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In the context of Western philosophy, the "game" often used to
mean the activities. Now Han Context "game" in addition to the
normal usage of amusement, but also have a broader meaning. We say, talk about
rules of the game, it said that one of the most important features of the game - the
rules. Wittgenstein has a theory, called language games, said that the language
activities are actually a game, during which the rules contained Wittgenstein called
"family resemblance" as members of a family each have their
own personality, but also can see many similarities. Wittgenstein said:
"The meaning of a word is its use in the language," the meaning
of words in the language game is given, the language rules in language the game is
Wittgenstein is used in the linguistic context the concept of the game, from the
existence of context point of view, all human activities are to some extent a survival
games. "Family Resemblance", such as the racial characteristics
of human behavior very clear, you can distinguish from a group of Asians, Chinese,
Japanese, Korean and so on. The question now is not to distinguish in the crowd is
any country which race, but interactive game of transnational inter-ethnic problems,
such as how to strengthen the United Nations, integration, how to speed up the
interaction between regional integration, building, inter-civilization of the game
between Fast Track to expand the different "family" game
between the marginal interaction. Interaction from the marginal to the core interaction
should be the settlement of international disputes many progressive way.
Wittgenstein life through two very different philosophical meditation, later strongly
opposed to the traditional systematic, theory-based, closed system of philosophy, that
the traditional system of thinking to find the essence of existence is a dead end, to be
deconstruction, to to find rules of the game, words are in the unique context makes
sense, to leave the game kind of state the specific language to the language and the
world seeking the essence of the abstract is meaningless. Origin of the dispute is their
dedication to their game context, up to nature, and to consider themselves the essence
of absolute, sacred, the outcome of the conflict is speaking the same language, just
blind accusations. Only two sides in common games like state, the mutual exchange
of meaningful, such as Buddhism and Christianity in Context Context is pointless
recriminations, the two sides shared the game only to create scenes, in the same
game-like state, criticized and defended it have real meaning.
Come take a look at why the game as entertainment people Wanwusangzhi passion,
people indulge them unable to extricate themselves? Entertainment games are
spending time, and not let time have production capability, but it is to survive on the
value of game-like state of the living condition is true, and this survival state is
operational, life is not nothing in the Na Zhong idle state , to maintain their passion is
real interaction, real winning or losing, victory or defeat of emotions and real life to
start, even if it is not productive zero-sum game.
Such people indulge in the game, and crazy features, can continue to cycle our way of
life into a boring game style then? Yes. In fact, no matter what, as long as the initial
phase of obstacles to overcome psychological barriers and intellectual grasp of the
basic rules of which, you can day after day, has worked tirelessly in a Youxi state,
would dip them fun. What we see great men, for us, he might in the great state of
elusive, but it is for him to do daily survival game. Like every game, as do hard work
in this realm, he can not, as it?

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