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									Focus on the tea market in Shenzhen
Mystery Dahongpao red

   AD by the end of 2007, a tea produced in Fujian Wuyishan - Dahongpao suddenly
heat up. Great popularity over the years, Pu'er tea market trend, but how
can Dahongpao red for how long?
   Shenzhen tea experts, general manager of a tea house Jiangdao Lin Jing Bao told
reporters on the market now sell Dahongpao everywhere, and the price from several
hundred to several thousand dollars, but consumers buy is not really Dahongpao it?
Dahongpao not all tea produced in Yunnan Province as a whole, only produced in
some parts of Fujian's Wuyi Mountains, only 10 million mu of tea garden,
the output 6000 tons, but you see all over the country Chashi and tea, how many
businesses Dahongpao in selling? That number is many times the actual yield is very
easy, some unscrupulous traders are exploiting the shape, color and appearance are
close to the Da Hong Pao tea to impersonate genuine, superior to inferior charge,
consumer fraud, profiteering, disturb the market. "Tens of thousands at
every turn to asking price, is entirely speculation, but you hardly buy genuine
   ?Tea farmers experience
   Rely on products to identify true and false
   November 10 to 12, Jing Bao reporter visited one after another in Nanshan, Futian
and Luohu several major tea markets, each market has several Dahongpao store, but
when you go into the other tea shops, the staff will take the initiative ask you, here are
the good Dahongpao or not? Price from tens of dollars, a few hundred dollars to
several thousand dollars.
   "We are grateful to Wuyi Mountain tea farmers for generations Qianlong
lords, his old Chrysostom Dahongpao us labeled 'King of Tea',
let people enjoy the endless Wuyi." Tea house in King North, Ms Lau told
Dahongpao stores reporter, she herself is the tea farmers are selling their own
production of tea. "Qianlong Yu Feng Ye 6 of that tree, from our house ten
minutes walk away. But the tree is 'God', ordinary people can
not close, it is not on the drink." She said, that several strains of
Dahongpao per year no more than a pound of tea produced in the past, to the emperor
to drink, and now are said to foreign affairs or administrative activities.
   According to "Agriculture and Archaeology" magazine
describes the Qianlong emperor Dahongpao a drink, praise is the king of tribute tea,
and write poetry that "the best product on the Wuyi, taste Seiwa and
stuck." Was to drink is that six days of heart Cliff Dahongpao tea tree,
although there had recorded his next edict, but praised Wang Da Hong Pao tea, Royal
Chrysostom also be closed.
   "It would have one or two 1 gram of tea million, the problem is now you
No amount of money can not buy two years ago, the government is not to
   Ms Lau said that six trees around some and the "royal tree"
similar to the tea quality of tea, the tea produced in color, flavor is not
"imperial tree", the so catty can sell two or three million or
more, but The annual tea production, the city was to go buy an expensive air.
"I can not afford those goods into the shop, but also not get
into." She said, her best Dahongpao store sells more than 4,000 yuan per
catty, but this is wholesale price, if, outside the tea shop, definitely be taller than the
price even higher.
   She asked how to distinguish between genuine and false Dahongpao, she said, to
buy tea alone can not eyes, but also to goods, such as in her store, customers can
specify what kind of tea field, and after a decision buying a product . "We
are the Wuyi tea farmers, with the conscience to do business, but those sold elsewhere
Dahongpao hard to say."
   ?Market Watch
   Dahongpao goods made mostly blending
   "At first, Pu'er tea has been able to speculation so far off the
mark, the key is that most people do not really know how to tea, but blindly follow
the trend, so only give speculators an opportunity to exploit, and now face similar
problems Dahongpao." Tea experts, general manager of a tea house
Jiangdao Lin said that to prevent consumers being taken, must be the origin of the
features of Dahongpao have a preliminary understanding. Fujian is the main tea
growing areas, while the tea produced in Mount Wuyi area collectively known rock
tea, oolong tea is also series, Dahongpao but yancha in one. Dahongpao mother trees
that Emperor Qianlong seal off that 6, is located in Wuyi Mountain scenic cliff
Kowloon nest within days of heart, they are grown for seed breeding, the four
different strains: BD 1, BD 2, Zidane, red gowns. Their leaf type, germination, etc. are
not the same, and picking on each other are also differences in points 2-3, collect and
process, then, and with refined roasted, and finally called the "mother tree
   We can really taste the pure Dahongpao is Dahongpao from mother trees in a single
clone strains after cultivation, processed separately collect and process the Dahongpao.
The so-called vegetative propagation techniques, that is, tea panicle clipping, directly
cutting elsewhere, through careful management, technology training into the tea
cuttings. Dahongpao tea asexual reproduction, the basic traits consistent with the
mother tree. This can not be referred to as second generation Dahongpao, or three
generations Dahongpao, because cloning does not exist algebra. However, the number
of pure Dahongpao is limited.
   We are usually the most common is Dahongpao goods, is to use two or more lines
of tea blending together Dahongpao (usually 4-5 lines of tea). Obviously a single
Dahongpao tea as the raw material of finished tea production can not meet demand,
the researchers developed an order Dahongpao, daffodils, cinnamon and other fine
varieties as the basic raw material blending tea. In other words, goods Dahongpao is
to use yancha the daffodils, cinnamon and other varieties blending made, we can see
in the market is the commodity Multi Dahongpao.
   ?Enthusiastically participated in the behind
   Blink Terra Tragedy's Shadow
   "Financial capacity of ordinary merchants do not engage in speculation,
the real speculators tea outside the capital. Pu'er tea is fried up outside the
capital, that is those who do not understand tea, Pu'er when the same as the
stock futures to speculation, such as Dongguan, was a shot that was often hundreds of
millions of capital. "Dahongpao melon Wuyishan Xi Shi Yong, Shenzhen,
said the representative," Puer crash, which remained vacant again took aim
at the capital on Dahongpao, of course, their strategy and fried Pu'er
change, part of the circulation to enter the market, there is a choice to invest part of
Wuyi tea enterprises or local tea farmers, to help enterprises bigger and stronger, or to
help tea farmers improve production processes, they are enthusiastic about the capital
Dahongpao promoter. "
   Wuyi Tea Association, vice president of the Shenzhen branch of Cheng Min said
that although the period of 2001 12 countries registered Trademark Office approved
the "Big Red Robe Wuyi Mountain" logo, but still can not
prevent the occurrence of counterfeiting and piracy are rampant, especially in the
fight against more attention to the local Mount However, the field is difficult to be
investigated. Coordinated by the national authorities if, in the fight against
counterfeiting counterfeiting around the unison, may result will be better.
"The current situation is not good to develop national uniform standards,
but should those who so leaves the phenomenon of counterfeiting and fake it? Which
the Government should consider it seriously."
   Tea experts Jiangdao Lin believes that, from Puer to Dahongpao, stir-fried instant
success, and behind each local government and the Terra Tragedy of the shadow.
"As important an oolong tea, Wuyi Rock in not only Dahongpao, there are
daffodils, cinnamon, water beetles, and other varieties of iron Lohan, these together,
rock tea." He said, "but in recent years, red gown sell, brand
loud, the local government from the perspective of economic interests, on the use of
'Da Hong Pao' instead of yancha title, want to rock tea products
are unified under the banner of the Da Hong Pao, the Chinese tea is a major
characteristic is that species diversity, this practice results not only affects the quality
of the brand Dahongpao, but devoid of yancha personality, this is yancha cultural
heritage of the fragmentation and destruction, is more terrible than the market itself,
things confusing. "
   Dahongpao Legend
   Wuyishan such a legend: the Yuan Dynasty years, Wuyishan a scholar to Beijing
exam, to visit the sick days in a temple heart cliff, high fever, the temple monks to the
cliff on the outside and picked some green leaves boiled and made him, disease
quickly enough. Later scholar high school champion, back to gratitude, and asked the
monk what was for him the medicine, the monk said that cliff that several strains of
tea leaves. Scholar grateful I will be champion of the Red Robe on the disclosure that
several strains of tea in the. Since then, several strains of tea that will have a
"Big Red Robe" name. Between the Qing Dynasty, Emperor
Qianlong Dahongpao a drink, praise is the king of tribute tea, immediately composed
a poem that "the best product on the Wuyi, taste Seiwa and
stuck." Qianlong was intended to step down, next to the minister that
"China not get along without You", which are products with a
cup of Qianlong Dahongpao I answered: "Monarch not get along without
tea." Tribute tea but is the palace, civil and even their understanding of less
Dahongpao long to cast a layer of mystery.
   □ expert analysis
   Kuala Wuyishan Xi Shi Yong Dahongpao Shenzhen Representative:

Dahongpao big strange refraction Chashi 5 Status
   1, there is inadequate supervision. Probably because tea economy of
Shenzhen's total contribution to the overall economy is limited, did not
attract much attention, so there is no one specific management of Jigou, no
co-ordinating body, 78 professional tea market Uncooperative independent regime,
fragmentation, market diversification, can not form a joint force and scale. Quality
control, business and other functional departments understand the lack of tea
professionals, occasional management also is a completely amateurish style as.
   2, the intervention threshold is low, more speculators. If you pay attention to look,
you will find the major tea market and the door also opened many new. This is
because many of the market by itself is an outsider, look Chashi such as the stock
market generally, City View is good, I also came a quick kill, not work on the exit,
there is no long-term plans. No long-term plan, holding the impetuous speculative
mentality, of course not going to delve into the tea ceremony, tea will not adhere to
professional ethics.
   3, integrity operators bleak situation. Of course, the city has a number of tea and tea
stick tea industry to understand morality, but because speculators disturb the normal
market order, credit management are often money-losing the majority in
   4, there is no uniform standard. Because there is no specific regulatory authorities,
there is no uniform standard, so if there are standards that operators make decisions
by themselves, such as Da Hong Pao, 100 farm households may be 100, but they are
to profit from their own point of view departure. No regulatory standards, there is no
authority, there will be turmoil in the markets.
   5, the consumer to follow suit as fashion. Pearl River Delta region, particularly in
Shenzhen, one relatively high economic level, tea many people, spending power.
However, it may be related with urban style, a lot of tea to follow suit when the
fashion people regarded a few years ago to chase hot Pu'er Pu'er,
and now they all come Pu'er reason the recovery Dahongpao, if there
Dahongpao driving force behind the heat, then follow the trend of consumers is also a
   □ lesson
   Pu'er Dahongpao how not to step followed the
   "Step Pu'er Dahongpao not followed the show from 2007 to
the present is a kind of slow," tea expert Jiang Daolin sure that, first of all
do not have Dahongpao long-term investment value, as Pu'er, Pu can store
dozens of years, and the better it tastes, but kept up Dahongpao 5 years, will drop
more than 5 years taste may also be degenerate; Secondly, throughout Yunnan
Pu'er origin, adequate supply of stock short selling to be empty store, but
the red origin on Mount Wuyi scenic piece gown small space, limited production,
reselling small room; again is a warning for Pu, Pearl River Delta is the main area of
Pu'er speculation, many people lose everything and fry for another
Dahongpao will be much better reason.
   Journalists in the survey also found that the market opened stores Wuyi tea farmers
Dahongpao face a relatively rational speculation. Lo Wu Antique store very fact that a
Dahongpao told reporters: "We are home tea, Shenzhen shop, not a day
trading is because of repeat customers, even if you are the man hole, and after the sale
and did not do ? "
   "I will not consider it all to one of those roasted seeds and nuts, because
I have many years of customers, each had to first ensure their supply."
Wuyi Tea Association, Min Zheng, vice president of the Shenzhen branch, said,
"speculators are short-term speculation, took the goods to make a
withdrawal, only customers in the long run to rely on. So I will not talk to speculators
cooperation. "
Can be casually referred to as "King"?

   "Those who frequently priced thousands of thousands of so-called
precious tea, the price is not the normal prices of commodities, and high out of the
way!" Shenzhen tea expert Jiangdao Lin said, "but even if you
out to such a high price, it may not be able to buy real things, such as Guan Yin Wang,
likelihood circulation are counterfeit. there are those popular tea, a lot of problems,
consumers will have to sharpen their eyes. "In recent days, journalists
visited the city major Chashi, find many shocking Chashi Inside Story.
   "Guan Yin Wang" is almost certain is false
   In the major Chashi, price could be seen everywhere, thousands of thousands of
Guan Yin King, Super Dragon, Dahongpao, aged Pu'er tea and other
   "Those who frequently priced thousands of thousands of so-called
precious tea, the price is not the normal prices of commodities, and high out of the
way!" Shenzhen tea expert Jiangdao Lin said, "but even if you
out to such a high price, it may not be able to buy real things, such as Guan Yin Wang,
likelihood circulation are counterfeit. there are those popular tea, a lot of problems,
consumers will have to sharpen their eyes. "
   "Take the Goddess of Mercy King, as long as you really understand this
'king' origin of the word, we understand the market, which is
how the matter Kuan Yin Wang." Jiangdao Lin said Wang Guan Yin Tie
Guan Yin tea is by definition the best, the origin King of Tea in Anxi Tieguanyin race.
Competition comes from the ancient King of Tea "tea fight",
also known as "tea war." Private "tea
fight" the custom began in the Tang Dynasty, Song after the widely popular
in Fujian folk. The early Qing Dynasty, due to the discovery and production of
Tieguanyin mature technology, which gives rise to the "kung fu
tea" brewing method, but also to the "tea fight"
injection of new blood. End of the Qing, "tea fight" has
gradually developed into an organized, large scale tea assessment activities, the Top
first known as the "King of Tea." Since then, the organized
private habits, tea and assessment activities on the scale known as the
"King of Tea Competition."
   "I witnessed many times Wuyi and Anxi Tie Guan Yin and Da Hong Pao
tea bucket competition, Anxi 'King of Tea Race' is the climax of
Tieguanyin 'King of Tea' is released, the king of tea in each race
on the first Ping Chu name of this tea-like, people called Iron Goddess of Mercy
'King of Tea' is usually what we call the 'Goddess of
Mercy King'. "Jiangdao Lin said, the king of Anxi county
formal tea event held 1 to 2 games per year, while held in the town or foreign Chashi
to Anxi Tieguanyin tea king named tournament game, also a few games a year; and
Cha Cha Wang Wang tournament received not more than 6 kilograms, and not the
auction, but by the event organizer the form of bonus units to recover, so match the
king of tea, the tea is almost impossible to circulate in the market.
"Although the market saw the 'King of Tea' does not
rule out the upper part is a good tea, but for sure, the market can be seen everywhere
in the 'Goddess of Mercy King' is almost certain to be
   Fake gave its reputation fell Longjing
   Shenzhen Zhan Wenlu another senior tea, Longjing tea is unknown to the press
revealed the secret. "Every year just listed new Longjing tea, the tea
market across the country appeared a large number of 'new Longjing
tea'. Needless to say, most of the counterfeit." Zhanwen Lu said
one of his friends had bought a West Lake Longjing origin Need Longjing pounds, he
was always fake, "the truth is the tea farmers have had false."
False means no more than two: First, some tea, Longjing tea dealer or place of origin
in the acquisition of a small amount of tea to tea, then a large number of foreign cheap
tea mixed with one to Longjing tea in the name of a higher price. As the shape is very
similar to ordinary consumers enough to the real thing. Second, the tea farmers take
the initiative to the field, or from the procurement of tea from around the Cha-dealers,
(not yet processed tea buds), then follow the method of Longjing tea of the frying
process, and then labeled "authentic Longjing tea," the name, to
other places to genuine goods at a higher price.
   According to an origin from the West Lake Longjing tea shop owner said, the early
years of West Lake Longjing reputation for counterfeit products has caused collapse,
the local government introduced in 2001 Longjing tea of origin protection policy, so
that no parts of the fake Longjing tea Department hide away, let Longjing tea to
become the origin of the biggest beneficiaries. However, as West Lake Longjing tea
producing areas were very limited production and demand the public every day large
numbers of tourists or consumers come to buy tea producing areas, many tea farmers
in the interests of the driven chose to buy other tea fresh leaves counterfeiting road.
Zhejiang Yongjia County, a "Wuniu early" tea, just pick off a
year in the fresh tea leaves, no time to process, it was cheap tea traders take away a
considerable part of the transformed into "new Longjing tea."
   The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences research fellow tea, tea expert Chen
Zongmao deep resentment that the Longjing tea is able to the first among
China's top ten, not only with its growing environment, production craft,
which also contains a rich culture and historical connotations. Destroy not only the
fake Longjing Longjing brand and reputation, it is best in the world history and
culture of tea.
  Three people keep hidden tea
  Tea Palace in Shenzhen, Mishima, Antique, Nanshan several other professional tea
market, the reporter found that, compared with the high quality tea, there is the quality
of the public tea three problems:
   1 to charge the new Chen
   Green Tea down the new season each year, there is always a small number of
businesses will be "to charge the new Chan." They tend to
practice, there are two, one is green tea flavor and tea Chen prime to renovation,
posing new tea sales; a new tea and tea Chen doped with the sale. The former will
lead to quality and safety of tea, though, after a means to change the nutritional
content of tea is not great, but it greatly affects the texture, are obvious cheating.
   2, pesticides and heavy metals exceeded
   Before the National Day this year, Luohu District Council to conduct random
checks on the Antique tea market and found that seven of the eight kinds of tea
companies REE content than the standard provided for the maximum content of
6.37mg/kg. This reporter learned that tea every year of lead, fluoride, pesticide
residues exceeding the news out in the middle and low tea, this phenomenon is more
likely. "Tea is crops, will be the growth of the environment. Air, water, soil
containing lead, heavy metals, tea will be contaminated. Each tea growing in different
environments, different degrees of contamination." Shenzhen merchants
association General Xiong Yi said that the main drinking tea is tea, tea in the
dissolution of lead in water is very low, there is rare earth content, the actual human
body will not hurt, but as a hazardous ingredient, it should be stripped out. Excessive
fluoride in black tea in the main because the processing of raw materials for coarse
old black tea, fluoride will be gathered in the tea leaves on the old stems and rough, so
hard to avoid excessive fluoride in black tea has. Adverse effects of excessive fluoride
on the human body more obvious long-term excessive intake of fluorine, light will
have dental fluorosis, yellow teeth known as plaque, will produce heavy fluoride bone
disease, joint deformation.
   3, with "junk tea" pretending to tea
   Often go to dinner in a restaurant who has realize that most middle and low free
restaurant drink with them tasteless, open the teapot look, most of Unqualified. A
source revealed that most of these pieces tea dust tea from the tea plantation Chen
Unqualified under renovation when the screen is not only dusty, not clean, and
excessive pesticide residues and heavy metals tend to drink a lot is not conducive to
good health, is the real toxic "junk."
   How to identify genuine and fake tea
   "How can we reduce the health risks of tea, rest assured that the public
drink tea?" Ge Xiong, Secretary General of the Shenzhen merchants, said
the Government should first strengthen law enforcement, disturb trade order and to all
the illegal businesses to be severely punished; Secondly, tea production enterprises
must have a conscience, corporate standards should operate. He reminded consumers
to pay attention to the following three areas is hard to determine the authenticity is not
   A look of dry tea. Color hair green tea green tea dry, have a certain brightness; tea
hair color of dry tea Wu, darker; Fen such as Tie Guan Yin tea, dried green tea, hair
color, there is a certain brightness; Wuyi Rock Tea raven dry; Pu'er tea and
dry Ukraine color brown, shiny.
   2 View of liquor color. After opening soup, green tea liquor color is light green, if
the new tea blended with massive Chen tea, color will be yellow, Pianan; tea liquor
color yellow, bright; Fen oolong tea color is yellow, and green; Wuyi Rock tea color is
reddish yellow in ; tea liquor color to red wine color.
   3 News aroma. Whether open or decoction of dry tea, green tea should not be any
fragrant; jasmine tea should be obvious now that some tea is smoked with a white
orchid, jasmine tea, which tastes better; Fen oolong tea have a natural fragrance; Wuyi
Rock is unique aroma of incense high fire, similar to the aroma of fried beans; tea
aroma is the most typical Chen Hong, but never should be musty.
   □'s Notes
70 000 enterprises of Chinese tea, but why fight a Lipton

   Reporters to understand that, as a global tea production and marketing power,
"an area of the first, production second, third exit, earning the
fourth" - this is the commercial market place in the world of Chinese tea
industry. But the British "Financial Times" that the
author's position on China Tea Yeda Guo challenge: China's tea
production in 20 provinces and 80 million tea farmers, tea 1.2 million tons per year,
only 300,000 tons exported. 2008 China 70 000 tea enterprises realized a total output
value of 30 billion yuan tea industry, the same year, a Unilever Lipton Tea which
annual output value reached 23 billion yuan, equivalent to the domestic value of the
tea industry for 2 / 3 .
   Lipton Who? British. After about the first Opium War, he took 20 000 tea tree from
China, 70 000 seeds, and eight Chinese workers, and later founded the Lipton tea
brand, and then was later acquired Unilever, and riding Unilever business represents
enormous ship to become the world's No. 1 brand of tea.
   70 000 enterprises of Chinese tea, but why fight a Lipton? Management Division of
the Ministry of Agriculture crop leaf JG said, first, the lack of brand awareness. Large
number of domestic tea, brought the West Lake Longjing tea, Wuyi Rock Tea, Anxi
tieguanyin, Dongting Biluochun, Huang Shan Mao Feng tea varieties, etc., can be said
to name became widely known, even foreigners are familiar with; but brought tea
brand, but could not utter a few years. Second, the relatively low yield levels. Tea
yields in China in 2008 only 49.8 kilograms, far below the world average yield over
80 kg. Third, product quality and safety of instability. Tea quality and safety problems
in China mainly in excessive pesticide residues, heavy metals, such as ash exceeded.
This is not only the concerns of consumers, has become prominent in recent years the
issue of tea exports.
   "The root causes of these problems are: low level of farmer
organizations, difficult to control, market over-segmentation." Ye Zhen Qin
that these gaps exist, have restricted the development of China's tea
industry, a major bottleneck.
   Perhaps, for various reasons, the problems existing in China's tea short
term can not be solved. But journalists hope that our tea farmers, tea merchants, tea
drinkers were also at all levels of government departments, will often ask themselves:
70 000 enterprises of Chinese tea, but why fight a Lipton?
                                               ?(Figure from the text: "Jing

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