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									Experience in Hong Kong
If that one person will fall in love with a city, then, must be his soul, not his
appearance. The noise of his soul, and sigh, his soul solemn and deep, inclusive of his
soul and delicate. Well, this love is real. If you do not visit Hong Kong, but to
experience Hong Kong, you should will his affection.
  ?With Hong Kong's reverie, I took the Dragonair flight, after three hours
of flying, to reach the airport. I am in the airport lobby, go through immigration
formalities completed, can not wait to unload all the way prostitution, can not wait to
enter and feel self-styled "City of Life" in Hong Kong.
   Mainlanders visited Hong Kong, most of their "shopping
paradise" soft spot, an array of merchandise, pleasing; row upon row of
stores, to make you linger. Really shop everywhere, goods with you. If you have
enough MONEY, will have everything you want. Shopping in Hong Kong is a free
and natural, because you do not need to go to a shopping center set goals, whether you
are browsing the scenery, or shuttle to Main Street, or of running things in the office,
the mall or even you must. Free play of your enthusiasm and your taste, the rest is
your gain. Moreover, large shopping malls or small shops, staff very nature of your
call, never let you feel too warm and cold, if you have time and patience, you can
store things look all over, trying, and must not been stopped and resentment. Even if
you do not buy anything, it would not have been satisfied. If you buy goods store, you
pay when the cashier will Road loudly: "Thank you." Staff will
not you speak Mandarin, do not look at your clothes to determine the extent of your
passion. I feel the so-called "shopping paradise" is not
"paradise"             in       meta-world          brands,        but
"Heaven" is everywhere, but also because you were the
courtesy and respect.
Practical and efficient
Government Offices, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island Centre - Queensway. Escalator
from the subway station to the famous Pacific Place Pacific Place is connected with
the Government Offices work is building. The first walked into the lobby Government
Offices Building, where government agencies do not we feel the solemnity of a
building, the lobby no guards, no one to identify your identity. Corner of the lobby has
a small cafe surrounded by flowers, you can relax in this casual and leisure time more.
There floor stairwell signs, you can easily go where you want to go. I came to the
Companies Registry, the local office in the hall half filled with 67 computer
arrangements, are free to check a company's registration and is free of
charge. If you would like to know the details of this company, to pay 20 Hong Kong
dollars, you can get detailed information on the company's film. The staff
here do not seem enthusiastic, in fact it is they do not lightly disturb the others,
respect other people's performance in just a courtesy. If you ha ve problems
need help, will find them thoughtful, they will take the trouble of any question you
answer, up until you fully understand, and they will respect your language, even
though their Mandarin speaking more difficult. In the following of the Business
Registration Office of the consultation, I know that Hong Kong's
government administrators, the problem they will not let you wait until another day,
of course, encounters reception Ni of the staff member can not determine your
problem, but he will After apologizing to you, by his colleagues to help you. Most
importantly, you get the answer is the only and reliable. All this seems to make you
feel calm and in the efficiency of work, because you do not have repeated or inquiry
and asked to go back and forth; it all also been a calm and precise answer, because
they question you ask is familiar. So you may rest assured of your questions to consult
understand that they must give you to explain to understand that in case of particularly
important issues, they will write you a piece of paper. For them, they do all the work,
must every citizen service, because the government tax paid by the taxpayers to
maintain operations. You say this is not very practical?
          ?The dignity of the law
   Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Court of the organization by the Court of Appeal,
the plaintiff, the District Court, Family Court, Magistrates Court, the Tribunal, the
Labour Tribunal, the Small Claims Tribunal, the Obscene Articles Tribunal, the
Coroner's Court, Juvenile Court form. In Hong Kong, I just went to the
High Court and Court of Final Appeal.
   Many Hong Kong office is connected to the High Court and the Government
Offices are linked. Outside the escalator from the Government Offices may also be
open to the High Court, a small square, that we often see the scene in Hong Kong
films - fountain and flower beds. Behind the High Court, is Hong Kong Park. From
Admiralty Centre and Queensway Plaza outer corridor may also go directly to the
High Court of the side door. Like with the Government Offices, the High Court did
not set the security, you are free to access. High Court, also known as the Court of
Appeal, the original Court of Appeal. Court of Appeal Court of First Instance and the
District Court to all civil and criminal appeals, and appeals from the Lands Tribunal
case. Court of First Instance in civil and criminal cases in the jurisdiction, there is no
upper limit. The court also heard from the plaintiff Magistrates Court, Small Claims
Tribunal, the Obscene Articles Tribunal, the Labour Tribunal and the Minor
Employment Claims Adjudication Board appeals. Former Court of Appeal judges in
criminal cases a jury trial. Jury composed of seven members, the judge may decide
the jury to nine. Jury of the accused and society have the responsibility, to ensure
justice, the jury system is a reflection of the accused to trial by the community spirit,
the jury's decision reflected the community's moral standards. In
the High Court, if a column is not posted on the hall wall of some publicity of the
legal instruments, you do not feel this is the court. More people out here, but
absolutely no noise, all the people is so ordered. You can find the post column of
publicity hearing instruments notice and some referees books. Court did not set the
receivers we have the Mainland courts office and the receivers on. Because no matter
who, can only be fully in accordance with legal procedures, instead of relying on
higher authorities. Similarly, I was surprised that the High Court also has Western
coffee shop, but did not affect the court's serious. Compliance with legal
procedures and legal requirements for conduct that is unalterable.
   After the reunification, with the Court of Final Appeal. Court of Final Appeal in
Hong Kong Island, Queen's Road Central, but I was the Queen's
Road Central, Court of Final Appeal did not find. I lingered, the sky began to rain, to
see me riding behind him climbing the stairs shaded by dense trees in, I went up the
stairs, beautiful tall trees and street light green grass, people have a casual elegant
living in exotic feeling. At this time, I found that the CFA in my eyes. CFA is a small
building of only four, which is a dense high-rise buildings in Central stark contrast.
This small building is a French building, originally the seat of a church. In the Court
of Final Appeal, you can still go in a very relaxed, no one would stop you, what
visitor registration ah unthinkable. If anyone asks you, it certainly is, "Can
I help you?." Court of Final Appeal in a very quiet, not like a lot of people
out of the High Court. Hong Kong SAR Court of Final Appeal is the highest court of
appeal, his jurisdiction, the Court of Final Appeal Ordinance, a nd others to give,
transfer from the High Court hearing civil and criminal appeals. Court of Final Appeal
may confirm, reverse or vary the decision of the trial court, but also the guidelines
attached to the Court that the matter be referred back to the trial court, or on the
matter other order it considers appropriate.
   In Hong Kong, all courts are equipped with the Registry, responsible for filing of
documents and arrange for the case to listen and provide support to judges and
judicial officers. Hong Kong courts with court support services, that is,
Bailiff's Office, after receiving the award, they do not fulfill an order, you
may apply to the Court Bailiffs to enforce the ruling. In addition, the Court of Final
Appeal, the High Court and District Court have the library, for judges, judicial
officers, law students and the private legal profession to provide legal publications,
research information and support relevant to this service.
  ?I walked out of the CFA, the rain was still under, next to Western-style architecture,
from the architectural form on the trees set off the next I know is a church, which is
more famous in Hong Kong St. John's Church. I went into the church, the
piano in the low finishes in dignified, sincere prayer, then sat on the soft seat waiting
for the rain of the moment. I pondered up, of course, or would like to get more
In China Mainland and Hong Kong, the legal system are based on the rule of law. In
addition to the legality, equality and seriousness, we still have an independent
judiciary and the jury system. Hong Kong's citizens, their social conscience
and social behavior are closely related. Compliance is no longer just a system, but a
habit. I often think that the dignity of the law is majestic high- rise built under or built
upon the good spirit? Law is only for the orderly implementation of the law or the
establishment? Law fair balance to the law or the law of effect? I studied law in the
tutorial there are 12 characters: the law is strictly enforced, violators are prosecuted.
Now think of these 12 words, my heart is as much a tremor, is it a rule of law and
immature performance? A complete legal system, legal system mature system, it does
not exist we would not have had the law and stric tly enforced, the problem of
impunity? The law is not dependent on deterrence, the law also need to respect!
          ?Equality and privilege
   Once I exit from the High Court when another, (the export of direct access to the
road, the road opposite the Hong Kong Park), a black Mercedes Benz car from the
side passing. I found the car without license plates, very curious. Then ask our friends,
friends say for sure: "It was Justice of the car!"
"Why did not plate it?" I have some doubts. Friends, I talk
about one of the anecdotes. Hong Kong suffer temporary financial crisis in Asia, in
order to alleviate the financial distress in the Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong
Chief Executive, Financial Secretary, the Justice Secretary, the judge, his license plate
auction, all proceeds of the sale to the Hong Kong Government. So that it can slightly
see the Hong Kong Government's wise. But then I have a worrying up, no
license plate, if they are illegal how do? I raised this issue to friends, this time a friend
was puzzled, "Why should they illegal?" "What
if?" I asked straight hot pursuit. "No, they do not have
privilege!" Answered my friend's firm. Reminds me of Hong
Kong television station, the Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa had a policy
to challenge the ruling reported in Hong Kong, the Government must be responsible
for all citizens is beyond doubt. Official position is just a job, not a right to work in
earnest to fulfill obligations, is that ordinary Hong Kong citizens. Intercede for the
offenders, it means to take the blame and leave, because the media will not hesitate to
attack you, no matter who you are.
And the rule of law-related topic, the total looks a little heavy. However, if you walk
in the street, you will find Hong Kong's police handsome. In Hong Kong
the famous Nidun trail, I would with a handsome police took photos as a souvenir.
Indeed, Hong Kong, Hong Kong star handsome than the police more. Government
Offices, Police stations in Hong Kong, where the conditions meet the requirements to
participate in the Hong Kong citizens can register at any time, upon examination, the
oath to become a policeman. If you want to be police and pass the examination
without the need to find relationships Tuoren Qing. It also reflects an open and equal.
Hong Kong police are very dedicated, their clothes clean, vigorous inspections, in
charge of the site, will not not visit that one place to every card, above the line will be
clearly recorded their tracks. They do not treat anyone blunt attitude, you are looking
for help, will get their sincere help solve the problem. In fact, in good faith itself is the
joy of our society where people live.
          ?System into the habit of
Hong Kong has become an international financial and trade center, and its sound legal
system are inseparable. In Hong Kong, financial and commercial activities to achieve
the smooth transactions, the most important parties to the transaction to form
"by Hong Kong law, and" consensus, so the rights of parties to
the transaction can be effectively protected. Hong Kong's legal system has
been penetrated into all fields of economic and social and human heart. Hong Kong is
undoubtedly crowded, whether you're walking in the street, whether
you're shuttling in office, whether you take the subway, in addition to
omnipresent advertising, is the bustling crowd. But you need not worry about action
blocked, do not have to worry about conflicts with other people here too are respectful
and orderly. Ethical standards and social conscience has long been a code of conduct
statutes, and these statutes, the system also has become a habit, and not the people to
act on these systems because of fear, but the people whom the only way. Indeed, a
society when the system became a habit, if the expression of public order and good
morals and justice system has become a habit, not only to human life and human
values will be valued and respected, the society will progress and full of charm. While
most people live and work still or Hong Kong's dream, but after all, life
without fear and anxiety. In this way, it will much less hypocrisy and hostility, people
will have a sincere and friendly.
          ?Lovely is the peer
   Came to Hong Kong, I like to bookstores around, and just too expensive in Hong
Kong book is really distressed pockets of HK, but still bought some books. Among
them is Mr. Li Shufeng a prepared "commercial organic law",
which is a very easy to understand and use the books, the book will be easy to
understand the form of 11 Hong Kong business organizations analyze, from a legal
and practical aspects briefly in Hong Kong forms of business organization set up,
operation, and advantages and disadvantages. The book not only vivid characters, and
a large number of cases, you can read in a short time and feel bored. I read the book in
two days on the third day according to the book description to go on Meet Mr. Li
Shufeng. Mr. Li graduated from the Faculty of Law of Xiamen University in China
after graduation assigned to the Bank of China in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macao
Office. Are working in the famous Hong Kong Kai Yan Gu firms. Kai Yan Gu is a law
firm has more than 200 lawyers and staff are truly great, and the office building
located in the prestigious Bank of China Tower, showing its strength. Mr. Gu Kairen
Bar is famous in Hong Kong, Gu Kai Yan law firms in Beijing, Shanghai, has offices.
For the first time to the audience with Lee, because without an appointment, can not
see him. I am his secretary for some time with him then. The second time I came by
about law firm, planned to see him. Although I am not his client, but he and I were up
more than two hours of conversation, we talked about the legal profession from the
law, also talked about Hong Kong and China, he is very talkative, and clear thinking,
but lose jump and humor. Our conversations are very happy, respectively, we call each
other to stay after he and his law firm's front office took a photograph. The
next day, I unexpectedly received Lee's phone, he said he was going to go a
few days work in Fujian, he asked me if I so get back to my dinner. I had never after
Hsieh, joked that he informed me pay legal fees, he can serve quipped, spend more in
Hong Kong, this is Hong Kong needs.
?Meet in Hong Kong, I also had several other lawyers, of course, make an
appointment in advance. They talk to me, and questio ns will be taken seriously, not
familiar with the problems of their own will be very frankly told me, this matters not
understand, and then introduced me to other lawyers and even other law firms. Hong
Kong law firms are more small and large office buildings in Hong Kong did not
always see the name of the firm. Hong Kong's legal profession more
professional division of labor, most lawyers are equipped with Secretary of daily
affairs and meeting with clients, by the Secretary of the agency. Under British law,
Hong Kong's legal system and the system complete and stable, business
lawyers than we Mainland lawyers actually a good deal of more business. Many of
the methods and format of the stylized form, and even some paper processing, the
lawyer to sign it OK. The Law Society published a year "to find lawyers
Guide", contains the list of law firms and lawyers. Lawyers can read the
guide to select counsel, the guide in the Hong Kong Law Society, the various District
Offices and public libraries. Hong Kong law is closely related to the business and the
economy, economic prosperity and depression directly affect the lawyer's
case, the source, such as the Asian financial crisis, Hong Kong's property
market transactions in the doldrums, business lawyers also will only be reduced,
because in Hong Kong must have a lawyer involved in real estate transactions,
contracts,     audit signature to          have a lawyer.            Hong Kong        has
"DLS", and is quite similar to our lega l assistance. Duty counsel
services are provided by the Law Society and the Hong Kong Bar Association and
co-counsel handle the case when the value before, the applicant must pay 300 Hong
Kong dollars handling charge. In addition, the applicant need not pa y the other costs.
          ?Goodbye love
    In more than a year, I visited four times in Hong Kong, 9.11 occurs, I have been in,
read the full two days of television, because I want to know why. 9.11 an anniversary,
and I in Hong Kong, saw a full day of television, because Hong Kong in a typhoon off
leave, in addition to the hotel, across the board closed rest. Hong Kong is a metropolis
with unlimited tolerance. The rich can spend big bucks, but the store clerk will not be
from your dress, decided on your attitude. Newspapers and general publications of
articles, so you really flattered that people's cultural heritage and cultural
literacy, but you pass and meet your friends for your sincerity and smile and Bin-bin
etiquette, but also let you feel the quality of their natural distribution. Showing where
people naturally quiet life, but it is a vibrant, filling the dynamic Hong Kong.
Restaurants, there are no glass pushing, no warm greeting, but you will find mutual
respect and friendly. A place where all walks of life, and anyone who can peaceful
coexistence. Business here is not fraud, as long as you like and can afford the price or
value and you can rest assured that took out MONEY. When night comes, sometime
on the streets, watching the streets of our compatriots, many of the whites, blacks,
Hispanics, Arabs, this is indeed a free port. Skyscraper building, you can tease from
the boundless dreams, River flow rates, since you can run around the vitality of many.
Restaurant waiter, was more gentle or amiable old man, even the
McDonald's fast food services are not young men and women students.
Hong Kong, Hamburg folder as bread stuffing into the chicken loop volumes, Chinese
and Western. Hong Kong is not a painting, waiting for you to enjoy, e ven to other up,
it is more like a dancing girl, you have to enter the dance floor, release your passion,
you will appreciate its mysterious beauty of it. Hong Kong is also the honest truth is
that it gives you free in the peace of its affection.
                                          Sheng Yan

                                  ?Shandong Yuanding law firm

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