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3. Personal experience
Paul Rizzo began the meeting information to obtain IBM's rescue less than
20%% probability, but the calm acceptance of IBM, the IBM Latin America back
from the dying. Gerstner led the company in 1997, the full realization of
transformation, he does not do this and complacent, but the discussion back to the top
position of the industry's strategy to make IBM once again within a few
years to reach its peak. March 2003 Gerstner left IBM, Palmisano to succeed the
company's CEO position, the company has once again returned to the
location of IT giants.
Gerstner will become the leader of the world have long execution computer, as a
symbol of American technological forces and national competitiveness fortress to
rescue companies from the decline of peak, trek the distance of many classic poured
management experience, from his manager You can see the importance of
management practices, with book knowledge alone can not achieve good results. Face
different problems can make a flexible response that every manager, especially senior
managers must.
Gerstner concluded the reasons for the success of IBM, said: did not do should not be
done. From knowledge of his management principles, see the problem, solve the
problem of principle, there is the elephant (large companies) and ants (small
companies) who accounted for the principles of the stage (kind of the
company's flexibility, adaptability). Effectiveness of management
experience to make this giant elephant head on the international stage to display its
unique style.
Gerstner management approach to my thinking a great inspiration, calm face the
problems and develop effective plans to solve the problem, look at the results of the
mentality and so on.
Through my understanding, I am part of the book's point of view for the