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									Global Warming
Impact on the climate

The more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere caused
the harm, no one can be sure tomorrow there would be more serious? Scientists are
estimating the hazards posed by climate change. By current technology level, in 2004
to clarify the formation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the mechanism of
digestion, so that is how the greenhouse effect can be found to arise. 2006 to
accurately predict the result of global warming caused by rising sea levels. However,
to really understand it all by 2050. Clearly, scientists and politicians will not wait for
the outcome before taking further control measures, the present observations and
findings should have let the public know they are not to make people have to swallow
the bitter fruit of 50 years since.

Since the greenhouse effect since the earth was formed, it has been at work. Without
the greenhouse effect, Earth's surface would be extremely cold, the
temperature will drop to minus 20 ℃, sea ice will, life will not form. Therefore, we
face not have the greenhouse effect, but human beings through the burning of fossil
fuels, a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing the
greenhouse effect the Earth's climate changed dramatically with the

What is the greenhouse effect will have impact? Since the burning of fossil fuels and
massive deforestation caused the earth to increase the concentration of atmospheric
carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect as carbon dioxide and other gases in the in the
past 100-year, global average surface temperature is about has increased Le
0.3-0.6 ℃, to 2030 estimate may raise 1-3 ℃.

When the world's average temperature to rise 1 ℃, it will produce great
changes: sea level rise, mountain glaciers will retreat, snow area will be reduced. As
global warming will lead to uneven rainfall, increased precipitation in some areas,
while others decreased precipitation. Such as West Africa's Sahel region
from the severe drought of 1965; in North China since 1965, precipitation decreased
year after year, compared with the 50's, now that the precipitation has been
reduced by 1 / 3 reduction in water resources 1 / 2; in China each year because of the
drought-afflicted area of about 4 million hectares per year in normal years the
National Irrigation water 30 billion cubic meters in urban areas is 6 billion cubic
meters. When the world's average temperature 3 ℃, mankind has also
avert the global food will be tight. As temperatures rise, the global sea level over the
past 100 years, every year 1 - 2 mm, speed up, 2050 will continue to rise 30-50 cm
sea level, which would flood a large number of low-lying coastal land; In addition,
Climate change leading to drought, low temperature and other climatic disasters have
intensified, causing tens of billions of the world is about more than dollars annually in
economic losses.
Melting glaciers

In recent years, from Patagonia to the Swiss Alps glaciers because the
"greenhouse" gas emissions and generally agreed that the
Antarctic glaciers melting more quickly the situation of the greenhouse effect and
melting were observed. In South Asia, the problem is not whether the melting of
glaciers, how fast it melts? Although many adverse effects of global warming may be
to the 21st century will become very serious, but in Nepal, India, Pakistan, China and
Bhutan to the glacier melt water may cause trouble to the people soon.

International Commission on Snow and Ice (ICSI) in a research report:
"Himalayan glaciers are retreating at speed faster than any other world. If
the current rate of melting continues, the glaciers could disappear by 2035 is possible
large. " Icsi meaning 德哈斯内恩 Cypriot leader, said: "Even
if the glaciers melt water from 60 to 100 years in dry, the impact of this ecological
disaster will also be a wide range of alarming."

Ganges River Basin in Shandong Department of Himalayan glaciers melting region
most seriously, those located in "roof of the world" on Kashmir,
from Bhutan to the fastest glacial retreat. With up to 3 miles Baernake glaciers, for
example, this glacier is 40 million - 5000 million years ago, the Indian subcontinent
collided with the Asian continent to form one of the many glaciers, since 1990, it has
backed up a half- miles. After a 1997 sub-Arctic cold in winter, the scientists had
expected that the glaciers will be extended, but in the summer of 1998 but further
back up.

Disease outbreak

Harvard University Institute of new diseases and disease recurrence Paul. By Epstein
noted that plants also with the snow line and mobile, the world's plants
peaks in the shift. As the mountain peaks of warming, higher elevations of the
environment more favorable for mosquitoes and they carry the Plasmodium such

West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and other tropical diseases since 1987 in the
United States, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, California and Colorado and other
places have erupted time and again proved the experts on global warming, some of
the colder regions of tropical diseases will spread scientific inference.

The new ice age

On the other global warming more surprising results of a study by melting Arctic ice,
increased rainfall and changing the type of wind, a lot of fresh water is to import the
North Atlantic, causing damage to the Gulf Stream, which cut off the North Atlantic
warm current. It is these warm surface water from the warm Caribbean Sea into the
north-west Europe, and to form a warm climate in Europe. Once the North Atlantic
Drift was cut off because of global warming, the temperature in northwestern Europe
could fall as much as 5-8 ℃, Europe may face a new ice age!

The study is located in Aberdeen, Scotland, analyzed the marine laboratory located in
the Blue Sea Islands to the waters of the Faroe Islands since 1893 between 1.7 million
times, salinity measurements obtained. In each of the past 20 years, the flow of deep
water salinity in southern become smaller, lower and lower concentrations, indicating
that there is more to import fresh water from the Atlantic Ocean north of the area.
These new data for the first time fully proved in about 3 years ago, German scientists
designed a computer model.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide content increased abruptly, and the world population will
reach 10 billion by 2050. "Our world is moving in the man-made facilities
to replace the existing direction of free natural resources," said University
of Minnesota 戴维蒂尔曼. However, we do not yet have the relevant knowledge of
natural ecosystems. 245 million years ago in the Permian mass extinction, 96% of
species perished. Later, with the emergence of many new species on Earth has finally
returned to the rich population, but a full experience of this process a billion years.
Wilson said: "Some people think that nature will revive the destruction of
all mankind." Proverb goes: "As long as there is enough time,
anything and everything came into being." Perhaps nature is really to
restore everything, but this lengthy process for modern humans in any case is

Mark Twain once said, the weather characteristics of the most touching is that
it's changing. More than one century has passed, we are still in order to
accurately forecast weather conditions and efforts to control climate has little effect;
however, damage to the environment is unprecedented.

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