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From customer satisfaction to customer loyalty


									From customer satisfaction to customer loyalty
Customers access to the core of the economy and keep customers.

   Business Process Reengineering (BPR), founder of Hammer to be a saying: the
so-called new economy is the customer economy.
   According to Conference Board for the Global 506 CEO to do a survey, corporate
CEO to customer loyalty and maintain the rate as the primary challenge of their
management, followed by a reduction in costs, and third is to enhance the flexibility
and speed up the pace of development. For these SMEs, objectives are very clear, that
is to obtain and keep customers, they continually strive to create customer satisfaction
and loyalty of customers to further optimize customer share.
Customer satisfaction the decision by the Ho
   Customer satisfaction is the total value received by the customer and the customer
to pay the total cost of the two factors co-decision. The total value of clients,
including: product value, service value, psychological value and image value.
Customers pay the total cost include: cost of money, time, cost, spiritual cost, physical
cost. The total value of the larger, lower total cost, higher customer satisfaction. So,
when the customer acceptance of products in addition to that excellent addition to also
enjoy a very comfortable service, have been respected, the customer will feel value
for money, this is an increase 分 process. The customers pay the total cost includes
not only the economic costs to customers, but also includes customers in the process
the cost of the time, mental and physical cost. That helps explain why the waiting
time is too long, keep our customers satisfied, and in the complaints process, the
client spent time and energy to customer complaints also tend to increase the cost, if
we are During this period, not to create additional customer value, customer balance
went to the psychological imbalance, leading to dissatisfaction with the enterprise. So
when we deal with customer complaints, no hesitation to accept complaints and make
gestures, so customers believe we are the fastest to deal with the situation, customers
will often calm down.
   For enterprises, management of customer satisfaction, there are three main points:
   First of all, three conditions must be satisfied customers: First, the product itself
(species richness and quality); two channels available (product easy to get,
convenience); three services (unified, people-oriented). Customer satisfaction
management in the beginning, because the quality of services will be affected by
personal factors and volatility, companies must pass a high degree of uniform
standards to regulate personal behavior, then the premise of unification in the
standards should reflect the people-oriented, full respect for the client, and
   Secondly, in order to create and maintain a genuine customer satisfaction, pay
attention to two points:
   First, the company from top to bottom, from the inside out to create a service chain.
Improve internal service quality from the start, improve employee satisfaction, then
enterprise to improve employee loyalty, enhance employee productivity, and to play a
role in the field, so customers get more value and purchasing experience to win
customer satisfaction, and continuously improve service standards to achieve higher
customer loyalty, thereby stimulating long-term corporate profit growth (see Figure
   Second, the changing development needs of our customers have a very flexible and
easy-to plans and programs. For services to become a habit, always listening to your
customers, customer demand insight.
   Third, control customer expectations and enhance the actual performance. Since
customer satisfaction is not a fixed value, but customer expectations and business of a
ratio between the actual performance, so, good customer service staff should
understand customer expectations is the goal of a subjective estimate , to some extent,
customer staff to be appropriate in the "raising customer
expectations" and "control customer expectations"
   To test whether the customers are truly satisfied, there are several indicators:
namely, reputation, reputation / name degrees, keep returning, sales force, the rate of
complaints. As long as through regular testing and observation of these indicators, we
can clearly understand the customers are truly satisfied with the enterprise.
Customer satisfaction, loyalty can be certain you
   Customer loyalty is actually the concept of customer satisfaction leads to the
concept, is customer satisfaction, the production of a certain brand or
company's trust, and hope to maintain a psychological tendency to repeat
purchase. Customer loyalty is a real continuity of customer buying behavior. How
kind of customer loyalty to the enterprise do?
   Surprises for the customer to create the first goal is customer loyalty. Data show
that, when customers think that companies can meet the existing requirements, the
probability of selection of other competitors is 50%, but if businesses can
continuously provide customers with fantastic service, the loss rate was 12%.
   Want to achieve from increased customer satisfaction to customer loyalty, we must
start from the following six:
   Services, standardization emphasize the seven aspects:
   1. Time: the process of providing services to clients should spend more time? The
time required for each step?
   2. Process: how to coordinate the different parts of service delivery systems, among
them how to complement each other as a whole?
   3. Adaptability: Can service in accordance with the changing customer needs to be
done in time to adjust? How convenient?
   4. Predictability: Do you predict how the customer needs? Can the first to step
forward to provide information to customers?
   5. Communication: How do you ensure that the information is adequate, accurate
and timely communication?
   6. Feedback: Do you understand the customer's mind? How do you
know your customers satisfied with the services provided?
   7. Organization and supervision: an efficient service program is the division of
work, and who monitors them?
   Effective skills of staff
   Service personnel, including seven of effective skills, in particular:
   1. Instrument: You want customers to see? Meet the requirements of the external
instrument is the target?
   2. Attitude: How to pass the appropriate attitude, through facial expressions, tone,
body language to grasp.
   3. Concern: identity client's personality, and thus in a unique approach to
every customer.
   4. Appropriateness: in a different environment, that which would be appropriate?
What words can not say that?
   5. Guidance: Service staff on how to help customers? How to guide customers to
make choices and decisions?
   6. Sales and service skills: the skills to provide services to you? Customers are very
receptive to your recommendations and service delivery?
   7. Courtesy to resolve customer issues: how to resolve customer dissatisfaction?
   Accessibility to and flexibility
   Service demonstrates the closeness and flexibility may be reflected in the following
eight areas:
   1. Concern me: sensitive to customer concerns quickly the needs and special
   2. Understand the reasons for my actions: to consider themselves to serving the
customer care;
   3. Help me solve the problem: the problem of understanding and processing;
   4. I and others are equal: no differentiation between customers;
   5. I can understand the way communication with: Do not put a shelf bureaucratic or
   6. Do not threaten to suppress me: absolutely not a threat and ignore customers;
   7. Able to guide me: If a customer has problems, should help them solve their
problems, they will thank you;
   8. Flexible and can accommodate you: people first, customers are not machines,
you are not manipulating the machine people.
   Reliability and loyalty
   Reliability is reliable and accurate ability to fulfill service commitments. Many
businesses find that reliability is ranked in the customer focus element of the first
point. Such as the recently conducted "the best mode of transport in the
manufacturing sector," the investigation, the reliability of the
manufacturing supplier selection carriers need to consider the most important factor,
time Jiaofu in second place, then a cost and product Diushi / Sunhuai situation.
Citroen conducted a survey study shows that maintenance staff spoke highly of the
importance of high-quality after-sales service. They think that a parts supplier in
assessing the many standards, the availability of spare parts ranked first, closely
followed by timely delivery rate, the price is only ranked seventh in a number of
factors. Aftermarket Parts Service on the impact of vehicle sales and service than the
impact of large customers for more than 3 times.
   To mature the business, business itself is flawed, mature business customers face
lay analyze these three kinds of circumstances, to obtain data, and then concentrated
pooled analysis. And departments in the group discussions, finding the most effective
service skills and work processes, especially attention to summing up the successful
experience of former colleagues or failures. To the business in accordance with the
different services, service object, on a regular basis to classify and quantify the
formation of the assessment criteria, often self-reminders, self-healing,
   Pledge       points       "unconditional          pledge"       and
"commitment to important services." Service Commitment
Research shows that: "commitment to employee morale and loyalty will be
enhanced commitment to create pride in the employees. For customers, the
commitment to reduce the risk of customer service organizations and the
establishment of the trust." An effective commitment can affect the
profitability of the enterprise to establish a more positive service culture, commitment
to indirectly reduce the cost of staff changes.
   Here are some businesses made pledges:
   * Han Punuo Hotel: "Customers are not satisfied, you can not
   * First Bank Trust: "No dissatisfied customers can return the
   * Xerox Corporation: "unconditional commitment to each customer
customized content."
   * McDonald's: "100% customer satisfaction."
   * Federal Express promised: "package delivered on time, or your money
   Innovative Thinking
   Finally, with constant innovation and consistent customer service to enable
customers impressed by the highest customer satisfaction and create customer loyalty.
   Become more and more homogeneous in the service today, differentiated services,
extension and penetration of the market played an important role. Only through a
"special service to create their own" as the goal, can we truly
improve business competitiveness and ability to resist risks. When the customer
service business marketing strategy of the service, which is to create the
"sales-oriented customer service", we can play the role of the
service means to the extreme, a true success.

Case A:
  Disneyland famous entertainment facilities are praised by others, it creates
customer satisfaction and control are also very unique. Regardless of holidays, Disney
will often overcrowding, queuing has become a big problem. Disney designed an
electronic waiting for this card, placed in the channel mouth, shown above, from the
beginning that if you line up, about how much longer. This can provide a wait time
that customers choose a relatively small projects, while reducing the psychological
anxiety and sense of line officers. But the mystery does not stop here, when finally
your turn, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually line up to wait
longer than e-card tips about ten minutes less. In fact, this is a clever design of Disney.
The purpose is to "do more than promise," so that customers
feel extra surprises and harvesting.
Case B:
   U.S. auto industry was among the first to carry out customer satisfaction surveys of
the industry, through continuous efforts have been committed to improving customer
satisfaction. Now, U.S. automobile manufacturer customer satisfaction rate over 90%,
but again, the customers buy the same brands, only 30% to 40%. This led many
business executives had doubts if we increase customer satisfaction, help to foster
customer loyalty, customer satisfaction to pursue what is the use?
   Company found that when customer satisfaction is reached after more than 50% do
not care part of the region, the region still has a great free clients and uncertainty. In
the ratings table to 5 points (completely satisfied) customers investigations to fight
again in the future purchase rate is 4 (satisfied) customer of 6 times. This means that
in a highly competitive business world, only a very high customer satisfaction will
become a loyal customer. This part of regular repeat customers will buy your product,
and he will be willing to accept your offer of other products and services. But also for
you to do word of mouth publicity, promotional activities of other competitors
dismissed They also want more care of your company.
Case C:
   Is not a commitment is valid for? Of view of a chain coffee shop pledges.
   "We promise: you can not find a poor quality of our coffee
Obviously, this coffee shop does not capture the customer's sensitivities. To
the coffee shop customers are not looking for poor quality of coffee beans, but to taste
the delicious coffee and feel a quiet, comfortable environment. Such a commitment
can only give customers the quality of the coffee shop cause suspicion. Sure enough
not long before the store removed the commitment to sign on.

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