Gala by fdjerue7eeu


You show me your body before night comes down
I touch your face and promise to stay ever young
On this ivory beach we kissed so long
It seems that the passion's never gone

                - Su Duo

Gala is a four- member band. A young band from Beijing. And they have the name of
celebration, as it generally is full of vitality. Band set up and early 2004, and in 2004
issued an eight mid-song independent album "Young For You",
their music style, some British, some punk pop. Suddoo band concert is the highlight.
His pronunciation is rather special, there are some naughty, some grotesque, some
warmth. Most of the allocation of their songs simple and not impose any deliberate,
free gay, but some songs are faint trace of sadness. Sad, but not addicted, anxious but
determined. From which I heard is true, accurate, and tells their own inner joy,
sunshine, or depressed, you hear? As they write lyrics like, life's just a
kaleidoscope, you can see inside what? Appreciate each person's not me,
too. Sometimes feel that a move to their own songs, does not require the complex
allocation of those gorgeous, impeccable technique, the same can play simple
Band members on Gala

Vocal: Su flowers,
Bass: M, escaping from the juvenile, gala where the doormat.
Drum: ZHANG Jun-jun, steady, practical, early marriage, early motherhood.
Guitar: gig, do not refuse, not resist, with many female fans, Ambassador.

◎ band has completed work

1 - intro ... the band is so cool
2 - the blue elephants
3 - tennessee
4 - monkey station
5 - kaleidoscope
6 - M_murderer
7 - young for you
8 - cheeze
9 - ping ping ping
10 - bob bastard



intro ... the band is so cool
  (Suddoo / M / wangzi)

hello loser
the band is so cool


the blue elephants

I was sad waste
Living in the bizarre kingdom
Virtual reality it trance
Love is also hung in nothingness

I was sad waste
Obsession with growth alone
Refused to repeat this life
Has become useless



you shine on me
eazy come
hard to leave

i should die
but never cry
used to be
a magic knight

dream some dreams
not say sorry
paint my heart
let it be lush

hold me tight
that's alright
you're my sea
(You're my fairy)

* Dance with who at night
fire around, river's gone
velvet face prides you
but now you've got only me left

* Who's stolen your watch
would like to continue
the feeling that made you dizzy
now it's all becomin 'empty


monkey staion

hey, girl, would you leave me alone?
when my renter follow me around
come on don't pretend to be monkish
by now your fervency is gone?

dangerous monkeyshine
i never understand
as rain is gonna pour
i just gotta spook

hey, boy, ready to be a spaniel?
stop prating come to see devil
rule a man as you give a stroke
rule a lady as you send a rose


i look upon my life as a trip
to try to see to enjoy
i look upon your heart as pic.
its color's never in faintness

you're wayward to do in load
no remorse to show
life's just a kaleidoscope
that is what you've got

* Some days' already passed away
there are left memory
i can't reach it forever
for it doesn't once more

let me down in deep hue
playin 'acid with you
we needn't to pretend
it's alright be naked between u and me

but i've lost you baby in yesterday
it has broken my dream
how the past flame be the same
you are my one and only

* Yesterday's just passed away
something goes clearly
i can't touch it forever
for it's too far away

* Some days' already passed away
there are left memory
i can't reach it forever
for it doesn't once more

ah ***** ah *****
ah ***** ah *****

(Suddoo / wangzi)

i could never catch any cocottes
whenever wherever

you were drived by your curiosity
to sail away

* Lust to seed a strawberry


young for you

sunday's coming i wanna drive my car
to your apartment with present like a star
forecaster said the weather may be rainy hard
but i know the sun will shine for us

oh lazy seagull fly me from the dark
i dress my jeans and feed my monkey banana
then i think my age how old, skyline how far
or we need each other in california

* You show me your body before night comes down
i touch your face and promise to stay ever young
on this ivory beach we kissed so long
it seems that the passion's never gone

* You sing me your melody and i feel so please
i want you to want me to keep your dream
together we'll run wild by a summer symphony
this is what we enjoyed not a fantasy

the tin- man's surfing i wanna try my luck
to the top of tide rip like just have some drugs
i know you have no blame for my proud moonish heart
welcome to the golden beatnik park
oh diamond seashore drag me from the yard
incredible sunward i watch as you're in photograph
for camera your smile's so sweet, palm trees' so lush
would you believe my honey it's califonia


(Suddoo / wangzi)

* You look like so high today
i seemed to forget yesterday
let's begin the new life in the city
yeah in the city

sing no sunny to people
say no sorry to medal
run to the modern jungle
over there all my precious
will come with freedom

close your eyes, taste the night
here they born, just a while
music down, lead me drunk
will you sleep? i won't

* You see that here's nobody
we are late to mistake
let's make the new fate in the city
yeah like a ice cream


# All lyrics written by suddoo except track 008 written by suddoo / wangzi
# All music written by suddoo except track 001 wirtten by suddoo / M / wangzi, track
006/008 written by suddoo / wangzi

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