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					For the government: When life science research Zeng Zeng
For the government: When life science research Zeng Zeng
   I think that the world nearly 200 years, most notably the outstanding contemporary
Chinese managers and entrepreneurs learn from successful people, not Louis Gerstner,
not Jack Welch, Bill Gates is not, nor is Li Ka-shing, but has Tseng Kuo-fan.
Louis Gerstner is great. A former IT industry outsider, but successfully
"has one foot forward in the grave" of the "Big
Blue" IBM rescued by, so this loss has been as high as 80 billion about to
fall of the giants, in his After taking over more than a year, that is turning loss into
gain, profit of 30 billion! Louis Gerstner seems to have a hand only to turn things
around, the decline of the business empire soon to bring back a revival of the rail, the
company has pushed back thanks to a mess of the extra cash the way! He is a
loss-making enterprises of all shareholders want to go to the big dream savior.
Jack Welch is great. He hailed as "the world's first
CEO", "most respected CEO", "United
States of the most successful, most great entrepreneurs." During his tenure
at GM's 21-year period, GE's market capitalization grew to 400
billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world. He was all a dream and stronger, bigger,
to do for a long time business owners like to have a top manager.
Bill Gates is great. 20-year-old began his leadership of Microsoft, 31-year-old as the
world's youngest billionaire; 37-year-old became the richest man;
39-year-old become the world's richest man, and began to firmly adheres to
this position now. He is in the world today has a great dream of many entrepreneurs
are the most worship, the most admired and the most desirable people.
Li Ka-shing is great. Hong Kong people's eyes, he is
"Superman"; in the Chinese mind, he is the number one Chinese
tycoons. Relying on superhuman perseverance, diligence Superman,
Superman's vision, superhuman intelligence, he became the
world's most wealthy Chinese people. He is the world's most
respected Chinese business Chinese and most Chinese businessmen to respect and
worship of idols.
However, if you are a manager, when you learn from Louis Gerstner, Jack Welch or
the painstaking research and direct application of their experience to our domestic
business or organization, may find that they successful experience with the golden
rule, easily acclimatized in China! If you are entrepreneurial, ambitious you are, you
need to do their best in the world's richest person Bill Gates, the richest
man Li Ka-shing, or Chinese, who, after learning, may find their fortune money rules ,
in the land of China now is more difficult to find suitable experimental field!
Maybe I'm ignorant, but at least I know and know where entrepreneurs and
managers, through the study of Louis Gerstner, Jack Welch or Bill Gates successful
methods to achieve success and are very less, it may later be multiplied. Li Ka-shing
learned some lessons from many people, but the real success of the Li Ka Shing
learned, very few. Yes ah, like in Tibet, the Gobi Desert, to grow fruit of litchi in
Lingnan, the difficulty is not small.
Instead, concern is that in Chinese enterprises at home and in public or semi-publicly
in order to fan has a lot of people as the models! Managers in China, the painstaking
research and the learning experience and fan sentiment applied to practical
management experience, to obtain more effective is endless!
In the world's largest color TV Group president Li Dongsheng
TCL's office, there is a historical figure of the letter, read by Li Dongsheng
day with the edges of books are Alice up, which filled with a dense learned from the
study. In the end who the letter and biography, Li Dongsheng can put it down, realize
the long-standing business bigger and stronger to do what management philosophy?
The answer is, Zeng. In an interview, said Li Dongsheng often, TCL's
corporate culture is imitated Hunan's military concept -
"bar-hard camp, killing war."
General manager of HP's Enterprise Systems Group, Lai Zhaohui pointed
out that with globalization and large-scale enterprise group, and maintenance of
flexibility and ability to learn, has become the company to continue to grow. Like to
see fan "ice Kam" and other works, he often presented or
recommended books on the fan, to HP's colleagues to read.
Sampo chairman Chen Shengquan in 20 years, insisted to get up every morning 6:00
to see the history books, from capture and interaction with others and the leadership
ability of knowledge. Zeng was one of his favorites.
30 years ago, Lu is Xin Zeng began to lifelong learning as its own object. Today, Xin
Lu are foreign banks in Taiwan has become the industry bigwigs. Before that, he led
more than 70 employees from Citibank in Taiwan, only the turnover of one million
U.S. dollars of foreign banks in 10 years has jumped to 1,000 employees and 100
million U.S. dollars a year operating profit scale.
Either to space limitations, we may be able to draw objects for the fan list of
contemporary entrepreneurs, fitted to a thick booklet.
As Comrade Mao Zedong as "foolish in the neighbor, being independent
service Zeng (Zeng)," Chiang Kai-shek to Tseng as teachers and role
models to life-long learning, praised Zeng Liang to pull to the extreme height of deeds,
etc. , has long been very familiar with many of China's historical insight.
When the Western management theory has Chengwei the mainstream of the global
international business management sector in recent years, Chinese society has
gradually set off a Unit Xuexi ancestors of the classic Chinese historical records of the
boom, we all want from the extraction of the oriental culture of management Zhexue
适 合 . School management to the ancients, is becoming a new epidemic.
"In many Chinese historical figures, the fan is the most studied of the
people." "Chinese-style management," said Mr. Zeng
Shiqiang experts.
   Why are there so many great men of history such a respected fan? Why are there
countless fan of contemporary entrepreneurs so fascinated? Why are there so many
people to fan the object as a life-long learning? Why are there a lot of managers said
that Tseng's leadership methods and management skills, the organization of
China's current management is very effective?
To understand these problems, I determined to devote themselves to studying fan
things of Tseng's biography of Zeng's thinking and behavior.
After intensive and extensive study and reflection, I found that fan the man, not very
First, the man was not, an official with resourcefulness!
Comprehensive examination of 28-year-old Tseng Chin, straight from Albatron,
illustrious career in officialdom. Official in Beijing ten years, he served as the
Imperial Academy Shuji Shi from the beginning, all the way promotion, cumulative
served Shi Du, Shi Jiang degree, Wenyuan Pavilion Pavilion things straight, the
Cabinet degree, inspection of books Division affairs assistant minister Libu
(equivalent to today's Vice-Minister level), assistant minister Ministry of
War, and Industry assistant minister, vice-minister, Ministry of Personnel assistant
minister posts, he really is, "I am a brick, where to move where
needed," a model. Of course, he was "moved" to,
and are the equivalent of today's State Council departments of the Director
or Deputy Minister level positions, I think many people are willing to move by New
Words! Just, want to be such a "move" absolutely necessary
personal strength, political wisdom and contacts management.
Second, this man was not, business has merit!
Tseng to a civilian background, hands-free grasp the power of chicken, Hunan has
created and led. Through effective training and brutal war test of Hunan from scratch,
from small to large, from weak to strong, and eventually defeated the heyday of the
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to become the Terminator. In the process, Zeng create a
highly secret combat team, is worth all the entrepreneurs and managers to learn from.
Third, this man was not, honest understand the rigid-flexible!
Tseng Kuo-fan once wrote a couplet: "feed a mass of spring means, hold
up two poor bones." He would like to say that, in the life attitude of life,
we must learn to hardness with softness, both radius. In fact, the fan is the radius of
the most typical character. This character is changeable type, can be due to people,
because of the situation, as time changes, the essence of his best character moderation!
It is this character, made him maneuver in the earth, and break through the
"Jiaotu death minion cooking" the Road gate of hell.
Fourth, the man was not, employers have the means!
Zeng own soldier, three battles lost, but keep on fighting and eventually clarify the
buildings or, thanks to his Appreciating that it can - be used to win, since will be lost.
Tseng is a personnel expert, look very amazing effort. He Man skills,
"Kam Ice," a book-load, for the knowledge and employment of
the Collection. He saw in person Zuo, Li, Hu and others, have become important
political Late great.
5, the man was not, cultivating and learn!
The official De-Zhi Zeng, and his love of learning are inseparable. He studied
diligently, study hard around the clock. He read the book, emphasis on science, also
read many classical Chinese poetry. This makes him talented, learning and ability.
Meanwhile, Zeng also to focus on behavior, and his harmonious, accessible and
known. These achievements are not in a day, but the results of his life in the hone.
6, the man was not, household management and strict requirements!
Zeng famous letter. Moral education of their children and homework studies, Zeng
painstaking efforts. In his strict requirements and daily instruction, his children have
all embarked on the road to Success. At the same time, he is very filial piety elders, he
and his brothers have maintained very good relations, this has played a very good
children Varieties.
   "When the school official fan, doing business as University of
Hu." This is a very popular folk say. The first phrase tells us that the
official fan of the Road and attitude of life, wisdom is very powerful, is most worthy
of people interested in career development learning. However, the in-depth study by
Tseng Kuo-fan, I found that Tseng more worthy person to succeed in business to learn
more worthy of a leader in corporate learning, learning is more worthy of the team
"Fan is to teach people how to build teams in the face of adversity,
successful career!" Long-term study of Chinese management philosophy of
the Peking University Guanghua School of Management Assistant Dean and Director
of the Centre He Zhiyi case that is not the boss in Tseng (Manchu Emperor ) Faced
with confidence, undertook a mission set up Hunan, by the court of pressure
everywhere, but to defeat the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and the overall situation
has created the Restoration. In such adversity can create a very fighting team, so great
achievements, entrepreneurship and training for the team this way, worthy of any
team leaders and managers to learn and practice.
Zeng's Hunan army from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong,
and finally defeated the heyday of the Taiping, the end of the full swing of the Taiping
Rebellion, which came just as the road is a "mountain heavy water
complex no doubt Road, vista, "" Chuijin Once Upon a start to
the payment "purgatory-like entrepreneurial success. Able in other armies
of the Manchu Taiping to be naked reality, not in the pro-grandmother, grandmother
hurt a helpless situation, in the face of adversity alone, Zeng and his Hunan to
countercurrent and, eventually exterminate extremely fierce and powerful enemy,
succeeded in saving the really tall about to collapse down the Manchu Empire State
Building, the "business" was a great success, Guer necessarily
have to win the ultimate doorway.
Teach One to fish than giving the fishing. Here is our summary of Zeng's
"six elements of successful entrepreneurship," which tells the
descendants Tseng and Hunan Why "business" success. At the
same time, it is worth learning for all, think and learn.
1, start of this: up and down with the desire to wins!
Despite the Xianfeng Emperor, Empress Dowager Cixi, the six princes these great
directors of the big boss of a major shareholder does not give money, nor to the guide,
do not send three or four of waiting, holding a dead horse a living horse medicine
approach, but basically no chaos get in the way. Tseng led on to some of Kangzhi
behavior management did not get to the bottom, which makes the business of the
group have considerable autonomy. Entrepreneurs and shareholders are basically the
same: strong spirit from the physical to the complete elimination of competitors - the
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.
Tseng, CEO always put the two persist: Stick to the boss assured that adhere to profit
for shareholders.
Project after the dissolution of shareholders to the project team, and they are obedient
to dissolved and did not own when Fanzei know how retired from understand
self-preservation, in the fame time, dare to abandon fame and fortune, and therefore
become a model of moral integrity model, both fame and fortune, leaving a legacy.
Second, corporate mission: to what to "their lives!"
The leaders of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in order to promote their
"Corporate Mission" and doing a Zhuangshennonggui trick.
Only, political talk too foreign flavor to the education market can be under a lot of
effort. Fan does not bother his promotion of his "Enterprise
Mission", always say what we all understand, change is the change classics,
Honesty and Honor, loyalty patriotism, they have been speaking Chinese for
thousands of years, to take able to speak up, speak into a really like. Then take the
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom "corporate mission" as a target, said
they spoke of Christianity, do not speak Honesty and Honor, do not speak the patriotic
loyalty, is a thief, a thief on when exterminated. Therefore, Tseng's
business, there will be a legitimate moral grounds could not be more legitimate, there
was so that everyone willing to sacrifice their lives for the mission.
Third, business model: cash flow is a big problem!
Business needs capital, but the beginning and often short of money. However, no
single cent to the Board of Directors Qing Zeng. How this can be done? Should know
that war is a very expensive shirts. After thinking the end had to save itself, to think of
ways to earn! But in reality, worse than thought: Most of the shops around the South
Pacific has been wrecked rare Pakistani army rotten, can not tax the natural business;
farmers are running the way, the agricultural tax revenue does not come naturally, the
population early tax has been spent, even if Tax revenue is up, have surrendered.
Fortunately, fan is a "thinking is not as long as the landslide, more
solutions than problems" leadership, this does not, brains under way really
to find. Thus, in order to vigorously promote the management, led by Tseng Kuo-fan
likin system, that is, commodity turnover tax, the same time, Zeng has also become
China's highway checkpoints, the originator of money, according to The
Ins and Outs cage containing a total of close to a 10 silver billion in the two is huge.
4, team-building: the employer should use the "death-defying
To business success, selection and appointment crucial! Zeng's Hunan to
"wind mad Biao," is to choose the right person first. Let us see
how the fan selection: in the middle and senior management, he appointed a group of
depressed unsuccessful literary scholar. He made it clear, ambitious unsuccessful
intellectuals, in imperial career Xunbu Dao way, the war broke out would not be life,
life also played out through the road ahead. In the ordinary soldiers of choice, he is as
long as farmers, mountain people, bandits, local ruffians, the city-born
"Petty" Do not determined. Short one, death-defying dare to dry
are proletarians. Poverty has the power, the army fed, to eat on your life; won a silver
points, the money could improve the combat effectiveness.
5, performance evaluation: not heavy elbow grease re-credit!
The team most likely to succeed, always resolutely pursue those who "do
not re-qualification re-performance, non-weight elbow grease re-credit" for
the team. Tseng has a very severe discipline, lost the battle of the team, whether
company-level units or groups, as long as the war are not effective, from the company
commander, head of the other side of a pot does not stay, no-nonsense, and then
quickly re-recruit people start training. Won, there's wine and meat rich
woman, returned to the central government issued a certificate - the emperor rewarded
the yellow jacket, the family line Bel a face!
6, adhere to win: a gold digging three feet!
Early encounters, Tseng defeated several times, was the Taiping done Meipi Qi, loser
almost no pants to wear, so shamed several times, tried to commit suicide (and
possibly for show). However, if when he was Shashenchengren, kill their own, it does
not capture the future of the glorious achievements of the city of Nanking. Canton, do
not make life difficult for opponents will make mistakes, start not commit suicide.
Adhere to is the victory, there are gold digging three feet, do not give up!
Zeng most shining, there two words - "Tibet" and
What is "hiding"? Tibetan, is premature, it should keeping a low
profile, diamond in the rough. At this point, even though some of it by Tianwei way,
it's best to follow a low-key life philosophy. This time, reinforce the
foundation to enhance the strength, to protect themselves, is the top priority.
What is "Lucy"? Lucy, is the opportunity came, must quickly
grasp the current situation, reveal the talents and efforts to strengthen and expand their
own. At this point, vertical and futile attempts are repeated defeats, though dangerous
and resolute stand upright. So, will win the overall victory, fame.
With the "Seven to write" general enough to fan his life: writing
life, writing things, writing an official, the struggle to write, writing business, writing
ideas, writing sentiment.
Write a fan not a goal, through this vector is the purpose of written law; Reading fan
is not an end, read out by the wisdom of this vector is the end. I sincerely look
forward to: eat Tseng stake, your own wisdom; with Zeng's success and
win your own victory.
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