

Germany there is a positive only in the church to build a high clock tower of the
Gothic-style church. Well-known example is the Ulm Cathedral. Its bell tower up to
161 meters, controls the entire building composition, can be described as the wonders
of the medieval church building. Brick church is very popular in Scandinavia,
northern Germany, there are many brick Gothic church.

After the 15th century, the German stone technique reached its peak. Stone window
lattice knife skillful, delicate China and the United States. Sometimes, two
overlapping patterns with different stone window grilles, exquisitely carved.
Decoration inside the building pieces, there are some beautiful masterpiece.

Secular Gothic architecture in Germany during the masonry construction of
multi-purpose building. Double-sloping roof is steep, there are loft, and even
multi-storey loft, roof and gable walls, layers of open windows, light wood walls
often singled out, balcony, or niche, the appearance of very special features.

Italian Gothic architecture in the 12th century imported from abroad, mainly affects
the northern region. Italy did not really accept the Gothic structural system and
modeling principles, just take it as a decorative style, so here is extremely difficult to
find a "pure" Gothic-style church.

Italian church does not emphasize the height and vertical sense, positive and no high
clock tower, but with the gable-screen composition. Than the flat roof, small windows,
often semi-circular tip vouchers and coupons and have a very rare flying buttresses,
carvings and decorations of the Roman classical style obviously.

Siena Cathedral rib rack using coupons, but only until the dome slightly tapered, the
other is still semi-circular. Orvieto Cathedral, it is still the top sub-frame huts. This is
similar to the front of two churches, the overall composition is the development of
screen-style gables, intermediate high, low side, there are three mountain tip.
Although the use of a number of external Gothic pinnacle and London as a wall
decoration, but in the wall of the large circular windows and a continuous coupon
Gallery, is still the inherent style of the Italian church.
Italy's most famous Gothic cathedral is the Cathedral of Milan, which is
one of the largest church in medieval Europe, 14th century, started 80 years until the
early 19th century was finalized. Pillars within the church by the four rows separated
by wide and 49 meters. About 45 meters high in the hall, and in the cross-wing with
the Office of the intersection, even dial up to 65 meters above a octagonal pavilion
lighting. Little higher than the side of the room in the hall, the high side of the
window is small. Comparing the dark interior, exterior building entirely by dazzling
white marble was constructed. Tall flower windows, vertical buttresses and spire 135,
have shown upward momentum, like a statue on top of the tower was about to mount
up. West gable front is the Italian word, but also decorated with a very sharp coupons
Duo Gete-style minaret. But it's doors and windows have been with the late
Renaissance style.

Also in this period, the Italian city's secular high architectural achievement,
especially in the many rich cities of the Republic, the construction of municipal
buildings and many famous sites. City Hall Plaza, generally located in the center of
the city, thick stone walls, seriously heavy; more clock tower with a lanky frame,
building a rich composition, a square sign. Cities are generally built many towers, the
overall contour is beautiful.

Many buildings of Venice's secular masterpiece. Piazza San Marco on the
Governor's Palace is considered secular medieval building in one of the
most beautiful works. Facade with a row of Gothic-style pointed coupons and
vouchers Gallery flame patterns, unique composition, bright colors. Venice there are
many sites with a Gothic portico, standing near the water, very elegant.

4) a dress style
Something any black or other dark, such as navy blue, dark red. Can through the (thin
nylon fishing net fabric), but not exposed. Silver. Pale skin. This may be because they
need a the appearance of the living dead, it may be because we wanted to reflect the
Victorian era of "pale skin is a sign of nobility," the aesthetic, it
may be against the beach culture, "the sun is out of the bronze
America's "health theory.

Black hair, very light bleached blonde hair, red hair or purple hair. Black and white
makeup. White Foundation. Black lipstick, black eye shadow, insignificant.

Self bondage and fetish clothing decoration. Leather, PVC, rubber, latex, are essential
fabric. Medieval tunic is also very common. Wide collar tie or succeed nails or tied
tightly around the neck of the velvet rope.
T-Cross chapter (the ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life). Five-pointed star. This
is a heretic on the fire, land, air, water, symbol of the soul. Cross (Christian symbol).

Opera-style cape, cloak and long gloves. Gothic family who were generally not as
extreme as punk, they speak some taste.

5) a class of printed or handwritten fonts
A class of printed or handwritten font, very beautiful.

Moonlight strewn earth the dark is one single song of all special dynasty

Numerous play black night, the moonlight surrounded by everything coolly. Air
across the sharp lines, such as exploring the world's most evil. Tightly
attached to the life and death, rendering the darkness and despair. Gothic (Gothic) the
name is from Germany, "Goth" tribal origins, Goth who
invaded Italy and overthrown the Roman Empire. In the 15th century, it is generally
with the concept of the Renaissance, hope to return to the classical era. Between
classical and Renaissance period is known as the Middle Ages. Goth unpopular with
the Italian people as they destroyed the Roman Empire, Renaissance, medieval people
always with the negative terms, they call this period as "Gothic".
Means the barbaric and savage. Of course, we want to see things as double-sided
nature of the Middle Ages to the world left a lot of valuable cultural heritage and
outstanding works of art. This breakthrough technology during the construction of
modified and produced as NOTRE-PAME this Gothic cathedral. Gothic art is not only
reflected in the architecture, from the 12th century to the early 16th century, sculpture,
glass, decoration and so labeled Gothic Art label. Religion in the Gothic works of art
played a very important factor. Painters, sculptors have used the realistic approach
than the performance of the use of religious themes more sense. After all, the
Renaissance man door is clearly "Gothic" is the implicit denial
of the term.

Gothic is not a religion, not political, and racial, gender has nothing to do. Most of
Gothic bands are non-religious or even anti-religious band positive. Those vampires,
Catholic, pagan ancient Egypt and convey visual signals only in the "dark
forces" to link to the song the feeling of special music.

Gothic family had with other social groups with the same age also exists in the social
tendencies, you will find the largest Gothic family is actually a political tendency to
the extreme cold, since almost all political parties and the views are the same sounds,
but useless.
Gothic reason to exist

Many people have no happiness and success by a life dominated, it is very
unfortunate. However, special envoy of this depressed feeling song became a way of
life, in other words: pain is my life choice - it is an art.

Gothic and perhaps is a kind of spiritual therapy. If you are a white-collar workers
belong to mainstream society carefully about you after the last suicide attempt, he
may be hiding with a strange vision of you stay away, on a sunny day you might be
able to get cheap companion will never feel sorry for you, your wrist will be seriously
wounds the respect, "you're cool!" all the people who
are misfits in society will be in the song to find their own special family place,
because here each one is unique.

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