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									Friday's most explosive six Ushimata (list)
Yu Sanxia: benefit first venture capital IPO
Yu Sanxia (000 565): The company is a paint industry leading products of the Three
Gorges paints, in the Southwest have greater market share and high visibility. The
company's 50,000 tons of natural gas hydrocyanic acid glycine system of
the new project is the largest natural gas industry production of glycine new
technology industrialization projects, have a significant impact at home and abroad.
The company has said it shares the company Hokuriku Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Beijing on July 26, 2009 submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission
issues the application materials listed on the GEM. At present the total capital
5088.8491 Hokuriku Pharmaceutical shares, the company holds 959.7123 million
shares, its stake to 18.86%, if access to the first GEM IPO, the company's
investment income will be significantly increased, since the secondary market stock
18 per line fell to the current 13 yuan, technical oversold obvious changes and with
the fundamentals of active stocks, the stock is expected to short-term performance, the
proposed short-term dips close attention. (Jiuding AGI)
Yingkou Port (600 317): Financial pressure and eager to refinance
Yingkou Port (600 317) Thursday 10 shares for every 10 shares increase by
transferring ex day morning after opening a limit-pull, full-day turnover of nearly
10%. Located in the Bohai Economic Rim and the junction point of the Northeast
Economic Zone, is from the northeast provinces and Inner Mongolia and eastern
hinterland of the recent AU mouth is all the coastal areas of China is one of 20 major
ports. Northeast Economic Zone as the most economical optimization of the import
and export cargo transportation chain, Yingkou, Liaoning Province, Hong Kong was
established as the Shenyang Economic Region "6 +1" model of
the harbor, the land transport costs are relatively low compared with neighboring ports,
has a very obvious location advantage. Today investment "online
analysts" display: Company consolidated earnings per share forecast
2009-2011 were 0.41 yuan, 0.46 yuan and 0.56 yuan, the corresponding dynamic
price-earnings ratio for the 21,18.5 and 15 times; the current total of 11 analysts
tracking 6 analysts recommend "buy", five analysts recommend
"wait and see" rating, comprehensive rating factor of 2.45.
August 12, the company announced the results of mid- year report. Center Daily News
revealed that the first half of 2009, Yingkou Port operating income 948.03 million
yuan, down 8.21%. Yingkou Port in the first half performance despite the decline, but
still made 10 of 10 high-transfer programs to send to switch the company to become
the first 10 cities in 2009 turn 10 mid-year report. Galaxy Securities believes that
"10 increase by transferring 10" may be an ambush for the
capital market refinancing document. Up to 66% of the asset liability ratio and 82% of
total operating profit financial costs will force companies to improve the debt
structure had turned to capital markets. If the capital market, the company hopefully
this refinancing will enable the current financial pressure to ease the problem too.
First half of the financial cost of more than 100 million yuan, up by over 190%,
affecting close to 0.19 yuan per share earnings. Information has been announced by
the company, the company 2.33 billion yuan of new loans during the first half, mainly
to cover the acquisition of seven berths in the final group a price and additional
working capital. PSA 2008, the company acquired the following seven berths and the
finished product tank farm, Pier Hill Tank Farm assets and ore dock in the land use
right. Remove PSA private placement of equity to pay 2.9 billion yuan of the purchase
price, the 4.4 billion required to use cash payments, of which 2.6 billion paid in June
2009, before that company accounts payable in the form of non-accrual interest . The
company will borrow long-term borrowing to pay accrued interest, resulting in sharp
increase in financial costs, the company will be more than 5 billion yuan debt.
Asset expansion "thirst disease" damage value of the company.
Yingkou Port Group in the acquisition of assets of the new port is more
"radical." Following the generous 5.745 billion yuan in 2008
(debt) acquisition of Group 7 berths, the company still continue to acquire assets, a
strong group berth "desire.&quo t; As a local port, Yingkou Port of
assets has exceeded the rate of expansion of economic growth in the hinterland of
throughput growth in the short term inability to support the huge growth of port assets,
lower capital gains rate will directly undermine the company's intrinsic
value. The future, if the maturity of the assets can continue through the training into
the listed company, will be a win- win strategy, the current rush to inject new assets in
the short-term operations will increase the burden on listed companies.
CSC believes that the development of bulk business, the company has a location
advantage, there is the future performance of steady growth and good follow- up of
assets into the Group's expectations, the long term is still large room for
development. Short term, the company's share price has been basically
reasonable, within six months, will be adjusted to a neutral rating.
Risk factors: Anshan Iron and Steel projects in production later than expected result in
lower than expected ore throughput; operating prices fell more than expected; and the
second quarter, decreased. (Today, investment)
Kudo (002 219): clear the current valuation of high growth next year
High Transmission and Distribution is expected to deliver. 2009 January to June, the
company achieved operating income of 143 million yuan, up 1.86%; operating profit
of 24.01 million yuan, down 21.36%; net profit attributable to parent company 20.73
million yuan, down 17.65%; to achieve each Shares gain 0.22 yuan. Distribution plan:
5 shares for every 10 shares increase by transferring 5 bonus issue shares and
distribute cash 0.56 yuan (tax included).
First half of 2009 the company remained stable income, profits have declined.
Revenues of 143 million yuan in first half year growth of 1.86%, due to the
company's production capacity bottlenecks and the sale of credit policy
tightening, the full year earnings growth may be slightly or flat compared with last
year. Consolidated gross profit margin during the reporting period the company was
56.72%, up 0.8 percentage points. As the cost increases during the making of the net
profit attributable to parent company 20.73 million yuan, down 17.65%. Rate of the
second half of the company's sales costs and administrative expenses rate
will drop to normal levels last year, the annual growth performance will remain small.
TX Irving said the company relatively optimistic about the development of next year.
Next year the company has several Aspect: First, Kudo product sales may be in the
third terminal and the community hospitals to make progress, if access to essential
medicines list, then more will welcome the secondary growth; second, this year
Bottom may complete the construction of production base, to obta in GMP
certification in the next year, the company doubled production capacity, solve
production bottlenecks. Third, the sale of the credit policy may return to normal next
year. Tightening of credit policy in the first half sales, the company's
current Sales Outstanding was an increase of 41.04 million yuan, making cash flow
from operating activities Net increase 48.91 percent. Accumulate, performance
growth also look at next year.
Blue chip company as a small cap, growth next year is clear, but taking into account
from June, the company stock price has doubled, due to its high expectations have
been fulfilled Transmission and Distribution, together with the relatively high
valuation of the company, so day care down congenial Company rating to
Risk Tip: Kudo products can not enter the essential medicines list of risks; Kudo
products essential medicines list into the risk of lower prices after the sharp; broader
market systemic risk. (Today, investment)
60th anniversary of National Day military parade is stepping up the exercise, a large
parade theme will be in focus, the new Lotus Light (600 184), West fly international
(000 768), air force (600 893), the soldiers optical (600 435), Space Communications
(600 677), Hong all air (600 316), into the hair and Technology (600391), rocket
shares (600,879), China Satellite (600 118), and many other military stocks come to
the fore recently. Emphasis on precision strikes modern war, all kinds of on-board,
onboard, onboard weapons by computer control, small chip to determine the weight of
weapons and equipment, function and accuracy. China attaches great importance to
the development of microelectronics technology, including long-Electronics (600,584)
(600,584) already have with the international advanced technology to synchronize the
three core IC technology research and development platform, an annual 7.5 billion
integrated circuits, large, medium power transistor 25 billion only, discrete chip
production capacity of 1.2 million, has become China's largest
semiconductor packaging and testing company, is full crowd in the world's
top five, some of the products the company has been designated as a military
COSTIND products are widely used in aviation, aerospace , military engineering,
electronic information, automation and other fields. Military science and technology
aimed at long electric cake, sponsored in COSTIND "Chinese technology
and products for civilian industrial enterprises involved in national defense building
workshops", the long power technology Wang, chairman of fashion appeal,
the civilian high- tech enterprises to enter the field of military equipment conditions
and policies. National Development and Reform Commission approved in July this
year, the long power technology-driven, and CAS Institute of Microelectronics,
Tsinghua University 5 united declaration of the "high density integrated
circuit packaging technology National Engineering Laboratory" was
established track to the number of transistors integrated , a substantial increase in
high- frequency chip operation speed and reduce power consumption, thereby
reducing high- frequency heat, raising the overall level of China's integrated
circuit packaging technology is significant. Earlier this year, Premier Wen Jiabao
personally inspected a long power technology, asked business development, the king
of fashion Dongshi Zhang confidence to the Prime Minister said that the
company's current sales momentum in a smooth, firm grasp of the
world-class integrated circuit packaging technology, recently cheap the acquisition of
Singapore's R & D institutions, the upcoming double the speed,
cost, substantial decrease in the most advanced storage products section. King Tide
said: "Long electrical technology staff, will bear in mind the exhortations
of Premier Wen, vigorously develop new technologies, new products and core
technologies in non-copy, enter the international high-end market."
Changjiang Electronics Technology is prepared to not less than 4.55 yuan / share
issuance, major shareholders committed to subscribe for 16.21% of them, involved in
the second quarter of the Social Security Fund, a long electric technology start
Long power semiconductor technology is the largest packaging production base,
domestic well-known manufacturer of transistors and integrated circuits, development
of small power plane extension tube, power tube, SCR, color television placed tubes,
Zener diode, Schottky diode, varactor diodes, switching diodes and other transistors
chip, the product quality in the domestic leading level. With the
"core" wave of digital storage products, a comprehensive listing
of classes, long power technology has become the largest overall U disk
manufacturers, the company will introduce an internationally leading technical level
of a new generation of memory stick You Wang Yinfadiannao memory market in the
new one round of shuffling, long power technology hegemony underlines the
intention of the semiconductor industry. Indispensable to the development of
today's national defense modernization of information technology support,
space weapons, electronic equipment, information and communication for a host of
modern electronic components market innovations have brought new demands. Long
electric technology R & D institutions in Singapore acquired, was currently
the smallest and the largest can accommodate the world's top package pin
technology, this one country alone. Long power chip technology has the top military
technology, transistors, U disk, memory strips leading up to the same level, Premier
Wen inspected the company in person in early high hopes, the company is expanding
aggressively, ready to not less than 4.55 yuan / share issuance 14,000 million, of
which the majority shareholder committed to subscribe for 16.21%, pension funds
involved in the second quarter of 603 combinations. Present at the issuing price of a
long power technology around the recent strong performance can be closely watched.
(Henan nations Zhang Yan)
Lower shock today two cities, a dramatic drop in volume. Disk point of view,
high-delivery switch plate, becoming the market a beautiful landscape. High this year,
mid-year report sent to the 14 stocks in turn, have public cooperation Electrical (000
925), Kudo, Su Changchai A, Yingkou Port strong daily limit, including public
together mechanical, Kudo consecutive daily limit, while the East zirconium ind ustry
(002 167) Qingdao soft control (002,073) once the session is also close to daily limit.
We believe that investors have high enthusiasm to send transfer speculation section is
expected to continue, and may spread to the 2008 Annual Report sent to transfer the
stocks in the high, investors may be concerned about the Czech Republic shares
(002,021) (002,021). Unit 2008 Annual Report released 8 of 10 high-transfer program
to send transfer, on June 17 this year, has been ex. The current stock price of less than
6 dollars, in turn sent stocks higher market enthusiastically participated in the context
of the stock market outlook is expected out of the wave Tianquan market may
Industry restructuring is expected to boost the main loss
Sewing machinery industry is the leading brand advantage is obvious. Including the
old leap front with seven, including the establishment of a new leap in corporate
restructuring, but the short term has little effect on the performance of listed
companies. By the international financial crisis, industrial sewing machine industry
has been badly hit, domestic sewing machine market is very grim. First half of 2009,
the company generated revenues fell 45.34%, a net loss of 11,408,486.69 yuan.
Second half of 2009 the industry expects overall business environment remains
challenging, 1-3-quarter loss of 2,500-3,000 million.
Nevertheless, the company still attracted star fund managers Yawei eye. Prior to
China 3 Department of massive fund to buy shares into the company's top
ten shareholders of circulation. Although China Fund exposure day (August 25)
short-term escape, but we think its great to escape the suspicion of public concern.
Determine the direction of Yawei China 10 billion of funds known as
"re-accounts", select the companies either through restructuring
or performance will be improved significantly. According to incomplete statistics, in
the first quarter, Yawei direct manipulator of the fund were 31 listed companies in the
top ten tradable shareholders list, he Jiancang unpopular stocks * ST Changhe, win
shares (000,407), Ji Lin forest (600 189), Mary Rose Infrastructure (000 965), China
Aviation Precision Machinery (002 013), the constant group (600 252), etc. are some
of the small losses or small profits subject shares. After that, they share many of the
company's performance was startling. This view, in the short term are less
likely to improve performance, so Yawei selected companies may gamble the future
of the restructuring of the company. Although the Company has issued notice to
clarify that there is no reorganization plan, but does not rule out the possibility of
future restructuring. Therefore, we believe that the company's current
short-term operating conditions difficult to improve, restructuring or will be a better
choice, investors should be focused.
Market blitz high price can be expected to send to switch Tianquan
The near term, investors turn to send stocks higher mid-year report to be a great deal
of enthusiasm. 10 to 4 resources can be called the western section of the leading
high-delivery switch, almost 6 days there three daily limit, the largest increase within
6 trading days around 50%. 10 public and 10 co-electromechanical switch nearly six
trading days as there are three daily limit, or up 44.8%. In addition, Kudo, Su
Changchai A, Yingkou Port, Jiangxi Guangdong Provincial Expressway Development
(600 269), Hong Bo shares (002,229) were also outstanding. With the deepening of
market speculation, investors turn to send the concept of high speculation in stocks is
expected to spread to the other. Czech shares in 2008 Annual Report released 8 of 10
high-transfer program to send transfer, on June 17 this year, has been ex. Secondary
market, the current stock price of less than 6 dollars, a double bottom has been
constructed to complete, the focus of the recent stock price steadily raise, stir- fried in
the market turn to send stocks higher against the background of the stock market
outlook is expected out of the wave Tianquan market, can concern. (Gold Card
Advisor Lin Yanyun)
ST Jian Tong: World Holdings birth revaluation space
With the 3000 point mark integer approximation, significant intraday volatility index,
investors "probably high" emotional shows. Up and down on
the dilemma in the index, stocks polarization occasion, ST segment as a safe haven
under the volatile market has come to the fore. Guoxiang today * ST, ST South,
SST-day sea, ST flowers, ST re real, * ST's agricultural, ST was Henry, ST
Keyuan, * ST Yan Lung, ST limit- up sound and other species have become the market
a beautiful landscape. In fact, this year has been staged since the ST segment show of
salted fish. After nine rounds of consecutive interpretation * ST 30 da ily limit, the
suspended three-year-old Lan Bao * ST (000 631, now known as Sunny Shun Fat), on
June 5, 2009 to complete reorganization and resumption of trading on that day rose to
1585.95% , in addition to the letter after the bridge over the property backdoor ST, the
stock has staged a spectacular upside market, the largest increase this year, more than
300%. you can see, ST shares through a thorough reorganization of assets, the
fundamentals of listed companies can look very change, but also inspire a great rising
price momentum. ST shares the wealth effect will undoubtedly interpret the blood
spray sheets of investors. It is anticipated that the future relies on the reorganization of
the capital market will be increasing the depth and intensity, ST segment in the myth
fostered by the profits will continue to be staged. Therefore, ST segment remains the
hottest market Nuggets plate, worth investors focus. We note that in December last
year, built through ST (600 149) Notice through the replacement of assets into the real
estate asset classes, brewing main turn, glimpses behind the figures of real estate
speculators holding heaven and earth. ST recently built through (600 149) by the
major shareholder of Hainan to Beijing in friendship to change volume Stein home,
and more media to "stealing a march through China Construction (600,149)
actually controlled by paving the way for backdoor listing," to cover the
construction of this ST Tong ( 600 149) is not denied. There are indications, ST build
links (600 149) is expected very strong asset restructuring, World Holdings Limited
solid strength in the real estate industry to build Link ST (600,149) shares space in the
secondary market increased by a rich imagination. ST Jian Tong (600,149) full of gold
content in its future funding is expected to be the focus of attention area, the city was
expected to be highly explosive!
Construction quality real estate assets into ST through brewing industry in transition
reviewed the main building Pass ST (600 149) in history, we can see that, in May
2008, the world is holding to 5.5 million yuan Zhao Zhijun Directors made the
original controller, Lee Kwan holds 55% stake in Tide , it holds a stake in Hainan in
the friendship of 95%, which indirectly holds 14.48% of the ST building through
shares, as established through ST (600 149) of the actual controller. Public
information, Zhao Zhijun's principal assets are the world Holdings Limited,
and its absolute control. World Holdings Limited business areas involved in real estate
development, sales and leasing, property management, import and export trade,
advertising and other related fields, especially in the areas of real estate development
has extensive operational experience, with strong overall resources, the development
of the project involves high-grade office buildings, large residential communities,
apartment Townhouse communities, luxury villas, commercial centers and luxury
leisure resorts and other property forms, the annual open complex area of 80 million
square meters, total investment of more than 50 billion years. Companies adhering to
the scale, specialized, intensive, integrated management mode of operation, in the real
estate and other fields all have a good reputation and prominent market
competitiveness. Concern is that Zhao Zhijun arrival will immediately notice the
business proposed to adjust. He said the share transfer will be completed, based on
business development, the corresponding change in listed company's main
business or main business of listed companies plan to make major adjustments.
August 26, 2009, ST Tong Jian (600 149) 2009 semi-annual report disclosure,
according to December 12, 2008, the Company and Hainan in international economic
and technological cooperation Friendship Co., Ltd., Beijing Real Estate Development
Excellence Co., Ltd., Beijing World Karrie Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed
the "asset exchange agreement", the report period, the Dragon
and cultural buildings have made all the supporting documents; DBC California town
of 17 shops of transfer of property rights transfer has completed 15 to obtain
ownership certificate Another two shops did not get property, Hainan in the friendship
has been to assess the price paid in cash. Co ncern that the world holds a controlling
55% stake in the Garley world, world real estate holding 100% of outstanding shares
held. In this regard, some analysts think that, obviously, Zhao Zhijun world holding
the underlying assets will be built into the ST-pass (600 149) intention is very
In addition, due to historical reasons, the company invested 49% of CRC China
Telecom Co., Ltd., in recent years carried out by China Railcom, obstruction of
business and other factors CRC continuous restructuring of a loss, loss of first half of
2009, 9, 977,739.60 yuan. Other investment accounts for 23% of Beijing Huaxia Tong
Network Technology Service Co., Ltd. in the first half of 2009 continued losses.
Miandui first half of 2009 operating results appear a mo re substantial decline, the
company that it will according to the recommendations of intermediary organizations,
there is the business destination Tiaozheng company focus right not suitable for
long-term development plan Qiye business 实施 the necessary adjustments. Into the
second half of the new assets will be put into operation, the company will be relevant
when the asset exchange agreement, commitment required to complete the controlling
It appears that the new real estate assets into the co mpany to change the plight of the
key, ST Tong Jian (600 149) brewing industry in transition, the main intention is very
Friends from Hainan to build volume Stein home through reorganization ST expected
strong public information, ST Jian Tong (600,149) this year on August 6 and
September 2 announcement disclosed that the company received Hainan Yi (holding
company 5505.8 million, accounting for 14.48% of total share capital for the
company's largest shareholder) made to the Beijing First Intermediate
People's Court of decision. The written ruling said, because the applicant
volume Stein Beijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan in the executor
friendship, Hainan Hing Source Co., Ltd. reached a settlement agreement, the court
ruled that the Friends held in Hainan in 5005 million transfer to the company Beijing
Shi Xuan paper home name. Beijing Shi Xuan paper the number of home equity
holdings, more than the second- largest shareholder of 4431 shares held by the U.S.
trade Fenghe, which Beijing Shi Xuan paper home to become the largest shareholder.
According to ST Construction pass (600 149) announced on September 2 this year,
the long-style changes in equity, the report disclosed, Beijing Real Estate
Development Co., Ltd. Volume Stein, legal representative for the Sun Xiangdong, a
registered capital of 10 million yuan, real estate brokerage business. Information,
World Holdings in March 2005 the company bought a Ming and Qing furniture, and
set up Beijing Shi Xuan paper arts company, the company with the same volume as
the world owned subsidiary Tower Rock Stone Gallery were also in the paper world
of five buildings , six. The World of Building Stone paper is one of the world holding
its projects, in addition, another subsidiary of World Holding Beijing Shi Xuan paper
and Art Development Co., Ltd. Volume Stein Gallery, Beijing Shi Xuan paper arts
founded in July 27, 2005 legal representative is Sun Xiangdong.
There are indications that Beijing Shi Xuan paper home and the actual control of
Hainan in the Yi people affiliated.
It is noteworthy that in the Yi Zhao Zhijun Holdings held by the Hainan ST build links
(600,149) shares, after freezing, immediately hold a shareholder meeting will be built
through ST (600 149) name changed to Stone-Thai joint paper Investment Co., Ltd.,
and Registered address changes to Beijing. The industry believes that it is preparing
for the backdoor listing, Zhao Zhijun Tong built by ST (600 149) to achieve world
controlled backdoor listing of the heart all too clear.
Clearly, ST Tong Jian (600,149) by the major shareholder of Hainan in the friendship
to change volume Stein home, such as the world volume Stein is holding, then the
original shareholders before the wave because Lee did not receive the relevant share
transfer shall, while Zhao Zhijun sue to recover more difficult option. The capital
moved by Teng, ST Tong Jian (600,149) New controller Zhao Zhijun, chairman of
World Holding firmly secured the top spot, so as to achieve world pave the way for
holding the end of the reverse merger.
There are indications, ST build links (600 149) is expected to very strong asset
restructuring, World Holdings Limited solid strength in the real estate industry to
build Link ST (600,149) shares space in the secondary market increased by a rich
imagination. ST Jian Tong (600,149) full of gold content in its future funding will be
focused on surface, then the city of explosive is highly look forward to! (Jubilee
Compass Investment Jun Sun)
                           Stock market risk seeded caution buyers to be own
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