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									Express order - the order to protest
                   Academic Forum in the South (No. 47) on the statement
   Very pleased to have such an opportunity to report to you today, my understanding
of the subject a little. I submitted a paper to the conference, e ntitled
"Protection and Control: Equilibrium in the expression of order."
I teach law and order, the order problem is that I have been thinking about an
important subject. I think the feelings or called a preliminary conclusion that the
balance of protection and control, that is right for the people we first have to be based
on the protection of the rights of expression when the people when we should have
some control, so the protection and control the balance of which to form and achieve
what we need to order.
   As the paper has some basic ideas on a detailed report, not repeated here. I have a
supplementary report three: observation - think - Conclusion.
   Just happened to Xinjiang "7.5" riots again strongly shook
our nerves, our anger, that violence is abhorrent. But it is also a problem for us to
further thinking - how the order is important! The order of the core requirements -
against violence, especially violence against the public, groups, violence is very
important! To digestion, and stop this violence, I think the only way is to establish
order, with the order to subdue violence, there is no other road to take.
   We can look at other countries, some of the cases. (Photo ...) This is the French
through the "first employment contract law" when the
disturbances caused by a national "first employment contract
law," it was meant to promote the enterprises to expand recruitment of
young people, that is to improve the employment rate of university students, the issue
we are also pressing. France in the formulation of the "first employment
contract law", they have a core provision that "young people
under the age of 26 employment, enterprises can not dismiss them," laws
are designed to lift or ease the burden on enterprises to enable enterprises to hire
personnel costs can be reduced, so their incentive to hire more young people, but the
young French students, the provision is discrimination against yo ung people under the
age of 26, so college students and even middle school students nationwide have
participated This together with the protest and riots. In this disorder, along with
national universities in France, 47 closed, according to official French statistics of
their own 18 universities. (Photo ...) This was the case of armed police stationed in the
Sorbonne, as students have occupied the riots University, the universities have been in
a paralyzed state. (Photo ...) This is a protest against the students and police clashed in
the case. Finally, the French government and protest groups of students to reach a
compromise, that is, this law was appropriate changes and adjustments. For example,
the employment period and the subsequent dismissal of young people to do some
additional training so perfect, the law finally passed and implemented.
   Well, such a case it prompts us to contemplate, what should be in a way to express
our aspirations, to express our rights. Particularly in the formulation of polic y, had the
original intention of this policy is good, but results from the final implementation of
the terms should also be good, but why a good policy that will cause a national
disorder? Can we from such a perspective to think that good policy should be and the
general public, especially the direct interest groups have an adequate communication,
full understanding, in the final settlement of the issue or through full and
understanding to achieve final order.
   We can then observe a historic event, might have to look a little further came alive
again. In 1948, when the then National Government to insurgency-building, consumer
savings, so they developed a law, "national ban on dancing, ballroom
ban", then some big cities like Shanghai, The Dance (dance) the night club
more developed. Government policy is to ban - in particular the prohibition of public
funds to the ballroom consumption, so such a law can be achieved through savings in
government expenditure purposes. However, it caused such a decree has a large
number of dancers dance industry such as dance industry, including rickshaw, caused
changes in their business, if you turn off the national dance, the instant, face the
problem of large number of people unemployed. Therefore, these da nce industry
personnel to carry out a collective protest, they, through their own association - then
known as Dance Association, and with the Government with a request for the
Government to abolish the law, or delay the implementation of this law, or re-take
some alternative policy, but because of the government to be tough, insists on banning
the dance industry in the country, these large-scale protest against the petition at the
time the group formed a sensational dance wave case, (picture ...) This was t he
director of The Dance Society long, the large-scale protests, a lot of dance industry
personnel, and later extended to other sectors of society officers, all of which added to
the tide of this protest. As the bureau was in charge of this matter, in particular to take
measures, such as they are taken by drawing lots to decide which to close what a
ballroom dance hall was closed, implemented in the balloting process is an unfair
event Therefore, at the time of civil unrest triggered, the dancers rushed into the
government building, the building smashed a space. (Photo ...) This is the court
personnel involved in a court case, there are more than 400 dancers were detained,
including several participants were sentenced to nothing forbidden dance bill.
   We observe the situation at home and abroad, there may be conscious, unconscious
of the student movement to ignore the problem. We can see that in the last century
60's student movement in the United States swept the country in 1964, the
University of California at Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Columbia University in
1968, violent culture of the revolutionary movement and so on. During the
60's, American University in the first half to 68 years in a state of turmoil
in general, the size of demonstrations over 2000, 70% of large wave of school
involvement among the students occupied the campus, the police forced evictions
frequently occurred, especially in 1970 the United States sent troops to Cambodia in
April, triggering nationwide protests in 60 college students, May 4, 28 National Guard
members in Russia and the E Kente State University student opened fire on
demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine people, one person lifelong paralysis.
To 5 536 universities across the country closed, 4.3 million students participated in
demonstrations, the student movement reached its climax.
   We are talking about the student movement in the United States wanted to know,
after experiencing such a student movement, the United States, the community, the
U.S. government, what they reflect on what they have to improve it?
(Photo ...) This is the case of the student movement. Related information from point
of view, the United States after the student movement in the 60's, they
generally change the treatment of social groups to protest the policy, forming a basic
pattern, this basic pattern I see it described as "under the protection of
control," that is, to social groups (including students), they are done for the
interests of freedom of speech, assembly, demonstration, etc. to take to protect the
principle of the right, at the same time to protect the strict limits, that all these protests
are the government established the principle, established procedures down to, so I
finally created a more highly stylized situation, that can be held in protest, but protest
against the manner, time, place, theme should be specified under the conditions, so
both have the right to protect the rights of control, but also the maintenance of order
and control, both of which reached a balance, this balance is a balance of
standardization and institutionalization of a balanced, it makes it later Almost all large
and small protests have become a stylized performance, this is the student movement
in the United States 60 years after the official and the community (including theorists)
reflection on consensus.
   We can observe that there are many, many cases, due to time constraints, we can
not sort out one by one to. With this observation, we can form some basic thinking.
The basic thinking, first of all we should see the group gathered together, it is likely to
form a disordered state, is very possible dangerous situation. "Group
instead of a personal unconscious behavior conscious behavior, is one of the main
features of this era." "Group feelings of rage, because of the
complete disappearance of the enhanced sense of responsibility, aware that certainly
will not be punished - and the more the number of This is the more certain - and the
power in numbers and temporary sense of power generated, will show a few isolated
groups of individuals can not some emotion and action, so groups can easily dry out
the worst extreme acts . "This is Le Pen about the mob. Xinjiang recently,
"7.5" incident of serious disorder behavior, once again
demonstrates that there is some basis for discussion, there is some truth in it. Faced
with this rabble, the group unconscious chaos, the order of our approach is to let this
mob groups, the order of their maximum, the order of the road is the right
combination of protection and control.
   In fact, Hayek's view, the order is a very simple thing, he thought the
order of nature is human action guided by the anticipated success, it also means that
people can not only effectively use their knowledge, but also to foresee very confident
that they received from others where the co-operation. "This is an essential
aspect order. So we say the theme of today - order, order, or the most essential aspect
of realization of the right, the right to maintenance.
   We can also think about further. Construction of such a right in them why are there
more and more people join the ranks of this protest it? Especially for us more and
more vulnerable groups, the poor, Friedman has had such a discussion, he said
"the poor and weak in recent years has shown more signs together to put
pressure on the system, of course, the oppressed The group is almost always a lack of
status and money, he tried to map to the intensity to make up for lack of financial
resources, such members may take to the streets to make trouble, turmoil, in a sense,
do not miss the selectors feel the strong demand on the system, disturbances are
increased requirements, in other words, the other members of the community to
improve the price of order and obedience. " This is probably his unilateral,
one-sided view. However, this view led us to think about his question, that is, when
they want to make trouble, they feel no choice but to take this way to express rights,
we are not likely to provide them with a kind of other methods, namely, so they do not
have no choice but to have a choice, there is another way to choose to express and
assert their rights, Friedman's argument is that we should inspire us to find
some other way, so that people have choice, give them the opportunity to choose to
express their needs.
   Charles. Tilley said, "Once the social movements in a political
environment settles down, you can through the mode of operation and communication
between co-operation to promote other social movements been accepted by the
political environment," he core idea is to model operation, acts of protest,
the Government's management of government control have created a
standardized thing, have become a model, in order to achieve this mode in order to
protect the rights, uphold the right to be able to avoid the maximum stop the violence
generated. Of course, from his investigations of view, from a truly worldwide view of
the social movement is also one of the few countries that routine may be more
difficult country is still in the process of building.
   We have listed some for our observation of the facts, we also proposed some
thought or reference, then can we come to a basic conclusion? This conclusion I
would like to have two points, one aspiration of violence, and the second is to use
violence in order to subdue. Even the police to maintain order, the order may also be
used to express their needs.
   This case is the British police asked for a pay rise last year, about 30,000 police in
the streets of London held a rally, march, demonstration, but because they are police,
they understand the importance of maintaining order, the police this demonstration
although very large scale , but very orderly, with no street riots, street violence has
happened, all the time, place, manner, behavior patterns, posters, slogans, etc. are
standardized to anything that forms a complete reference for mode. This is the appeal
of violence, can express demands, but must not use violence, must be standardized
and the rules of procedure for which to express their needs.
   Therefore, we have concluded are: violence against the public, maintain the
expression of order, and to establish, maintain and restore order is to maintain stability
in the functions of the government to play a fundamental way, starting from the
proper order of topics that the public protests and Legalization is the more effective
governance way. Looking for protection and control of balance is a specific
implementation strategy, the need to protect is the right to control is the order of
requests, public violence, damage to social order, growing, dissolving method also
lies in the legal system, so that demands an appropriate platform to assert and
appropriate manner.
  My report on here, thank you!

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