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									Goldman Sachs milestone in China
 Goldman Sachs milestone in China

Goldman Sachs to 3.78 billion U.S. dollars agreement with Allianz Group and
American Express stake in ICBC (January).
Goldman Sachs to 2.27 billion U.S. dollars as the CNOOC acquisition of projects in
Nigeria's oil assets, the financial adviser (in January).
Goldman Sachs served as Focus Media, 323 million U.S. dollars worth follow-up
offerings in the NASDAQ Global Coordinator and project manager of the joint book
Goldman Sachs served as Shanghai 9,600 million U.S. dollars worth of advanced
semiconductor initial public offering in Hong Kong in the global coordination of joint
projects and joint book managers (April).
Goldman Sachs CNOOC worth 1.98 billion U.S. dollars as fast filing joint
book-running managers issue (April).
Goldman Sachs, Bank of China, 11.19 billion U.S. dollars as the H-share initial public
offering projects Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunner, and this is the date
of the offer the largest and the world's fourth- largest initial public listings.
Goldman Sachs Bank H shares worth 2.16 billion U.S. dollars initial public offering
of the Joint Global Coordinators project, which is the first overseas listing of Chinese
state-owned banks in the project.
Goldman Sachs served as the value of the company 247 million U.S. dollars of the
back door listing the project lead underwriter. The structure of this project in three
parts, it is extremely complex but very creative.
Goldman Sachs China, up 2.72 billion U.S. dollars worth of oil lead underwriter for
the offering, the project is to put on sale in Asia, except Japan's biggest fast
issuance filing the case.
Goldman Sachs once again successfully completed the nationa l development bank
worth 10 billion global bond placement.
Goldman Sachs served as China Netcom, PCCW's 20% stake acquisition
of the project's financial adviser.
Goldman Sachs to 1.4 billion U.S. dollars in the Temasek stake in China's
third largest state-owned banks, China Construction Bank acted as financial advisor to
the project.
Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland 1.6 billion stake to China's
second largest state-owned Bank of China, the project served as financial advisor.
Goldman Sachs Carlyle Group acquisition of China's third largest life
insurance company 24.9% stake in China Pacific Life project financial adviser.
Goldman Sachs to join the ranks of China's banking industry
self- investment, agreed to 1.8 billion stake in Chinese bank ICBC has superpower.
Goldman Sachs for its asset management business to become the first two qualified
foreign institutional investors access to licensed financial institutions and investment
In 2004, Goldman Sachs to become leading Chinese companies listed in the
international market leading underwriters, specific projects, including: online gaming
company Shanda worth 169 million initial public offering; instant messaging
company Tencent worth 180 million U.S. dollars in the market; accident insurance
value of 18.4 billion dollars in the stock exchange; China Netcom worth 1.31 billion
U.S. dollars in the market; ZTE worth 453 million U.S. dollars in the market; China,
1.68 billion U.S. dollars worth of oil and 742 million U.S. dollars worth of Sinopec
shares placement.
Goldman Sachs successfully completed 750 million U.S. dollars Export-Import Bank
of China, ICBC (Asia) 400 million U.S. dollars, the National Development Bank one
billion U.S. dollars, and The People's Republic of China 500 million U.S.
dollars in global bond placement.
Goldman Sachs served as Thomson and TCL formed a joint venture project in
China's financial advisor.
Goldman Sachs, Bank of Communications, China's fifth largest bank in
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to sell 20% strategic stake in the
project as a financial advisor.
Goldman Sachs served as Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's PC
business worldwide financial advisor.
December 2004, China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the
establishment of Goldman Sachs were the joint venture - Goldman Sachs Gao Hua
Securities Company Limited. Goldman Sachs owns 33% stake in the joint venture,
Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited has a 67% stake.
Goldman and Huarong Asset Management Company joint venture and acquisition of
funding the joint venture worth 1.9 billion yuan of bad loans and real estate portfolio.
The joint venture is the first officially registered and the Government approved the
establishment of a joint venture asset management company.
Impact of emerging from SARS in China and will soon be the latest in a global
sovereign bond issues before the Chinese government's rating as a
consultant to Goldman Sachs to help China improve its credit rating:
Moody's to China's sovereign credit rating upgrade from the A3
to A2.
People's Republic of Goldman Sachs as the third part of sovereign dollar
bond issue underwriters, as since 1998 only three have served as lead underwriters for
the Chinese government issued sovereign bonds in international banking.
Goldman Sachs to become the Chinese government issued the first batch of qualified
foreign institutional investors licensed financial institutions, investment amount of
5,000 million.
Goldman Sachs served as DaimlerChrysler 1.1 billion on BAIC investment projects,
financial advisers, the project will produce Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks in China.
Goldman Sachs, Nokia will integrate the four joint venture projects of a company as a
financial consultant, the project so that the new company became the largest
foreign- invested enterprises.
Goldman Sachs Bank of China (Hong Kong) 2.67 billion U.S. dollars initial public
offering of the lead underwriter, which is China's financial services
industry's first privatization project.
Goldman Sachs served as Japan's Nissan Dongfeng Motor 1 billion U.S.
dollars on the acquisition of the project's financial adviser.
Goldman Sachs China Mobile (Hong Kong) in eight provinces of China Mobile
Communications Corporation worth 10.2 billion U.S. dollars and 750 million U.S.
dollars acquisition of private financial advisor.
Goldman Sachs has invested in two projects in China, one of China's
third- largest acquisition of an integrated fixed line telecommunications services
company China Network Communications Group (China Netcom) 6,000 million U.S.
dollars worth of shares, the other is China's first independent acquisition of
8-inch semiconductor wafer company Semiconductor Manufacturing International
Corporation (SMIC) value of 5,000 million shares. Goldman Sachs now owns 2.4%
of China Netcom and 4.0% of the shares of SMIC.
People's Republic of Goldman Sachs as the lead underwriter of the issue,
again financed one billion U.S. dollars.
Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO of the Beijing Tsinghua
University Advisory Board's first chairman.
Goldman Sachs 2.9 billion PetroChina initial public offering of the lead underwriters.
Pricing of the project during the dawn of a new peak of the bubble economy and
political highly sensitive period, but this is the first successful oil and gas industry, the
privatization project.
In the collapse of Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation of the
potential to trigger the credit crisis, Goldman Sachs completed the Guangdong
Enterprises Limited 50 billion in debt restructuring program. This is the first Chinese
state-owned historic debt restructuring project. Subsequently, Goldman Sachs on
Guangdong Investment 2,000 million.
Goldman Sachs served as China Mobile, the value of a record 7.2 billion follow- up /
convertible bond issues in the Joint Global Coordinator of the project, which is in
Asia, except Japan's largest stock issuance program.
Goldman Sachs started as a financial restructuring of the Guangdong provincial
government advisor on debt restructuring of Guangdong Enterprises Limited.
Goldman Sachs China Mobile worth two billion U.S. dollars project's lead
underwriter of secondary stock offerings.
Goldman Sachs served as the PRC sovereign bonds worth one billion U.S. dollars
issued by the lead underwriter.
Goldman Sachs China Mobile 4 billion U.S. dollars initial public offering of the lead
underwriter, which is Asia excluding Japan one of the largest privatization project is
the first privatization of China's telecommunications industry project. The
project of the Asian financial crisis still to achieve a successful pricing.
Goldman Sachs China Southern Airlines worth 720 million U.S. dollars a landmark
initial public listing of H shares lead underwriter for the project, this is the first
large-scale privatization of the airline industry projects.
Goldman Sachs worth 500 million U.S. dollars China's Ministry of Finance
issued global bonds deputy underwriter.
Goldman Sachs set up representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai.
Goldman Sachs became the first allowed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange B shares in
China's foreign investment banks.
Goldman Sachs on China's second largest life insurance company and the
largest insurance companies in China Ping An Insurance was the first se lf- fund
investment, the investment amount of 3,500 million. Goldman Sachs now holds 6.8%
stake in Ping An.

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