Unlock Wii by JamesRichard1


									  unlock wii console. why do it?

  so why are thousands of people out there unlocking their wii consoles ?

  what are the benifits to having your wii console unlocked ?

  well you will be surprised at what your wii console can be capable of once you unlock it.

   Play dvds on your wii console

  all the other consoles out there , the xbox, the ps3, ect can all play DVDs , but the wii can't. but after you have
  unlocked your wii you will be able to paly any DV and mp3s as well.

  play homebrew games

  there are a vast amount of homebrew games online to download and play, once your wii console is unlocked.you will
  be able to download and play a variety of hombrew games and apps for your wii.

  play the old school games.

  your unlocked wii console can be used as an emulator to paly all those old games from yester year, the classics, such
  as NES, SNES, or Nintendo 64 games

  copy and back up games

  with your wii console unlocked you will be able to copy all your wii games and play backed up copies, instead of
  risking the dammage to your origonal disk.

  so you can see why everone is getting there wii consoles unlocked, to enjoy the beniefits of the true capabilities that
  the wii has to offer.

  Now with the new technology and with the help of some real wii console hackers the Mod-chip has seen its last days
  for the nintendo wii.

  Now gamers are soft modding where you no longer have to crack open your Wii and solder a Modchip without
  experience. Destroyed nintendo wii almost always due to gamers trying to install modchips.

  Now days you can unlock wii console with out any hardware or opening your wii console case, now you can simply
  apply a simple unlock software application that unlocks your wii console .

  Under a year ago this code was found and created. You will have your nintendo wii unlocked in no more than five
  mins , and no experience needed.

  there are many sites and software out there online which offer this wii unlock capability, without having to resort to
  the use off outdated modchips and risking huge damage to your wii console.
  So i would throughly suggest you check out a few and look for some reviews on there variousl sites out there online
  offering this service.

  so what are you waiting for the world of the unlocked wii is upon us now...go and experience what the wii is fully
  capable of.

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