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									Future development
Abstract: As the combination of human creativity and technology of digital content
industry has become a core industry in the 21st century knowledge economy.
Keywords: digital media elements, future opportunities, the combination of a variety
of information, interactive communication, innovation, differentiation, digital media
In human society, the information in the form of diverse, we treat these expressions as
the media (medium). We call through the computer storage, processing and
dissemination of information media to digital media (digital media). The past, we
know almost all of the media to simulate the way storage and transmission, while
digital media is a bit of form but through the computer storage, processing and
dissemination. To achieve interactive performance, the analog domain is very difficult,
but it is much easier in the digital domain. Therefore, with the computer's
"human-machine interaction" is the digital media, a notable
Digital media development in five key points: to enhance creativity (Creativity).
Every digital media innovation and in promoting the development of all. Continue to
bring freshness to the user to continuously to their surprise, not only creative but also
technical. Digital Media Industry need to innovate more than other industries,
particularly the participation of innovative users. Create differences (Variation).
Internet media and innovative digital media has entered the era of personalized,
differentiated competition has become fundamental. Digital media for the user and
provide effective and practical products, services and applications to achieve in
practice, "thought the decision pattern, location is way out."
Highlight the experience of (Experience). In the user experience, visual vision, feeling
emotions, thinking thinking, action action these four elements form an important
experience in digital media experience, users can choose according to their focus on a
combination of different forms, to enjoy digital media information services,
interactive services and e-commerce services. Emphasize communication of
(Communication). Creating a digital media platform, the interaction between users:
Digital platform and user interaction between the upstream and downstream firms
corporate customers end-user interaction and communication between users, this 3
constitutes effective interaction, which is really a platform for marketing within
process, retain old customers is more important than the development of new user.
Achieve relevance (Relation) If the strong interest in the areas of mass user, providing
relevant content and services, combined with strong relevance of the Internet / digital
media interactive products, to achieve divided, accurate, interactive; and make good
use of content and services, long tail effect.
The five principles of digital media business: the digital media platform focused on
the customer / user services, and not merely to provide is a software itself. Through
digital media platform, to get the users of collective intelligence. By making more
unique and difficult to copy user data services, to get the platform and business value.
Through the user's "self service" to serve the
"long tail." Digital media platform, user interface and
development tend to light model, and use of light business model. Emphasis on
co-integration of content and technical resources, while not entirely separate the
completion of all related matters.
Digital media including the use of digital technology generation, production,
management, communication, operations and consumption of cultural content
products and services with high added value, strong radiation, low consumption, wide
employment, soft penetration properties. "Culture is the body, science and
technology for the enzyme" is the essence of digital media. As the digital
media industry development in part reflects a national information service, the
upgrading of traditional industries and the integration of cutting-edge information
technology research and innovation strength and industry level, so digital media in the
world was government attaches great importance to all major countries and regions
have developed to support digital media-related policies and development planning.
United States, Japan and other countries regard the great efforts to promote digital
media technology and industry as an important strategy for sustainable economic
Long chain of the digital media industry, digital media technology involved
all-inclusive. The next five years will be China's digital media technology
and industrial development of the critical period. In the "Eleventh
Five-Year" period to further promote high-value, low consumption of the
digital media industry development, to capture the digital media industry development
in the technical bottlenecks in high-Secretary Ministry of Science under the guidance
of the national 863 program software and hardware technology topics organizations
related to the power expert, in-depth study of digital media technology and Chanye of
development concepts, content, architecture, digital media at home and abroad
Guangfan technology research situation and development trend of careful analysis of
the Wo Guo digital media technology industrial development of the bottleneck
problem, a Chinese digital media technology strategy for the development of the next
five years, goals and direction.
Given these characteristics of digital media, now living in the digital media age we
are, it is even more need to adapt to the new era to explore the characteristics of a
First, the digital media is a concept closer to human transmission of the media. Digital
media system can handle text, maps, sound and image, and other information.
Therefore demands that we not limit ourselves to a single text or image information,
and should combine the advantages of a variety of information, so that it can serve us.
And also through text, maps, sound, image combination to improve communication
Secondly, in the dissemination of new technology tools and platforms, the audience
change from passive acceptance to active participation. The traditional mass media,
the wisdom found in the information issued at one end, a lot of information push
(pushing) to the audience, while the latter passive acceptance. In the digital world, bits
of information stored by the storage in the open (computer hard drive or CD-ROM),
by the audience to pull (pulling) the needed information. Contains all of the
interactive digital media features, wisdom can exist in the source and destination ends.
This provides us with the information delivery platform of equality Di, but also for
the audience - the new information gatekeepers, the media made Genggao Suzhi
In addition, tend to personal two-way communication process between the
communicator and the audience can be real-time communication and exchange. This
real-time interactive feedback first to make a breeze; same source and destination of
the roles can change at any time. Digital point and the point spread in the opposite
mode of transmission of coexistence, it can ensure the coverage of the mass media
more and more, on the other hand can become smaller and smaller, until the personal
communication. Paul rollei Vincent in his "Digital McLuhan," a
book that: new digital arts not only emphasizes the knowledge, but also stressed the
need to know how to learn knowledge. This means that the most basic form of
knowledge that is dry (the most fundamental form of knowing is doing). That is, we
have more opportunity to choose a pro-active communication and learning.
Every digital media innovation and in promoting the development of all. Continue to
bring freshness to the user to continuously to their surprise, not only creative but also
technical. Digital Media Industry need to innovate more than other industries,
particularly the participation of innovative users. To meet the technological innovation,
we also need to upgrade their own creativity.
On the other hand, the Internet media and innovative digital media has entered the era
of personalized, differentiated competition has become fundamental. In addition to
technical differences, capabilities and advantages of individual differences is that
among the priority. Now the popular Face book, the school network, network are all
happy audience show flavor and personality of the stage, is also a platform for
personalized information dissemination. The pursuit of individual self-development, a
large explosion in the information age to find a self-independent of other
people's highest point.
Digital media professionals need to "versatile." Digital media
talent shortage caused by the reason, the digital media industry itself is one of rapid
technological upgrading, more important is digital media talent is talented people, it is
necessary to master advanced technology, but also proficient in art, it is a requirement
of scientific Combination of technology and creative arts disciplines, in addition to a
skilled practitioner required operational skills, we also demand practitioners with
good quality and unique individual artistic creativity. Web operators such as producers,
must understand GIF animations, tables and forms, media applications, web frames,
text video, links and actions, ASP to create dynamic web pages, technical expertise,
but also have to have some basic graphic design , including the plane form the basis
of basic graphics and text, animation applications, which require digital media
professionals have "accomplished" in the can. As the digital
media industry in China is still in the initial stage to address the issue of talents digital
media industry has become a key factor in sustainable development.
The "four modernizations" in order to train qualified personnel.
The digital media, the main problem of manpower shortage in the industry now loose,
conflicts, enterprises, institutions required for each material, there is no systematic
training program, a headache to find medicine, seek leg surgery, and surgery
combined search "illness" very rare, causing only
"skilled" but not "master" of the
embarrassing predicament. He said that the face of this dilemma, Shanghai Digital
Media Assessment Office has to be on the "system of specialized,
community-based         training,      assessment     standards,    the     level    of
internationalization" of the training program to Shanghai digital media
business professional and technical staff have been with the country and foreign
advanced technology and ideas, each will be with the relevant government
departments, relevant professional associations and other professional institutions,
organizations, targeted for general digital media professional and technical personnel,
the senior special training, to invite famous experts and scholars to Shanghai at
professional seminars, discussions. Meanwhile, digital media and digital examination
run will strengthen the links and communication media enterprises, strengthening and
large, colleges interactive, build a digital media company for the employment needs
of the digital media training, examination system, for different companies train at
different levels of expertise for digital media personnel.
  As a school student, we should seriously study and digital media technology, his De
development is closely related to us and we should seriously study and knowledge of
digital media, with the network, information, communication technology for hurricane
Shi development, now I think everyone are always dealing with digital media, such as
watching mobile TV, mobile phone news, internet, 3G mobile communications, 3D
movies coming, digital cameras and so on into our lives.
These are attributed to the development of digital media, we should strive to learn the
knowledge of digital media such as in colleges, Hui Ying Yong microsoft office
skilled office 软件, electronic magazine IEBOOK, photoshop Deng Deng, 适应
social modernization efforts, with professional knowledge to enrich themselves,
enrich their minds and eventually become a high quality comprehensive ability,
learning ability, to adapt to society to strong, all-round development of qualified


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