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Information for Vendor Supplies
I t is important that the colors of the patient alert wristbands used between Michigan hospitals remain
  uniform; therefore, provide your alert wristband vendor with the following specifications:

  Wristband Type                      Color Specifications            Text Specifications        Font Style & Size
                                                                                                 Arial Bold, 48 pt
  Allergy Wristband                   Red - PMS 1788                  “ALLERGY” in Black
                                                                                                 All Caps
                                                                                                 Arial Bold, 48 pt
  Fall Risk Wristband                 Yellow - PMS 102                “FALL RISK” in Black
                                                                                                 All Caps
                                                                                                 Arial Bold, 48 pt
  DNR Wristband                       Purple - PMS 254                “DNR” in White
                                                                                                 All Caps

You may use any vendor you wish. However, the list below contains information about vendors who
already produce certain alert wristbands in the standardized color, text and font.
                        Vendor                                            Additional Product Information

  The St. John Companies                                    Allergy:
  25167 Anza Drive                                          Red Allergy - WBCALA-5
  Valencia, CA 91355                                        Red Allergy Narrow - WBCNAA-5
  Contact: Karen Joseph                                     Red Allergy Clasp - WBCLASP-AL5
  Title: Senior Product Manager                             Red Allergy Tamper Evident Labels - 59713048
  E-mail: kjoseph@stjohninc.com                             Fall Risk:
  Phone: 800-432-4242 Fax: 800-321-4409                     Yellow Fall Risk - WBCFRA-3
  www.patientIDexpert.com                                   Yellow Fall Risk Narrow - WBCNFA-3
                                                            Yellow Fall Risk Clasp - WBC LASP-FR3
                                                            Yellow Fall Risk Tamper Evident Labels - 59713051
                                                            Purple DNR - WBCDNA-8
                                                            Purple DNR Narrow - WBCNDA-13
                                                            Purple DNR Clasp - WBCLASP-DN8
                                                            Purple DNR Tamper Evident Labels - 59713049

  PDC (Precision Dynamics Corporation)                      Sentry SuperBand Alert Bands:
  13880 Del Sur Street
  San Fernando, CA 91340-3490
                                                            Yellow Fall Risk - 5055-14-PDM
  Contact: Brian Koscielski
                                                            Red Allergy - 5055-16-PDM
  Title: Regional Sales Manager - Midwest
                                                            Purple DNR - 5055-33-PDM
  Phone: 248-840-2182
  E-mail: briank@pdcorp.com                                 Adult/Pediatric:
  www.pdcorp.com/healthcare                                 Yellow Fall Risk - 5075-14-PDM
                                                            Red Allergy - 5075-16-PDM
                                                            Purple DNR - 5075-33-PDM
                                                            Adult Narrow:
                                                            Yellow Fall Risk - 5065-14-PDM
                                                            Red Allergy - 5065-16-PDM
                                                            Purple DNR - 5065-33-PDM
                                                            Red Allergy - 5052-16-PDJ

Michigan Health & Hospital Association Patient Safety Organization                                                   59

                  Vendor                                  Additional Product Information
PDC (continued)                             ClearImage Alert Bands:
                                            Yellow Fall Risk - 130A-93-PDM
                                            Red Allergy - 130A-84-PDM
                                            Purple DNR - 130A-96-PDM
                                            Sentry SuperBand Alert:
                                            Red Allergy - 5052-16-PDJ
                                            Red Allergy - 5072-16-PDJ

Zebra Technologies International, LLC       Allergy:
333 Corporate Woods Parkway                 Red Allergy - 10006995-1K
Vernon Hills, IL 60061                      Red Allergy QuickClip - 97032-RED
Contact: Cristina DeMartini
                                            Fall Risk:
Title: Global Practice Leader, Healthcare
                                            Yellow Fall Risk - 10006995-7K
Phone: 800-423-0442 Fax: 847-955-4741
                                            Yellow Fall Risk QuickClip - 97032-YELLOW
E-mail: inquiry4@zebra.com
www.zebra.com                               DNR:
                                            Purple DNR - 10006995-7K
                                            Purple DNR QuickClip - 97032-PURPLE

IdentiSys, Inc. (an Authorized Platinum     Allergy:
Dealer for LaserBand)                       LB-ALERT-ALLERGY (Tamper & Water Resistant
7630 Commerce Way                           Precaution Labels - Allergy)
Eden Prairie, MN 55344                      PS-ALLERGY-RED (Plastic Snap Band - Allergy Red)
Phone: 888-437-9783 Fax: 952-975-0660       TY-ALLERGY (Tyvek Band - Red)
E-mail: sales@identisys.com
                                            Fall Risk:
                                            LB-ALERT-FALL RISK (Tamper & Water Resistant Precaution
                                            Labels - Allergy)
LaserBand LLC                               PS-FALLRISK-YEL (Plastic Snap Band - Fall Risk Yellow)
120 S. Central                              TY-FALL RISK (Tyvek Band - Yellow)
Suite 450
St. Louis, MO 63105                         DNR:
Phone (direct): 314-726-1060                LB-ALERT-DNR-PUR (Tamper & Water Resistant Precaution
Phone (toll free): 800-238-0870             Labels - DNR purple)
Fax: 314-726-1028                           PS-DNR-PUR (Plastic Snap Band - DNR Purple)
E-mail: ColorcodeMI@laserband.com           TY-DNR-PUR (Tyvek Band - Purple)

Quanta Inc.
1145 Old U.S. Hwy 23
Brighton, MI 48114
Contact: Kevin Smith
Title: Director of Sales
Phone: 810-227-3046 Fax: 810-227-1707
E-mail: ksmith@quanta-inc.com

60                                                       Michigan Health & Hospital Association Patient Safety Organization