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Founder: Michael Arrington Makezhake Berg
Company: FaceBook Facebook
Launch date: February 4, 2004
Asset structure: from Peter Thiel and Accel Partners jointly established
Employees: 32 in Palo Alto, 4 in Boston
Headquarters: Palo Alto

Makezhake Berg Description:
In appearance, a 23-year-old American Makezhake Berg and ordinary young man
fresh out of college is no different. He was wearing a simple T-shirt, loose jeans,
Adidas sneakers, spoke, and even a little shy. Four years ago, Zuckerberg was an
unknown dropouts, and now he has become a hot figure in the Internet sector. As a
community site Facebook's head of his net worth is said to have been more
than three billion U.S. dollars, and thus he became the youngest billionaire in the

"Gates second"

Zuckerberg's life is like a movie script. A child, he showed exceptional
computer talent, grade 6, they start programming. Harvard University into the crowd
longing for, and then select the drop-out business resolutely. Less than 4 years,
Facebook has become a miracle of the Internet today. Currently the number of users it
has broken 60 million, is expected this year will expand to 200 million, while its
market capitalization has also been estimated as high as 15 billion U.S. dollars.
The young boy was known as the United States, "Gates second."
Indeed, his life, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates has striking similarities. Both the
19-year-old start a business, the same Harvard dropout, the same young age to win the
respect of the world.
May 1984, Zuckerberg was born in a wealthy area of New York. His father was a
dentist, her mother is a psychiatrist. He is the only one son at home, in the second of
four children in the. 10 years old, he received the first computer, and embarked on a
mysterious computer life.
Zuckerberg self-taught, learned programming. High school, he designed an MP3
player plug-in, the software can identify the user's listening habits and
automatically create a consistent user tastes playlist. Zuckerberg the software were
uploaded to the internet for free download, his talent was quickly appreciated by some
large companies, including America Online and Microsoft and other large companies
to throw an olive branch to him. But Zuckerberg finally decided to academic else, so
he went to Harvard.

*** Hacker career
At Harvard, Zuckerberg read the psychology, but he is still addicted to the computer.
In the first of those days, Zuckerberg had already shown the need for bold
entrepreneurs, self-confident and capable character.
It's dorm room at Harvard, Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook site procedures,
he has even tried a bit hacking career here. Unlike at other schools as Harvard
University to provide students with photos and basic information of the roster.
Zuckerberg wanted to build a network version of the school's roster, but the
school refused to provide relevant information for various reasons. "I just
want to prove this can be done to make them," Zuckerberg said. So the
Harvard freshmen invaded in a night school computer database, access to the inside
storage of student photos.
Zuckerberg put these photos on the website of his own design, then click on the
photographs of more than 2.2 million times. School is very unhappy about his
behavior, giving him a "probation" in action. Zuckerberg finally
apologized to his alumni, although he always thought himself right. He said:
"I just think that information should be public."
"Hacker" incident shortly after, Zuckerberg and his two
roommates with Moskowitz and Hughes created a Facebook site. They spent a week
programming, the Web site for the Harvard alumni contact positioning platform.
February 2004, Facebook officially launched, it immediately swept across the
Harvard campus. End of the month, there is more than half of Harvard undergraduates
as its registered users. Two months later, Facebook's influence has spread
to all Ivy League colleges and other schools. As of the end of 2004, its enrollment has
exceeded 1 million.
Then select from the Harvard Department of Psychology, Zuckerberg dropped out to
concentrate on operational Facebook site. He received the 2006
"Forbes" magazine interview that prompted his decision to
leave Harvard, is the Bill Gates computer classes at Harvard in 2004 on a figure of
speech. "Gates encouraged us to use their leisure time engaged in a project,
but also allow students to leave school at Harvard business. Gates jokingly said to us
was, 'If Microsoft fails, I will return to Harvard'."
Did not hesitate too long, Zha Kebo Georgia follow the path their predecessors, but
also left the campus.

Doll CEO

The spring of 2005, Zuckerberg to your site for a sum of 12 million U.S. dollars to the
venture. Signing his contract, Zuckerberg from Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, where the
drive to Berkeley, to prepare and friends to celebrate. But he suffered a life on the
road accidents were a soul-stirring.
Way, Zuckerberg got off at a gas station ready to pump gas. At this point a man from
the bushes next to come out wielding a gun, something solemn feast loud mouth.
"He did not say what they want, I think he may be taking the
drug." Then, Zuckerberg back to the car and left the scene unscathed. Later
recalled this experience, he said: "I am lucky to be alive."
In fact, this episode is like Zuckerberg's life path is the same: the front is
full of unknown, the middle of twists and turns, but the result was too good to be
beyond people's expectations.
Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley is more like a big dormitory. 400 employees
work here can enjoy free food and laundry services. They appeared late in the office,
but may be very late in the office, so if the party will go later.
Facebook was praised Google for the following occurs after the greatest idea, but
Facebook's goes on behind the young must also face some Sentimental
people can not help to ask whether this 23-year-olds mature enough to manage a
company. "Wall Street Journal's" Silicon Valley
columnist Swisher once Zuckerberg called the "doll CEO".
When asked Zuckerberg is not a good CEO, Swisher said: "I can not say. I
think he was very young."
But the people around Zuckerberg said he was very smart, quick learner. Although the
early 20's CEO also wear hoodies, and perhaps do not wear socks, but he
has grown into a mature entrepreneurs. And peers of different, like 23-year-old
Zuckerberg is a strategic thinker.
But Zuckerberg make mistakes. Currently, Facebook mainly by advertising and
sponsorship        earnings.      Last       year,     Facebook        introduced     the
"Lighthouse" project, this project can monitor the user visits the
shopping web site, and automatically report to the user's friends. Users
have complained that this feature violates their privacy. If a user such as the Internet
to his wife bought a diamond ring to her surprise, but because
"lighthouse" feature to his already spread to the shopping
behavior of his relatives, the user wants to create surprise desire also a soup bubble.
The start, Zuckerberg turned a blind eye to these complaints, until
Facebook's three major advertisers have threatened to quit, before
Zuckerberg responded. He issued a statement apologizing to customers:
"The establishment of this feature, we have a lot of mistakes; but how we
deal with the problem, we are more mistakes." Zuckerberg is not afraid of
young mistakes, he Various attempts in the successful experience accumulated.
Zuckerberg's personality also affect the entire company, its different. In the
News Group in 2005 to 580 million U.S. dollars after the price of the acquisition of
MySpace, Yahoo has bid 1 billion U.S. dollars you want to buy Facebook, but was
Almost every major Internet companies have tried to buy Facebook, but Zuckerberg
has been unmoved. The young man in the end waiting for? Some people think that he
was waiting for a more attractive offer, while others think it is his plan different. In
this regard, he said: "I just wanted to build a long-term thing. Other things
are not my concern."
Until last October, Microsoft announced plans to invest 240 million U.S. dollars
acquisition Facebook1.6% of the shares. Calculated according to the price, create only
3 years of Facebook market in one fell swoop more than 15 billion U.S. dollars. The
public was concerned about when the listing of the company, Zuckerberg in a recent
interview with ABC interview that, Facebook listed in 2008 is unlikely. He said:
"It is undeniable that market will bring about major changes in Facebook.
But if you want to ask when the listing of Facebook, my answer is not only possible
after two years, it could be three years."

Live in a small apartment

Talent has just taken the same age in most college campuses, beginning his career,
Zuckerberg has reached a height of others insurmountable. In an interview with
"Time" magazine interview, he talked about how he perceives
stress. He said: "I have seen on Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) of an interview,
remember that he said this sentence, 'If you engage in such work and is in
such a position, then you have to be very very much like your the job, or else no sense
'. "
"Facebook did this thing to pay a lot of work, if you do not have this job
seriously, or that it is insignificant, spending so much time on it is not rational. But I
can get from a lot of fun, because I with a group of like-minded smart people together,
we come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences and ways of
thinking are different, but we create a common thing. "
Although the net worth of millions already, but Zuckerberg's life is still
common as ordinary people. He does not buy expensive clothes; He has a bed room
apartment in a small apartment, a room with a mattress, he lived there. He said he had
a girlfriend at home and did a kitchen, but the result is failure.
Zuckerberg described the day his life: "I wake up every morning, and then
walk to work because I live away from the office about four blocks. To the office, I
began to work, and people to meet, all day about various things. and then I came
home from work to sleep. I did not alarm. "There are rumors that
Zuckerberg has rejected Microsoft's proposed high-level appointments,
only because Microsoft is scheduled to meet 8:00 in the morning, and Zach Berg had
never been seen also get out of bed.
When asked his age is an advantage or disadvantage in the end, the Zuckerberg said:
"The pros and cons of both may be right? I mean, like my age and
experience will certainly be a lack of experience. But there are some things I dare, and
some of the older people may no longer be able to dare to dare. "

 Facebook is a social networking site. It was February 4, 2004 on the line.

  Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg, he is a student at Harvard
University, graduated from Asdsley high school before. Initially, the site registration is
limited to Harvard College (Translator's Note: Harvard's
undergraduate department) students. In the following two months, registration
extended to other parts of Boston University (Boston College, Boston College, Boston
University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Te Fuci
University Tufts) and the University of Rochester Rochester, Stanford, Stanford, New
York University NYU , Northwestern University and all Ivy League schools. The next
year, many other schools have been added. Finally, there is a worldwide University
suffix e-mail of people (such as. Edu,. Ac.uk, etc.) can be registered. After Facebook
can also be set up in high school and the company's social network. From
September 11, 2006, any user enter a valid e-mail address and your age, you can join.
Users can choose to join one or more networks, such as secondary schools, companies,
or regions.

  According to the data in July 2007, Facebook in order to serve students in all the
major business sites, with the largest number of users: 34 million active users
(including non-university network users). From September 2006 to September 2007,
the the site's ranking in the U.S. site increased from the first 60 to 7.
Facebook is the United States also ranks first photo sharing site, posted every day 8.5
million photos. This is even more than other dedicated photo sharing sites, such as the
Facebook site's name comes from the traditional paper-based
"roster." Typically, universities and preparatory schools to the
school community that all members of bearing the "roster"
issued to new students and faculty to help you understand the other members of the

Operating conditions
  Site is free to users, and its income from advertising. Advertising, including banner
advertising and sponsored by a business group (in April 2006, the weekly news that
Facebook revenues more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars). Users create their own profile
page, including photographs and personal interests; users can be public or private
message; users can also join other friends of the group. Users with detailed personal
information is only a social network (such as schools or companies) of the user or
certified friends can view. According to TechCrunch (Translator: Silicon
Valley's most famous IT news blog.) Reported that "all schools
covered in Facebook, 85% of students have Facebook profile; (all the students to join
Facebook) 60% of the daily landing Facebook 85% visit at least once a week, 93% at
least once a month. "According to Facebooke spokesman Chris Hughes
said," Facebook users spend an average day in 19 minutes.
"According to the University of New Jersey specializing in market
research companies "Students listen" survey conducted in 2006
showed, Facebook in the "undergraduate that matter most in"
ranked second only to Apple's iPod, and beer and of a tie.
Start-up and development
?Mark Zuckerberg at the Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin support, in
February 2004 founded "The Facebook". He was a Harvard
student. At the end of time, more than half of Harvard undergraduates have become
registered users. The time, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes joined to help
promote the site, will Facebook expanded to MIT, Boston University and Boston
College. Extended until April 2004, including all Ivy League colleges and other
schools. One month after, Zuckerberg, McCollum and Moskovitz moved to Palo Alto,
California (Translator: Stanford University site, the birthplace of Silicon Valley), and
Adam D'Angelo and Sean Parker (Translator: the famous first-generation
P2P music sharing Web site Napster's founder) to help the development of
Facebook. In the same year in September, another social networking site ConnectU
partner Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winlevoss to Facebook court.
They claim Zuckerberg illegal use them to help him when the site in the development
of source code. At the same time, Facebook received a PayPal founder Peter Thiel
provided about half a million dollars in angel investment. When to December,
Facebook's user numbers more than 1 million.


May 2005, Facebook was Accel Partners of 12.7 million U.S. dollars venture capital.
August 23, 2005, Facebook AboutFace company from the hands of 200,000 U.S.
dollars to buy facebook.com domain name from from the name to The removed. Site
was carried out major improvements. According to Zuckerberg said the aim is to
improve the profile page of user-friendly. This month, McCollum returned to Harvard
to continue their studies while still in an advisory capacity to continue to work for the
Facebook, and in the summer to company. Hughes continued in Cambridge,
(Translator: Harvard University is located) the discharge of his duties a company
spokesman. September 2, 2005, Zuckerberg launched the high school version of
Facebook, saying it was the most logical next step. Although the original, which was
defined as a community be invited to join, just 15 days later, most of the high
school's network without a password can also be added (although still in
need Facebook account). To October, Facebook has expanded to most of the United
States and Canada, smaller universities and colleges. In addition, it expanded to 21
universities in the United Kingdom, Mexico, ITESM, University of Puerto Rico and
the Virgin Islands University. December 11, 2005, Australia and New Zealand
universities have joined Facebook, So far, Facebook in a total of more than 2,000
university and high school.


February 27, 2006, should user requirements, Facebook allows students to high school
students add to their friends. About a month later, March 28, 2006,
"Newsweek" reported that Facebook may be acquired, talks are
underway. According to reports, Facebook turned down a 750 million dollar
acquisition conditions, and even rumors of the purchase price to reach 20 billion U.S.
dollars. In April, Peter Thiel, Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners
invested an additional 25 million U.S. dollars. May, Facebook expanded to India,
Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management. June, Facebook
sued Quizsender.com copying its design, claims thousands of dollars. July 25,
Facebook added more features to increase revenue opportunities. And
Apple's iTunes promotion of cooperation, by adding "Apple
Students Group" Users can before the September 10 weekly downloads 25
singles. The purpose of this campaign is to make students in the fall semester before
the Apple and Facebook services are more familiar with and loved. August, Facebook
has joined Germany's universities and high schools in Israel. August 22,
Facebook launched Facebook Notepad function - a tagging, embedded images,
comment on the blog. Users can also import from other blog services. September 11,
2006, Facebook opened to all Internet users, which caused a lot of existing users of
protest. But two weeks later, Facebook is still on the register with a valid email
address is open.


May 10, 2007, Facebook announced a plan to offer free classified ads, direct and
other classified ads sites such as Craigslist competition. This is known as
"Facebook market" functions, in May 14, 2007 on the line. May
24, 2007, Facebook launched application programming interface (API). Through this
API, third-party software developers can develop the Facebook site to run the
application. This is known as the Facebook open platform (Facebook Platform). In the
same year in June, and the cooperation of iTunes will continue to offer free music
track downloads. July, Facebook completed the first acquisition of other companies,
from Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt acquired Parakey (Translation: Ross and Hewitt is
the author of Firefox, Parakey is a platform known as the network operating system ).
July 24, Facebook hired YouTube's former CFO Gideon Yu as CFO,
replacing Michael Sheridan. August, Facebook became the cover story of Newsweek

September 25, 2007, Microsoft announced that they may buy part of Facebook shares.
Facebook reportedly is unlikely to be fully acquired, as its founder Mark Zuckerberg
hopes to remain independent.

Site features

Wall (The Wall)

Wall is the user profile page, message board. The right to browse a particular user and
other users a complete file page, the user can see the wall. Users on the wall with the
Feed the output message will be. Many users through the wall of their friends, leave
messages children. Even the privacy of communication through the
"message (Messages)" conduct. Message is sent to the
user's personal mail, as e-mail, only the recipient and the sender can be
July 2007, the user can on the wall attachment. Before, only allows text content.

Gift (Gift)

February 2007, Facebook added a "gift" feature. Friends can
send each other "gifts" - some by former Apple designer Susan
Kare Design of interesting little icon. Facebook virtual gift from the gift shop
selection, gift, attach a message. Received the gift and the accompanying message is
displayed in the recipient of the "wall", unless the gift giver to
set the privacy of. In addition, the top of the wall there is a
"gift." All users receive a gift in gift box. Open the gift
giver's name shows, the privacy of gifts is displayed
Otherwise an "anonymous" option. While everyone can see the
gift, but only the recipient can see the giver's name and message. This gift
is only in the gift box, not the wall display.

Facebook users get a free gift registration. After each of the gift of one dollar. Was
first introduced, the gift of "Valentine's Day". In
February the same year 50% of the resulting revenue donated to the Susan G. Komen
Breast Cancer Foundation. Later, Facebook introduced a new gift every day, most are
limited edition, or just limit the supply. User personal page will show ads daily gifts.
With the Facebook open platform applications the emergence of third-party
applications developed on the pattern of gifts to buy one U.S. dollar a threat. Please
note, Zachary Allia (the translator: a third-party programmers) develop a
"free gift", and Facebook's official gift is different.

Market (Marketplace)

May 2007, Facebook launched Facebook market. Users are free to publish the
following classified ad: sell second-hand goods, rental, work, and so on. Supply and
demand sides can be released. All Facebook users can use this function. Is currently
free of charge.

Poke (Pokes)

Facebook offers a "poke (Poke)" function of other users, so
users can send to others a "Poke". Facebook FAQ explains:
"Poke your friends and interactive way. When we were designing this
feature, we feel what it means to provide such a function is not the time pretty cool.
Poke users to different interpretations. We encourage you to give it your own
interpretation. "The purpose of this function is in fact the user can cause
the attention of other users. Although many users do use this function to cause the
other user's attention, or say "hey", but some users
still understand it as "sex" means. This interpretation creates a
very popular Facebook group created - "Poke" enough, we love
it altogether. To September 2007, the team total of 250 000 users.
Sometimes friends will be known as "Poke battle" game -
between two users with "Poke Back" feature to each other Poke,
Poke go.
Other new features derived from, such as "X I", and
"Super Poke", so that users can replace any action Poke.

Status (Status)

Status, allowing users to their friends and the Facebook community show where they
are now, what to do. Facebook allows users to fill in the state's prompt is
"(a certain user) is 。。", fill in the rest of the user. Friends list
in the user's "recent updates" area, indicating that
these states.

Activities (Events)

Facebook event notification features to help users friends in the activities will take
place to help users organize offline social activities.

Open platform applications (Application)

May 24, 2007, Facebook launched Facebook open platform. Using this framework,
third-party software developers can develop and integrate core functions of Facebook

The most popular applications include:

Top friends: Users can select and display their best friends

Graffiti board: a graphics of "wall"

I like: a social music discovery and sharing of services, including concert information
and knowledge about music games

Even chess, games like Scrabble there. The third-party sites such as Facebook
application data for statistical Adonomics, related blog as AppRate, Inside Facebook,
Face Reviews, etc. or come into being or to the Facebook application Green eyes

July 4, 2007, Altura venture announced "Altura 1 Facebook Investment
Fund", became the first investment in Facebook only venture
capital-related projects. July 10, 2007, Bay Partners announced the formation of
"application factory (AppFactory)", a Facebook application
only seed fund investment.

August 29, 2007, Facebook changed their application a temporary measure, the more
inclined depth the value of those applications. As before, measure only the number of
users as the standard, so that a high degree of "virus"
(Translator: means easy on word of mouth among users), but no use of the program
ranked very high. Well-known IT blog Valleywag has criticized the Facebook
application is "a lot of rubbish."

Ended September 26, 2007, a total of more than 4500 Facebook Applications in.

Facebook markup language (Facebook Markup Language)

Facebook markup language is a subset of HTML. Facebook application developers
can use this language to customize their applications look.

Facebook Video

And launched with the Facebook open platform, and there is a Facebook application
developed their own - video sharing. Users can upload videos, through the
"Facebook movement" upload mobile video, and video with the
camera. At the same time users can add friends to video "tab."
This feature is considered relevant features with the MySpace competition. But
Facebook's video viewing only within the Facebook network. However,
some published in Userscripts.org the Greasemonkey code so that users can download
Facebook videos or put posted on the other sites.

Facebook's domain model

Photos, using UML class diagram form, showing the Facebook management
information system. It is extracted from the Facebook database entities, relationships,

For example, the figure shows the work, school, credit cards, displays the user name
and other fields. (Yellow box on behalf of class)
Please note that the concept of the picture shows the class diagram, rather than
specific details of implementation. For more details of the data model, please refer to
Facebook Query Language (FQL) - a similar query language SQL-related

Technical framework

Facebook uses LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) as the technical framework.
Facebook, a technical framework for engineer Steven Grimm wrote in the blog:

Almost all of our servers run open source software. Our Web servers are Linux,
Apache and PHP. Our database is MySQL. We use memcached to ensure rapid
response website. Some background applications Python, Perl and Java, as well as gcc
and Boost. Programmers with Subversion and git to make code management. There
are many - as many web sites, head to toe, are all open source software.

Acquisition rumors
With the 2006 acquisition of MySpace by News Corp., on Facebook will be a big
media company takeover rumors appear. Facebook founder Zuckerberg said that he
did not want to sell the company, and denied those rumors. He has rejected about 975
million U.S. dollars of the purchase price, I do not know who else is willing to buy
out than the Facebook. Analyst Steve Rosenbush guess is that Viacom (Viacom).
September 2006, Facebook and Yahoo begin serious negotiations on the acquisition
price of about 10 billion dollars. In the same year in October, to 1.6 billion U.S.
dollars with the Google acquisition of YouTube, there are rumors that Google 2.3
billion offer for Yahoo in the hands want to buy from Facebook.

Facebook's director Peter Thiel suggests, according to one billion U.S.
dollars in 2015 revenue estimate, Facebook's internal valuation of 80
billion U.S. dollars. The valuation of Facebook users based on a form with a similar
valuation of Viacom's MTV brand.

September 2007, Microsoft said the Facebook Good, trying to use 3-5 billion
investment in the company's 5% stake. (Translation: This makes
Facebook's valuation at about 60-100 billion U.S. dollars) of other
companies such as Google also expressed similar interest.

facebook's website is www.facebook.com. Anyone can join, but the entire
English operation. Register only one email. facebook user is not just college students,
many secondary school students and primary school students, and facebook, not only
Americans, but also from various countries, such as Canada, China, Norway, Britain,
and so on.
Li Ka-shing 60 million U.S. dollars investment in Facebook, or marriage of Tom

December 3, according to foreign media reports, Hong Kong's richest man
Li Ka-shing recently on the social networking site Facebook has 60 million U.S.
dollars investment.
  According to "The Wall Street Journal" quoted anonymous
sources who said the social networking site Facebook Li Ka-shing has invested 60
million U.S. dollars, and also received an additional 60 million U.S. dollars of
investment in power.
  The news that Li Ka-shing not Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong by industry
to invest on Facebook, but by another company's.
  It is reported that investors put a Facebook Facebook introduced to the Li Ka Shing
Foundation director Zhou Kaixuan (Solina Chau), which led to the investment
transaction. As the Li Ka-shing's investment, Facebook is likely to
cooperate with Tom.com in China.
  79 year-old Li Ka-shing, according to "Forbes" The data show
assets of 23 billion U.S. dollars Li Ka-shing. This year in October, Microsoft bought
240 million U.S. dollars to 1.6% stake Facebook site.

[Font class = mw-headline] security and privacy [/ font] registration confirmation
process after Facebook, users must enter their e-mail e-mail address and password, so
that Facebook is able to automatically log the user's e-mail account to
obtain the communication recorded (ie the user contact e-mail address), so users can
tell which friends are using Facebook. In addition, however, Facebook will use these
passwords to do anything else, then no one knows.

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