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Why should we learn from Welch
- Guo Yi
China management academia whenever an international well-known advantage of the
business of the people, basically, as Mao Zedong said, "devouring type of
dogmatism," and to "thoroughly Cheli Che foreign"
state. As for why to learn, then ask careful not to ask. The reason is that since the
international advanced experience, but also wondering what? China lags behind in
this regard, it should quickly learn to learn, no choice. This, the author while shaking
his head, could not help but think of Wang Ming times in the implementation of the
Comintern instructions to spare no effort, this approach, the results are often
I recall about 20 years ago, saw Welch and General Electric's information
on the Welch left a very good impression. 15 years ago, the chance encounter one has
worked in GE's foreigners. And he about had Welch, surprisingly, his view
seems to me are close, that is, the experience was good but not easy to Webster
University. In his view, Welch indeed experts in organizational change, but Webster is
a political strongman, reforms are very stiff, with a strong political campaign color.
Subject to the wishes of those who he can be popular in the company. When Webster
reform implementation, will often hurt many people, and some good based on hearsay
evidence, the police view of color who Yen (so-called all those who hate the snitch) is
often a profit. This means that a group of Webster's reforms to the expense
of harm, or that a strong and powerful Webster reforms to drive transformation of
General Electric.
After reading the information on Guo Roth and Gerstner, these two business
intelligence, leadership style and organizational change deeply admire. The
management of these two features, similar to the Chinese people's
"potential energy management." Here, first of all
"potential", so we face a crisis, able to size up the situation, see
the general trend of the industry; followed by "can", so we face
a crisis, can see the difficulties often concealed under the company's
competitiveness lies . If Guo Roth, saw the competition in the carbonated drinks from
Pepsi-Cola and Pepsi-Cola's strengths a combination of modern circulation
and full use of brand management in the modern media means, so long as to follow
the example of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola will not only continue to decline, but you can
come back. Another example is Lou Gerstner, the computer industry in the review
process, given time to judge, that IBM is no need to maintain the original
"machine hegemony" status, but there is no need to hurry to the
disintegration of the solution as long as the company's business model and
direction, the company can continue to exist as a monster. Therefore, the elephants
may survive, but also as the king of beasts preform their dance!
Is exactly the fact, Coca-Cola, IBM today is alive and well, living very Youzi Wei,
thanks to two of our ability. They did not like Welch, as a vicious chessboard out of
any political campaign, just to remind employees, follow me - to live the law another
We carefully thought about this question: is the more preferred Welch, or are biased
Guo Roth, Gerstner more than that? Why do we read so-called international advanced
experience and understanding of the time, can not put ourselves think, ask, talk about
it? Is like knowing too smart or even work under a leader, or like a strong and
powerful leader of the driving under the bustle around the work? I think the answer is
very clear.
Why should we learn Welch? Have you ever thought on, we in many private business
owners is not that private entrepreneurs, experts said flaws comment it? Learning
Webster, is not enough to say that we entrepreneurial dictatorship? Have you ever
thought two people like this are too few, and many learn to improve our management
level on the good. In addition, the ability to come up with some of their own tricks?
Like the Japanese, as studies in the U.S. out of school so that teachers are afraid of a
down to earth - "full quality"?

Quote from article: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1232965375

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