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					Execution of business
On the execution
Competitive strategy similar to the key to winning business management execution;
development strategy and clear business, self improvement key breakthrough in the
strategic implementation of execution in business management, how to improve the
execution is the key to business success. Management execution is a lot of companies
are concerned about in recent years, many enterprises "no
excuse", "spontaneous", "the letter sent to
Garcia", "executive power" and has a copy of the
book, external professional trainers to conduct training of execution, but the
management of the execution or not to upgrade, this one certainly many reasons, but
one important reason is the lack of effective tracking and monitoring.
Lazy is human nature, a person without exception. One way to deal with lazy
incentives, 2 is the tracking and monitoring. Human potential need for pressure
monitoring and tracking to increase the incentive simply does not work sometimes,
especially for not seeking to make progress, go with the flow of employees.
First, follow-up is an effective method to improve execution
The nature of the process of follow-up is to strengthen the management tasks you as
arranged, you must get a result, employees were subordinates on work plans, weekly
work plan, you have to implement, if the plan issued after the even forget, or
employees handed over the work plan had forgotten after the passage of time we do
not plan to work tasks and work seriously, the result is naturally difficult to improve
execution, a lot of work will promote the poor, forgotten, and no responsible person,
the solution A dilemma is one of the best ways to follow up.
1, follow up, follow up, follow up
Implementation of all the good people will go with a religious-like passion to develop
plans for follow-up organization. To ask ourselves today, you follow it? Can follow it?
Continuous follow up, follow up, follow up, follow-up only in the process of
implementation of the plan in order to be able to effectively plan and found that the
gap between action and problems, and forced the organizers of marketing, whether it
is regional sales veterans, or office manager to take appropriate corrective action to
coordinate and progress of the marketing efforts in order to complete the stage and the
overall marketing management objectives.
Please chiefs and senior leaders, once a week to participate in the management of
regular, please check every week for at least one subordinate staff, please at least one
weekly sample different levels of staff so that progress in the implementation of work
on who we will not be perfunctory.
2, follow the principles of management
Timely: The earlier the problem more easily solved
Meaningful: monitoring sales goals to achieve those things that directly help
Clear: follow-up and monitoring of business must be fully aware of the regional
manager, and palm
Grip work, otherwise it can not take effective measures to
Actual: sales follow-up work should never be too complicated, trivial
Economy: sales follow-up work will not cost too much, otherwise it will affect the
efficiency of the team
M company managers in Beijing next week, Liu Bin not be represented (in months)
have sales figures, but based on his observation and hands the existing order
information, confirmation zhang Liu poor sales, so Zhang manager for an immediate
follow-up action: First, the work of Liu's work plan and conduct a
comprehensive inspection process to require the reporting process and its problems
and found that lack of Liu suffering from confidence, there is no enthusiasm in the
state; 2 is Liu jurisdiction of commercial sales and the back section a detailed analysis
of the situation, identify the customer necessary conditions of payment, and their
distribution of resources at hand; 3 is based on these analysis results, immediately
raised the problems and Liu The improved method, as well as visits and collaborative
programs to solve their problems, resolutely and immediately went to the market to
track and facilitate the work of Liu and assistance to see the boss personally
supervised the operation, the result is confidence, energy has doubled, resulting in the
end 30 afternoon, the successful completion of the sales task.
3, follow-up management of the four methods:
※ Roland Berger follow-up methods - small piece of paper posted in time to follow
up method
Roland Berger as a world-renowned management company's CEO, indeed
Riliwanji. But those who had dealings with him knows that he will not forget even if
it is a trivial matter. His daily contact with a large number of diverse characters, each
one needs to do themselves and others that he would write it down with a tape
recorder, so that outgoing Secretary and distributed to relevant personnel. He usually
will issue a 40 day ~ 50 different people to the "internal memo."
But this is only the beginning of things. Each will be an internal memo written on a
time, to the Secretary of the time this internal memo will be re-placed Roland
Berger's desk. Therefore, no one can make him forget a chance he cared
about things.
※ posted time monitoring method: the results you want to get something written in a
timely manner and timely posted, one by one attached to their most prominent
position, went to intervene to see and understand the process, so that each employee
know that you have on the implementation of the results expected. CEO 杰克威尔奇
the world is often a small piece of paper, important tips to keep track of the progress
of work.
※ Toyota Kanban Control Method: Another way is to follow Toyota's
Kanban management invention. Kanban management best role is to work we can see
the progress of everyone in tracking people and track their own, because the one thing
the results of the implementation, the implementation of responsible persons,
deadlines, progress curve of every day displayed on billboards, in fact, a tremendous
pressure and power, who are reluctant to see their work because of poor affected the
progress of something.
※ Assistant Secretary of follow-up method
For many large enterprises, follow up on all things really realistic, if things do not
facilitate effective delegation, but is indeed very important, the need for timely
follow-up, you can allow the Secretary to follow up. Note to all personnel in advance,
the secretary or assistant to follow up on behalf of their own these things.
Second, the establishment of the accountability system is an effective way to monitor
? All management spend more time in advance and discuss setting the assessment
criteria, to the time period when the accountability system can be implemented, target
marketing plan accountability, every accountability, all accountability. Failed to do so
and to complete work tasks should be punished, to complete a good, should be
* CEOs responsible for the same as not responsible. This is an important principle of
accountability, not what things are CEOs accountable, to be good authority, and
decomposition of the pressure, so that everyone has the right to, so as to facilitate you
accountable, otherwise you will have the right not to bear responsibility problems.
* Liability divided by two is equal to zero. Responsible parties and monitoring side, a
lot of work on a specific person responsible is the best, but to help other staff,
collaboration side, so bad Take a person. A department accountable. Do not two
people, two departments responsible, dispersed, likely to cause the phenomenon of
* Edge of the work of the first take responsibility. One thing is that if you have not
defined when the department, who first met, access to or have to be responsible in the
end encounter.
Third, do not check the force no execution
* In the management process, the importance of monitoring is no doubt.
* The lack of tracking and monitoring the implementation process, any person who
will get lazy and weak execution.
* Lenin once said, "While confidence is good, control is more
* Timely feedback on the implementation of the results summarized. Is to improve the
management of an effective means of execution. For example we all know the essence
of one of Haier's management: Japanese things Nissin, Nissin Hidaka.
· IBM CEO Lou Gerstner said: "If what you emphasize, you check what,
you do not check is equivalent to neglect."
* In accordance with the management principle: always do your assessment,
monitoring, and not you want him to do! No monitoring force there would be no
?Citation Source:
The question on the implementation of power wanted to write something long before,
and since has been busy trivial work and life bothering children, slowly on the delay.
To commemorate the memory of this will soon forget, then to other
people's articles, to comfort their own experience of the management
process, which sum up my understanding of the implementation of power!
Just graduated from university, the first under the guidance of others is only
responsible for the deployment of production and quality control (ie the five elements
of the method of production, ring), they thought that production management than this,
wait until it took over the production of a squad leader post, the whole person in
charge machine, material, method, production management only know far more than
previously understood. Understanding of the difficult time than is a problem of
communication with the management of knowledge-rich, gradually realized that the
difficulties of the time can be interpreted as execution issues.
Execution of the problem is not just exist in my previous work in that company, but in
general the existence of various types of enterprises in various fields.
According to the research report shows that many died in making our business failure,
but many modern enterprises abroad trapped in the poor execution.
Are we up the decision-making power?
Obviously, the answer is no!
From enterprise management level of development, the Chinese enterprises to go
abroad generally is behind the modern enterprise, and the reason for this situation is
the decision-making power failure caused a temporary cover up the inadequacies of
the Executive. With the perfection of market economy, decisions become more
standardized, execution will be the primary obstacle to the development of enterprises!
Perhaps, many have entered the normal operation of the enterprises have started to
experience this obstacle!
After graduation I worked the first company in the Ningbo region considered as the
furniture industry is second to none, and the company with a range of control system
(as described above work plan, work process control, kanban management), which
implement the effect. However, in the face of some unexpected events is difficult to
have effective control, allowing some of the work is not effectively monitor, but also
led to a lack of execution.
The recent work of this company, as we led the management of import and promote
6S, I feel more and more important executive power. According to the actual situation
of the management process for how to improve business execution summary the
following points:
1, each into a new management concept to understand when the first truly grass-roots
level, and identify the difficulties in the implementation process;
2, establish a complete implementation of the system (the system must do very
detailed, and the Ming and Qing responsible) for the implementation of the system to
provide "legal" basis;
3, well before the implementation of systems advocacy;
4, the implementation of the system, and must make great efforts to track and inspect
to ensure the implementation of power (can use the methods described in the article
5, to become a habit, a new management concept to implementation!
The case of sales literature is, in fact, production and operation of the entire company
is so!
To sleep, time supplemented by detailed work experience and solutions!