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IELTS test, 3 times per month, are scheduled for Saturday

GMAT exam, starting a month for all 3 days

Insurance Agents basic qualifying examination once a month


22 postgraduate examination preliminary examination


U.S. law Graduate Entrance Examination (LSAT), the other 3 months to 6,10,12

TOEIC (TOEIC) time, place, can be found www.toeictest.com.cn query


Examination of international commercial art designers, and the remaining 3 tests on
the general arrangements for the 5,6,8

Certificate of Certified Public Accountants of Canada (CGA) exam, and the remaining
3 months were 6,9,12

French proficiency test 1, TEF

12, the National English Test

American Nurses Exam (CGFNS), the other two tests were in July, November


Graduate Test retest

Catering Professional Manager Certification Zikao

3, National Computer Rank Examination, the second half of test time on September

Title 10, Foreign Language Test; nurse practitioner exam
17 J. TEST Japanese test, and the remaining three test time was on June 19,
September 11, November 20

22 registered consulting engineer (investment) Examination

23 Registration of plant engineering for the first time test


National Translation Certificate Examination

LCCIEB Secretary Certificate

Cambridge tourism management professional qualification certificate, in the second
half examinations held in October

National Certificate in Financial English exam in May is generally the last weekend

14, a registered architect, two; environmental impact assessment engineer for the first
time test

21 certified public accountants; BEC Higher; research analyst examinations

28, 2, 3 translation professional qualifications (level)

Test pilot; land registration agents; BEC Intermediate

29, computer technology and software professionals and technicians qualification
examinations; Ministry of Information Industry Software level qualifications and
examinations (including programmers, software designers, network administrators,
network engineers, database systems engineer); cotton quality examiner


Chartered Association of Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) examinations held in
the second half of exams in December

Intermediate 4 BEC

Written Examination GRE 11

17 Certified Tax Agents
18 Health professionals and technicians qualification examinations

19 Examination of quality professional and technical personnel


LCCIEB Secretary Certificate

Judicial Examination is generally held in September or October

9 price appraisers; registered valuer

10 International Business; registered safety engineer; registered nuclear safety
engineer for the first time test


Insurance Brokers Basic Qualifying Examination

15, cost engineers; licensed pharmacist; real estate agent; real estate appraiser;
Corporate Counsel

16 Audit; statistics; publishing; software level qualifications

And examination

Registered civil engineer on the 22nd; registered chemical engineer; Registered
Electrical Engineer; Registered Public Equipment Engineers

23 registered structural engineer


5, computer technology and software professionals and technicians qualification

6 professional qualification examination of economic

26 BEC Higher


3, the initial BEC
Japanese Language Proficiency Test 4

Intermediate 10 BEC

Unified national vocational qualifications in 2005 identified public relations officer,
marketing division, secretary, project manager, e-commerce division, human
resources management personnel, psychologists, counselors, business information
management, occupational guidance examinations, examination of property
management will be , the second half to hold a