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					Ganyu Fu
   Ganyu husband who, sea and the right name of the county, has a long history.
Known to history Dong Yi (1), upstream wilderness. Qin home county, named Gan Yu.
Varied history, this is Lianyungang. North to the Qilu Li Yi of state, smoked Honesty
and the folk customs; Jianghuai scenery of the area south lapel, How boosting the like
rhyme. Seibo Shangluo of Shu Hua Zhou (2), Namibia Central China Hongbo; east
sea boundless occasion of the Pregnant noble sentiments.
   And recapped their to, ranking the east coast of the umbilical; bit select the red,
representing the end of the Asia-Europe Continental Bridge. Road network, such as
weaving, high-speed, national highway within the spread all over the place;
transportation, shipping, air city both. Developed cities along the coast north-south
railway, under construction; North Hebei port cargo carrying things out, also rise soon.
An environment within the landscape diverse. Both enjoy the mountains of Rao, but
also by the salt and fisheries interests.
   If the days treasures to China, is rich in resources. Jade mountain hill heap money
stack, hold the green with Fang. Mineral varieties, high quality, exquisite stone
carving, modeling but wonderful, Pei Sheng overseas; fruit category all, good taste,
chestnut-shaped end of a large cherry body, matter of pure taste, renowned urban and
rural areas. Fertile soil for thousands of domain central plains, fertile boundless
expanse. Planting area, excellent quality, Baogu rice pellets teeth Run, crystal clear,
selling the market; coastal tidal ponds Star Luo, fiber unfamiliar aspect. High culture
techniques, pollution-free, Yu Xiaxie Tony deliciousness quality tender, banquet
protocol in Hualien.
   To if Elegant and Graceful, Yin Jun forth in large numbers. Xu Fu Cha by floating
the sea, Jianye hibiscus, the first of its kind to open buildings or marine culture (3);
Hu Song famous prime minister in a generation, marked by integrity, a place in the
Southern Song Dynasty banbishan he sacrifice the long (4); Fei days You Jiajing
Scholars, guanglu Temple of State, praised the ruling and opposition parties steadfast
in law enforcement (5); Xuding Lin Qing Goh, in secret envoys, foreign competition
within Kwok Wai Hing Industrial (6). Ruofu contemporary Yingjie, Glowing. Li
Suzhi medical ethics model, Xinglin leaders, soul occupy snow-covered plateau (7);
Wang Jiu Xing philosophy master, the highest international reputation, prolific peach
and plum fragrance (8); Mu Jiashan Wizards painting, arts industry giant fold, Zhibian
overseas voice broadcast Intercontinental (9),. Hou Yong Movie legend, the military
tough guy, smashing a household name.
   To bad if Shihai Huan, the famous historical site scattered beads. Reply Ascot bow,
making poet actually chant. Qilu Alliance, shrines still in Nepal and mountain
sub-Show Yang Jia Gu known (10); Qin Zhou monument signs, marshes, God Road,
pass the First Emperor whip bright red stone (11); Xufu Dong Du, Albert ancient. The
new temple towering crane that Wye if greedy (12); Duanmu desks, King by name.
Far left stone philosopher Juan Zi Gong (13); Xing Zhuang night rain, Xiaoxiang
mirage. Natural good fortune to see the physical heaven (14); Wu Feng Wangri Cang
Ming, such as Ni. Mirage iris of delight. Ruofu winding path, beautiful Yee laying.
Have cherry black tea green, Maolin tall bamboo. Ten Mile Beach, Ou Yan beat wave.
Swimming Downtown Area, pick up beads collect shells, have called North Day (15);
mu Dasan, Phi Green Emerald. Jie Lu Shu camp, cooking wine tea, garden of interest
than the Sui (16). Ruofu ripe cherry season, was clear and fresh, and wandering
around the forest, walk under the tree, fruit is sweet, Yang Shou can try, is determined
   Vicissitudes koup contained Wing fame. Eight-year war, unprecedented
transcendence. Red hot land, declared several times din. Great stay in track, generals
blot. Liu Home Black Forest 25 days, in-depth investigations and studies the people
and guide the work of Shandong, wrote three major articles (17); Chen Shiqu be odd
coastal military policy, pre-emptive Liyingwaige, launched Ganyu campaign,
annihilate stubborn than two thousand days (18 ). Ruofu stood in front of the tombs of
martyrs, Looking at the past: years emerged shaking and earth. Funan and more tragic,
heroic; exploits are legendary, a place in military history. Cun Cun land, the infection
of the blood of martyrs; right into every graves, shining the light of nation. Cangsong
souls of, heroic spirit lives forever; Castle Peak bone loyalty, eternal Yongfang. 3000
officers and men immortal, Wei towering monument tower; sons and daughters of
Yang-chih, Ting Tong solemn. General inscription, every word loud; comrades pull
off, every word Love Ching.
   If the fortunes macro to open, Tsun Yip Dragon. With reform of national policy, by
opening up wind. Emancipation of the Sea dare to write the first of the spirit; cultural
prosperity, and many brands of award-winning success. Health development, health
care reform, the pace leading the country; education revitalization, quality of teaching
for many years were the highest in the city. Ruofu industrial rise of momentum. Park
construction, and comprehensively promote. Xinhai petrochemical, opened the first of
its kind in North-scale industries; Garbo pipe, technology industry executive
acknowledged leaders in the country; Jinmao Yuan biochemical recycling of the best
Fan; Jinshan Jing to silicon, clean energy base. Get preferential policies, accounting
for the unique geography; hold special resources, and environment appropriate. P Plus
Business Jiamu name, universally admired guests. Port development, consultant
flooded; clean energy, investors unexpected.
   To if the new rural construction, according to the central requirements of relatively
well off target. Master plan, step by step. The relative concentration of the layout, One
Village One Product; industrial scale, one village, one special. Service sound system,
professional guidance; product brand, develop the market. Industrialization of
agriculture, increase the proportion of goods; production factory to ensure quality
standards; plant facilities, increase scientific and technological content; rural
urbanization, narrow the urban-rural divide; modern life and enjoy the fruits of
development. Relentless pursuit of fruits. Farmers home a new look; rural roads clear
faster. Center facilities; town and village industrial blossom everywhere.
   To urban development if, ten years lapse, Past,. Old Town reconstruction, according
to local conditions. Increased steadily in front of the city, road step by step in the
extension of the foot. Cell beautiful living environment changed; shops, an array of
goods; restaurant club, leading the fashion leisure; hotels, hotels, convenience of the
public life. Park, new development, sophisticated refined; or small bridges, vine or
tree; or adventure recreation, or terrorist Ghost Cave. Juvenile play in the stimulation;
year old hiking preferences. Morning Zhe Yi Jian also boxing; night tour Zhe Yi Jing
is also moving. Mussels, river side of the pavilion winding phase; embankment
brightly, night Symphony of Magic fans. Vista, birds Huan Splendour; Lim quiet lane,
Qin Xin Yun spleen. Hefatongyan by mental grab Shuo; Guys and Dolls who
whispered. Ruofu gas leisure Shenyi, the level of fine, or fishing on the riverside, or
recited in the bush. Naozhongqujing, Zen enlightenment experience the refined
Chaochen the environment will be different kind taste.
   County eastward expansion, New Coastal. As one three-pole, integrated into the
urban area; high-end positioning for the future. Years of construction, is now taking
shape. The central administrative center ranks, Tingbo towering; public square guard
its former, majestic grand. 4 Museum Square corners spread, novel (19); office
building surrounded by its left, mixed echo. Puncture of towering clouds, Samsung
big summer; Lu Yan rushed to (20), Residential District. 242 Provincial Highway East
successive clouds, cities and counties together to improve the development platform;
Yellow Sea and the magnificence of the west, Old Town Road, wings dance, creating
the modern city. Tongyu Canal close to his right, trees Gaan, herbs Zade; fish loon
Cheung, Yan language insects; winding paths through pump, pavilions lining should
be. Walking In the meantime, while the heart love Yee Shu; on the ground, the air is
crisp and clear God. Ruofu Yellow Sea coast established, East View of the sea,
endless, Shuitianyise. Or Jingtao shore, or the wind slightly Lan, Hai Chau Bay
fishing ground white sail on the small island featuring Qinshan such as hidden now.
Remote lapel Fu Chang, with lofty Trent fly. Enough to swim head give rein to
one's feelings, Kuang Tour in mind. If the pending sunset, moving head a
national center for fishing, boat homing Ge, Fan Qiang maze; shore fishing-lights,
sunset Zi Yan; wind enshroud Hee Hee yelling. While the other is a stunning picture.
   Early blueprint scanning, Tsutomu be pleased; brilliant vision, long way to go.
However, frequent opportunities, good information again and again. Premier
Wen's vision to enhance the development of Lianyungang to the national
level; Jiangsu province go all out, will be a thematic study in North revitalization plan.
City Planning City "as one three-pole", Ganyu accounted pole
(21), port construction, "Two Wings", Ganyu for the North
Wing (22). Development was thus clear analysis, development goal be brilliant.
Eastern port, port industries, urban modern industrial, marine biotechnology,
advanced manufacturing, modern services, modern agriculture, coastal city, ecological
and environmental protection will be targeted for future development. If the time, one
heart, leadership, and effective measures, a human harmonious, prosperous life, the
environment elegant, vibrant new Ganyu will rise in the Yellow Sea; a flashing
reminder Can the Pearl will shine in Haizhou Bay River.
   (1) Dong Yi is the ancient Chinese, in particular, Shang and Zhou period, the
Central Plains tribes of the eastern tribes of the call.
With the integration of Shang Dong Yi and China, the Yi was later changed to Pan
Orient alien said.
  ?(2). Chinese descendants. Han. Henan Zhongyuan Zhu Xia and surrounding areas
that the central region is China.
  ?(3) Xu Fu, that Xu City, Zijun room, Qi Langya (now Jiangsu Jiangxi Yu) who, Qin
famous alchemist. In 210 BC, the First Emperor of life Bong, the rate of child sex,
entertainment industry for decades grains Asia Standard Going, "was plain
Hirosawa, only the king can not." Is recognized as a pioneer of marine
culture and geographical exploration of the first.
  ?(4) Hu Song-Nian (1086-1146), the word Mao old, Ganyu Gan mazhen (Song
Dynasty as Huairen County) people. Southern Song Dynasty, the official board of
civil Book of History, a book signing something the Privy Council (the highest
military officer) and the right to Shenzhizhengshi (the post of deputy prime minister),
is the Song outstanding statesman, military strategist. The Renping Jiang (now
Suzhou) prefect, had not yet assumed office, corrupt officials got wind of the
"Solutions India died down."
  (5) Peitian You, Alphabetic s, No. crane state, entrance for people. Jiajing
twenty-nine (1550) Scholars, REN Jian-Li County (now Fujian Jianou) Order, to
monitor the censor, supreme court of State, guanglu Temple Zhengqing other official.
Official, honest, steadfast in law enforcement, government and public acclaim. After
the court because of corruption, official position and return home. Write a
"vend child line" poem, book into a "humble draft
Gazebo," and Zhang Feng correction written by a "Long Khanh
Hoi state annals."
  (6) Xuding Lin (1857 a 1915), the word nine Hong, Seongnam Ganyu people.
Guangxu held eight years, 16 years, the Cabinet ordered the book, 19 years for the
Peruvian consular official. 2 years to 20 nine-year term of office has transferred Anhui
salt controller, Luzhou prefect, member of Anhui Road and many other functions. 20
hours of any transfer of Westernization Board, Office of Zhejiang Province. Attended
"constitutional monarchy" campaign two years Guangxu (1906)
Ren Lixian Society of Directors. Xuantong first year (1909) in September to organize
any of Jiangsu Province, the Conference Board of the Federation to do, they act as
Xuantong Beijing Political Consultative Council Members years. Xuantong three days
of any president of the Consulting Department. Early in 1913 to join the KMT,
Jiangsu provincial councils. Known as the business community, "Jiangbei
celebrity." The Qing government to be commended on many occasions.
  ?(7) Li Suzhi, Ganyu Ishibashi who was born in 1954, enlisted in 1970, is currently
deputy commander of Tibet Military General Hospital of Tibet Military President.
Plateau has overcome two heart operations and altitude sickness prevention and
treatment of medical problems in the world, on the pathogenesis of acute mountain
sickness and its control reached the world advanced level. He organize more than 150
new technologies, new business, create the world of medical miracles 20, 36 is a
national initiative, 86 to fill the gaps in High Altitude Medicine, by state and military
science and technology awards 20. Tibetan people are affectionately known as
"Mamba general." Been awarded a national model of national
unity and progress of individuals, the national moral models, military outstanding
party member, has been awarded first, second and third grade award seven times.
 ?(8) Wang Jiu Xing (1916 1 January 2003), Ganyu sea headman. 1936, was admitted
to the Central University Department of Psychology. The spring of 1940 went to the
University of Fort Ruishi Fu Lai study, study philosophy and psychology. Summer
1955, a doctorate. Fu Lai autumn the same year became Fort university lecturer,
teaching Chinese philosophy. In 1956, Fung and Mr. Ren Hua went to Switzerland to
attend an academic conference to mobilize Wang back. June 1957, in Premier Zhou
care of his family to return to work philosophy Chinese Academy of Sciences, he was
Research Associate. Served successively as "The National Association of
Foreign Philosophy," executive director, "The Complete Works
of Hegel," Chinese Vice Chairman of Editorial Board, "Chinese
encyclopedia" deputy foreign editor of the History of Philosophy. Elected
"International Society of dialectical philosophy," an honorary
member and director of the Seventh International Honorary Chairman of Kantian
philosophy. Compiled, translated works Incline Department.
 ?(9) Mu Jiashan, Ganyu mussels, born 1961, graduated from Nanjing Art Institute
eighties., U.S. Asia-Pacific Art Research Institute, a famous overseas Chinese artists,
arts educators, international art exhibitions and policies Show people. The
international media hailed as the cultural ambassador on behalf of overseas academic
painter. Its artistic achievement to be included in Cambridge, UK,
"International Who's Who", the United States,
"International of the most influential 500 people",
"Thirty Years of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Chronicles",
"Yearbook         of     Chinese     cultural    heritage,"      and
Taiwan's "World Chinese Artists Yearbook" and
other historical documents .
  (10) "Spring will the public ten years" set: "summer,
the Society Qihou in Jiagu.". "Kong Zishe with
things," Qi Yuji twice thwarted the challenge, forcing Qihou cut dwarf on
the altar, Qilu end of Union, avoiding a hard-fought. Jia Gu southern slope of the
original Our Lady of Mt Temple, Confucius Temple, Kuixing Court, Jia Gu College,
etc. The so-called "Jia Gu shrines into nirvana", became a
mecca for ages. , "Nepal Mountain" refers to Confucius in Qufu,
Shandong Province in Nigeria, which came into the world mountain, Jia Gu Shan Lu
due to Confucius would Qihou alliance with reason, to share the beautiful mountain
scenery of Nepal. Two Mountains Association, a title meaning foot. Jia Gu mountains
because of the miracles made nirvana can be comparable with those great mountains
and rivers it! Peak middle of a convex shape, such as enjoying one of the tiger stand
boulders, Juan inscribed "Nepal Mountain sub-Show" four
characters. Scholars of Qing Emperor Qianlong YiMao Wang Changbai people
problem, through sub-state capital of Shandong Cao Yuan Zhou and Crafts book Dan.
"Jia Gu Journal of Dalian" in the shrines of the Department, as
one of the famous ancient Ganyu.
 ?(11) Qin Zhou monument sign as one of the famous ancient Ganyu. East is at home
and have Qinshan Ganyu City Island, the island emperor monument, inscriptions 12
words, according to legend lives for the Emperor Li Si Seal, monument has been
destroyed, inscriptions have been undiscovered. Ganyu Yuting Rui Qing magistrate
had written, "Qin Zhou monument sign": "God is not
three-that is, I still see the First Emperor monument. Birds leave traces Chen Min,
tadpole water Mei Wen Ying. Vast floating goose joiner, Lung Chi rain shower. Wen
said Qin Shan, Qin Qin 8 Chun Chi. " Zhou: zhòu〕 〔~ ancient text of a
font. Popular in the state of Qin during the Warring States, this deposit is represented
by engravings on drum. Also known as "Seal Script." Between
the island and the shore there is a long ten years of marine quartz pebble
"Road with Bridge", was "S" shape
meandering toward the shore, in the blue water of disappeared the civil called
"God Road" , also known as "Emperor Qin
Bridge." "Continuation of Natural History" set: the
emperor as the stone bridge on the sea, wish to view the sunrise over the sea. A man
of God flooding stone to not speed, whip the man of God, are bleeding, in particular,
this stone bridge and the color red. Therefore, the "whip stone
bridge," said.
 ?(12) the spring of 1988, the first person to mark east to Xu Fu, Xu Fu in the original
village of Jinshan Township, north of the original temple site building Hsu Fu Temple,
followed by Japan's new palace, Saga and other cities to follow the track
Diaogu repeatedly. Fu, now every section or theoretical research activities or leisure
holidays, to pay homage to those who flock to this nostalgia has become a major
tourist attraction within Ganyu.
 ?(13) Duanmu desks as the "Eight Ganyu" the first place.
Tashan dam at the western end of a small mountain of Zigong. A block of smooth flat
rocks called "Mu-sun desks," Zigong legend formerly known as
10000 Mt Songshan, competing feudal lords dominate the Spring and Autumn Period,
when the small state of Lu, to avoid the scourge Lu Qi off, the first great day to send e
Confucius Qi Gong to lobby so that after the Qi Wu, via 10 000 Matsuyama, see the
mist-shrouded valley, pines and rolling and is Chengxing a visit, but days of heavy
rains suddenly, back disappointed. Return of the sky suddenly cleared, Rainbow trailer.
Surprised to find that just sitting among the stones have been dripping does not exist.
Zigong more surprising, they put the book placed on wet, dry and instant book as ever.
Remember after the man-made aromatic sages trace the defendant's million
Matsuyama changed to "Zi Gong Mountain", will be drying
desks called these "Duanmu desks" and Juan Shi Chuanshi.
 ?(14) Hing Chuang night rain, as one of the famous Ming Dynasty Ganyu, in this
entrance for Xing Hai Town Village. Jiuxian Zhiyun: "Xing Zhuang night
rain, rain rain at night also. Xingyue full of air, often the pattering sound, as the once
from the point marks on the ground. Actually Xing Zhuang salt crust of surface
temperature change for the night breaking noises like rain the name. Ganyu Kangxi
Exams Ni Chong Hing Cheung Wing Night Rain rhino are: Mingyuegou Shu Tong,
Air Chamber pattering with. land with sandy white, red tide zone Haiyun. cool early
dusk Health , micro-air covered with trees. Xiaoxiang infinite meaning, every night
and Soul in.
  ?(15) Ganyu Sea Town has a small mouth-east of Ten Mile Beach, grain absorption
fine teeth, gentle slope, shore are contiguous Huailin, the forest has winding paths
with chairs, is the perfect place to rest on shore. Jiangsu coastal and beach echoing a
unique degree of resort tourism. The "Jiangsu Beidaihe," said.
Each to the summer, to the tourists who flock swimming.
  ?(16) Han Prince Liangxiao built in the Sui dodder park, later known as
"Sui Park." Many of them planted bamboo. Prince Liangxiao
often with some guests drink composed a poem in which the scribe. Wang Bo,
"Teng Wang Ge sequence" of "Sui green bamboo
garden, gas Ling Pengze of respect" sentence. House: House also; villa: the
thatched cottage field also.
  ?(17) 1942 6,7 months, when he was member of the CPC Central Committee
Political Bureau, secretary of the East China Bureau, the New Fourth Army political
commissar, Comrade Liu Shaoqi Village in black Town of living trees for 25 days,
guiding the work of anti-Japanese bases in Shandong. He held numerous meetings,
keynote address, organization set up anti-Japanese base areas in Shandong union ---
the first black Town of Village trees trade unions, launched a vigorous
"Effort" campaign. Written in this "mass
movement", "China's revolutionary strategy and
tactics," "inner-party struggle" and so on important
  ?(18) to coordinate the north Yimeng, Qinghe District, anti-raids, November 19,
1943 night, the coastal military forces commander Chen Shiqu personally involved
deployment, political commissar of the court to personally meet the bamboo under the
command of Ganyu campaign was launched. At 20, one stroke capture ganyucheng,
kill and wound capture pseudo Brigadier Liya Fan, head of the third class the
following Puppet Zhang Xing 2,000 officers and men, seized more than 2,000 sticks
of rifles, light machine guns 8, 40 hand guns doors more than 30 horses horses, cars 2.
Only at the expense of this war to the Eighth Route 3 people, wounded 37 people at
minimum cost to Yenan, "Liberation Daily", Shandong
"Popular Daily" an important position in the front page of
widely reported, and to the campaign behind enemy lines beat the opposition as an
example of write military history.
  ?(19) Complex in the archives, libraries, museums, cultural centers.
  ?(20) lǘ yán Lu refers to the portal, people. Chinese, 25 to Lu. Yan refers Lane door.
Lu Yan refers to the civilian people. Tang Wang Bo "Preface to
King": "Lu Yan flutter, the Zhongming Ding food
home," Ming Yu Qian: "breeze sleeves overturned go, so Lu
Yan then short and long."
  ?(21) to determine the future development of Lianyungang City, "as one
three-pole" of the international coastal city layout. "Third
Pole" in existing Xinhai City, the eastern district, Ganyu City,
"as one" is in the "three poles" on the
beach between the Yantian to build a new town beach and use it as the core city of the
  ?(22) Lianyungang Port Development Strategy Group in Hong Kong as one of the
existing one, to Ganyu Sea coastline heads to zhewang focus for future development
of the North wing, with commensurate bead port, river port as the South Wing,
irrigation, construction of China the central eastern coast of the largest port group.

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