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									                                                                          A T M E L              A P P L I C A T I O N S                   J O U R N A L

    Atmel Notes:
  Atmel Receives Prestigious 2004 Frost & Sullivan
   Award for Product Differentiation Innovation                                                                          Cheung and Ngai Honored
                                                             and logistics cost. Because the instruction set is the       for the Fastest Growing
                                                             same for parts with different memory densities, the            Distributor and the
                                                             customer can easily migrate from low-end to high-end
                                                             applications with using the same development tools.          Number One Sales Team
                                                             Hence, the customer needs to learn only one instruction           in Asia Pacific
                                                             set and one tool chain to migrate across the entire
                                                             spectrum of applications. This is an added advantage
                                                             to the customer in terms of ease of use. The code is up
                                                             to 50 percent smaller than the other architectures in the

                                                             Atmel Sets the Trend for Flash
                                                             Technology in Microcontrollers
                                                             From the time of introduction of the AVR flash
                                                             Microcontroller family, the product has caused a
                                                             positive impact in the market. The market share for
                                                             flash technology in Microcontrollers has grown rapidly
  The 2004 Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation          from 12 percent in 1998 to about 50 percent in 2003.
  Innovation Award in the 8-bit flash Microcontroller        This growth clearly validates the flash technology
  market is presented to Atmel Corporation. Leading          introduced by Atmel in Microcontrollers. The company
  from the front, the AVR 8-bit flash Microcontroller has    has been constantly working on catering to customer
  a 30 percent market share. The company’s AVR               needs with low-cost embedded Microcontrollers that
                                                                                                                         Pictured above:
  Microcontroller family is recognized for this award.       offer a higher level of performance. Atmel has been
                                                             active in the 8-bit flash Microcontroller market with       Hurman Cheung –Vice President,
  First-to-Market Differentiated                             regular product launches and enhancements in the AVR
                                                                                                                         TLG Electronics Ltd.; Jim Panfil –
  Technology                                                 product line. This enabled the company to ship 500
  Atmel was the first company to bring a RISC                million units of AVR 8-bit flash Microcontrollers. This     Director Microcontroller Marketing,
  Instruction set 8-bit flash Microcontroller in the         explicitly shows the growth of Atmel in the 8-bit flash
  market in 1997. A significant feature that differentiat-   Microcontroller market from the time it introduced the
                                                                                                                         Atmel; and Tim Ngai – Managing
  ed the AVR family of Microcontrollers is in-system         product in 1997. Atmel is the largest supplier of 8-bit     Director, Atmel Asia. Hurman and
  programmability and self-programming memory. This          flash Microcontrollers.
  allows remote upgrading of systems without the                                                                         Tim accept awards on behalf of
  requirement of a second central processing unit (CPU).     Conclusion                                                  their respective organizations as
  In the past, two CPU’s were needed to reprogram the        Pioneering the flash technology in 8-bit
  memory. This feature enabled Atmel to reduce system        Microcontrollers with low-cost, ease of use, lower          the Fastest Growing Distributor and
  cost and enable new applications. The other important      power consumption and higher performance level,
                                                                                                                         Number One Sales Team in the Asia
  feature is low-power consumption, which extends            Atmel has constantly stayed in the path of innovation
  battery life in portable systems. The AVR                  in 8-bit flash Microcontrollers. The company’s              Pacific region. They doubled sales
  Microcontroller family is a highly integrated low-cost     technical expertise and ability to satisfy customers
                                                                                                                         in FY 2003.
  solution for customers.                                    needs enabled it to grow rapidly in the 8-bit flash
                                                             Microcontroller market. Hence, Atmel’s AVR
                                                             Microcontroller family is the obvious choice for the
  Ease of Adaptability                                                                                                   Congratulations on a job well done.
                                                             Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation
  Flash-based AVR Microcontrollers enable programming
                                                             Award in the global 8-bit Flash Microcontroller
  at the last minute. The ability to reprogram the
                                                             market for 2004.
  memory at the last step in manufacturing reduces the
  number of line items in stock. The in-system-
  program characteristic helps in reducing inventory                                                                      page 3
                                                                       A T M E L              A P P L I C A T I O N S                          J O U R N A L

                                                           AT79C1020 is manufactured in low power, cost               packet buffer supports a Store-and-Forward
                                                           effective 0.18-micron CMOS technology. It is               switching approach that eliminates the need
                                                           capable of offering a smooth network migration to a        for additional RAM chips as packet buffers.
                                                           natural upgrade of network capacity through a              This device supports a wide range of SOHO
                                                           glue-less connection to the other Gigabit and Fast         applications such as standalone home
                                                           Ethernet products.                                         switches, firewall appliances, IP phones,
                                                                                                                      media converters, wireless and wired gate-
                                                           “We have identified increased customer demand for          way routers and wireless access points.
                                                           high-bandwidth connections, Gigabit Ethernet has
                                                           become the leading technology for NIC, switch and          "Atmel's switches provide our customers
  New Gigabit Level 2 Networking                           networking equipment. An important trend in                unmanaged configurations ideal for
  Ethernet Switch Targets Network                          networking is the migration of packet-based                cost-sensitive Gigabit low port count switch
                                                           technology from Local Area Networks to                     systems, wireless, wired firewall routers
  Connectivity Market
                                                           Metropolitan Area Networks. Atmel’s AT79C1020 is           segment and well suited for point-to-point
  Atmel has just released the AT79C1020, the first         the first member of a complete product family for          and mesh network topologies.” This product
  of a new family of Network Storage products for          the Network Storage products market,” said George          provides easy installation, reduced power
  the Network Connectivity market. The                     Perlegos, Atmel’s President and CEO.                       consumption and lower network cost. Atmel's
  AT79C1020 Level-2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch has                                                                       new Network Storage Product Business Unit
  a multi-port MII/GMII interface that supports            AT79C1020 also provides packet switching                   is committed to provide solutions in Data
  various speed requirements of 10/100/1000                functions between Multi-port Ethernet ports                Storage, Network communication and
  Mbps. The device is "linkable" to make higher            designed for SOHO (Small Office Home Office)               connectivity,” said Mehdi Bathaee, Atmel’s
  level ports with standard interface that can             application. It can easily expand the network by           Network Storage BU’s Managing Director.
  seamlessly connect to Gigabit PHY. It is fully           "linking" multiple switches. The Gigabit Switch
  compliant with IEEE 802.3ab CSMA/CD.                     integrates flow control for duplex and backpressure        AT79C1020 samples are available and priced
  AT79C1020 is available for sampling to the cus-          for half duplex. Speed and duplex mode auto-               at $8.95 per 10,000-unit. Atmel also provide
  tomers for integration in their gateway and              negotiation is done through the MDIO for providing         reference design to selected customers.
  network switch products.                                 serial management data signal. AT79C1020 on-chip

                                   Atmel Announces High Performance GMR Pre-Amplifier
                                      Products for Mobile Hard Disk Drive Applications
A new high performance, low voltage GMR                    AT78C6001 and AT78C6002 provide low noise to the          AT78C6001 and AT78C6002 are available immedi-
pre-amplifier product family has been designed by          GMR head amplifier which is ideal for mobile hard disk    ately for customer evaluation. Atmel will provide
Atmel’s Network Storage Products Business Unit. Total      drive companies manufacturing 0.85”, 1.0” and 1.8”        samples, evaluation board and firmware in addition
shipment for disk drives in 2003 was over 260 million      form factors. Additionally, the devices have integrated   to technical support. Both devices are available in a
units. Recent industry data indicates that the total       capacitors, which minimize the designer’s need for        24-pin TSSOP package and it can also be available in
available market for mobile storage products in quarter    external components. Both GMR pre-amps are pro-           variety of other packages based on customer’s
ending in December 2003 was 16.3 million units. The        grammable through serial port interfaces. Therefore,      requirement. The pricing is based on volume and
number of [disc drive] units being shipped will increase   Atmel’s high performance GMR pre-amplifiers provide       shipment forecast.
due to new innovative applications for mobile disk         lowest signal-to-noise ratio for clarity and channel.
drives. Mobility and product differentiation will allow
disk drive companies to tap into new markets like          AT78C6001 and AT78C6002 provide GMR ESD
video, gaming, camera, and music. The 3.3V and 5V          protection structure within the reader, which protects
high performance series read/write Giant                   the reader heads from static charge without
Magnetoresistive (GMR) pre-amp, supports up to 500         performance degradation. These devices provide GMR
Mb/s data rate, ideal for 0.85”, 1.0" and 1.8" hard disk   read bias current control, write driver, with program-
drives. The devices are available in a one-channel         mable write current and pre-emphasis programmable
AT78C6001 and two-channel AT78C6002 both with              thermal asperity detection and correction. AT78C6001
similar capabilities and functions. Both devices support   and AT78C6002 are fully characterized and production
the GMR pre-amp, designed for use with 4-terminal          ready.
magneto-resistive recording heads.                                                                   page 4
                                                                         A T M E L              A P P L I C A T I O N S                                  J O U R N A L

                            Atmel Joins EPCglobal to Design Worldwide RFID Standardization
                                       for the Supply Chain Management Market
  Atmel® Corporation joined the EPCglobal˙ Hardware          The UHF RFID standard to be developed will include         manufacturers implementing EPC in the supply chain,
  Action Group (HAG), which is developing the                EPC code numbers stored in a tag. The standard             and will provide EPCglobal users interoperability,
  standard for the next-generation UHF RFID                  specifies that code numbers will be sent via Internet to   read/write field programmability, unique performance
  specification. Especially the supply chain                 an ONS (Object Name Service) database that produces        and global use."
  management market will benefit from this                   an address. The ONS then can match the EPC to a
  standard, as it will drastically improve the               server providing comprehensive information about the       Footnote
                                                                                                                        AutoID/MIT = The Auto-ID Center is an academic research
  tracking visibility of goods. Founded in October 2003,     object. This means for supply chain management
                                                                                                                        project headquartered at the Massachusetts Institute of
  EPCglobal is a non-profit joint venture of the standard    systems that users will have permanently available,
                                                                                                                        Technology (MIT) with labs at five leading research universities
  organizations EAN International˙ and the Uniform Code      up-to-date tracking information of their goods moving      around the globe.
  Council (UCC˙). The worldwide acting group,successor       through the retail supply chain.                           DOD = US Department of Defense
  of AutoID/MIT, has more than 180 members, including                                                                   EPC = Electronic Product Code
                                                             "We are excited to announce that Atmel will
  among others such as Wal-Mart®, Unilever®, Coca-                                                                      ONS = Object Name Service
                                                             shortly submit a proposal for the standard," said
  Cola®, the US Department of Defense (DOD),                                                                            HAG = EPC's Hardware Action Group
                                                             Michael Fislage, Atmel's RFID Marketing Manager.
  Benetton® and many major RFID solution providers.                                                                     FID = Radio Frequency IDentification
                                                             "This proposal will address the requirements               UCC = Uniform Code Council
                                                             and performance needs of the retailers and                 UHF = Ultra High Frequency (860 - 960 MHz)

Very Low-Current Transmitter                                                                                            Another disadvantage of conventional TPMS
                                                                                                                        transmitter ICs is that their oscillation margin is not
ICs for Tire-Pressure                                                                                                   sufficient, which may cause the quartz to fail,
Monitoring Applications                                                                                                 resulting in a complete breakdown of the sensor
                                                                                                                        board. To avoid this and to ensure proper detection
Two new UHF ASK/ FSK transmitter ICs from Atmel                                                                         of the XTO amplitude, the effective series reso-
are optimized for use in battery-powered Tire                                                                           nance resistance of the XTAL is defined at 150 Ohm
Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) modules. The                                                                          maximum, and the oscillation margin has been
ATA5756 is designed for applications in the 315-                                                                        increased. The negative resistance of the XTO is
MHz range (North America), while the ATA5757 is                                                                         specified with -1100 Ohm.
dedicated for 433 MHz (Europe), but can also be                                                                         The devices use state-of-the-art 13 MHz crystals
operated at 448 MHz as typically requested for the                                                                      for operation which allow small crystal packages.
                                                            sion mode (PA ON) is 8.1 mA with a typical output
Korean market.                                                                                                          The VCO is locked at 24 x fXTAL (315 MHz) and at 32
                                                            power of 6 dBm. During power-down mode, the
Thanks to their very short settling time and low            typical current consumption is as low as 1 nA.              x fXTAL (433.92 MHz), respectively.
active current consumption, the new TPMS ICs help                                                                       The PLL transmitter ICs can be used in ASK and FSK
                                                            To extend the module's lifetime, TPMS systems also
to drastically reduce the total current consumption                                                                     systems with 20 kBaud Manchester or 40 kBaud
                                                            require, when operating at very low
and thus to extend the modules' life time. This is                                                                      NRZ coding schemes. In FSK applications, only
                                                            temperatures, low operation voltages of 2.0V with
mandatory for TPMS applications since TPMS                                                                              seven external passive components need to be
                                                            flexible transmission duty cycle modes. In contrast
modules mounted on the rim of vehicle wheels,                                                                           applied. The PLL loop filter as well as further PLL
                                                            to competing devices that are only capable of 2.1V
transmitting continuously tire pressure data to the                                                                     and VCO peripheral elements are fully integrated.
                                                            operation at low temperatures, Atmel's transmitter
vehicle's body, must guarantee an overall life time
                                                            ICs ATA5756 and ATA5757 provide guaranteed 2V
of ten years.                                                                                                           Atmel offers these new transmitter ICs in
                                                            operation at -40 degree Celsius/F.
                                                                                                                        small-outline TSSOP10 packages, whereas
The ATA5756's and the ATA5757's settling time is                                                                        competing devices come in larger packages.
                                                            The 3-wire-compatible interface allows connecting
less than 0.85 ms (typically), thus saving battery
                                                            additional devices, such as an LF receiver,
power especially in TPMS sensor boards. This                                                                            Samples of the new TPMS transmitter ICs ATA5756
                                                            in parallel to the microcontroller ports, thus
makes the devices also well suited for PEG (Passive                                                                     and ATA5757 small-outline TSSOP10 packages are
                                                            enabling flexible TPM sensor board designs.
Entry Go) key fobs where quick reaction times on                                                                        available now. Pricing starts at US$1.10 (10 k).
                                                            Conventional TPMS transmitter ICs without 3-wire-
protocols is a main requirement.
                                                            compatible interface need additional ports at the
The typical current consumption during transmis-            microcontroller.                                                                     page 5
                                                                       A T M E L             A P P L I C A T I O N S                        J O U R N A L

 FingerChip Sensor Portfolio Expanded to Meet Requirements of New Mobile Hand-Held Devices
Atmel bridges the gap to next-generation phones                                                                   portable devices. Designed to operate between -20
and PDAs with the introduction of the AT77C104B                                                                   and +70 degree Celsius, withstand more than 4
FingerChip™ fingerprint sensor optimized for                                                                      million swipes and resist electrostatic discharge,
mobile hand-held devices such as cell phones,                                                                     shocks or sweat, the AT77C104B sensor is a true
smart phones or Personal Digital Assistants. The                                                                  guarantee of reliability.
AT77C104B is the perfect choice for hand-held
                                                                                                                  “While designing this sensor, we paid particular
device makers wishing to increase the added value
                                                                                                                  attention to the most important parameters
of their product, while minimizing the cost and
                                                                                                                  requested by mobile device manufacturers,” says
integration efforts of a biometric solution. Access       image. It utilizes a unique patented method for         David Richard, Worldwide Biometrics Marketing
protection, password replacement, data encryption,        imaging the entire finger by "sweeping" it across       Manager at Atmel. “Low power consumption to
profiling and theft prevention will easily become         the sensor. Successive images are captured and          maintain long battery life, high resistance to usual
added-value features on next-generation devices           specific software is then used to reconstruct the       environmental challenges that can affect mobile
with the integration of Atmel’s FingerChip.               fingerprint.                                            devices and multiple packaging options will make
The sensor integrates new 8-way navigation and            The AT77C104B operates within a voltage range of        this product simple for our customers to use. The
click functions for menu scrolling and item               2.3V to 3.6V, draws a maximum of only 6 mA during       AT77C104B also provides the additional benefit of
selection. This eliminates the need for space             fingerprint acquisition and less than 10 uA in sleep    replacing space-consuming navigation buttons
consuming, sometimes troublesome mechanical               mode, making it an ideal fit for battery-powered        while still allowing robust designs on the final
navigation modules. Once the FingerChip is                hand-held devices.                                      product. And the price is attractive too, starting at
integrated into a device, only a 1.6 mm by 9.5 mm                                                                 less than $6 for high-volume orders.” he adds.
sensor area remains visible, making it the smallest       Capitalizing on a proven technology already used in
                                                          consumer applications, its high robustness is           Samples of the AT77C104B and evaluation kits are
visible sensor area on the market today. The
                                                          another asset that meets constraints faced by           now available. Pricing depends on the packaging
AT77C104B is an SPI output fingerprint sweep
sensor providing a high-quality 500 dpi fingerprint

                                Atmel Targets High-end CAN Networking Applications
                                          With a New AVR Microcontroller
   The new AT90CAN128, an 8-bit AVR® Flash                 CPU of critical messages without running a             designers and confirms our commitment to the
   microcontroller with extended Controller Area           software scan routine, minimizing the overhead         CAN networking market” he added.
   Network (CAN) capabilities, combines 16 MIPS            impact on real time event applications.
                                                                                                                  AT90CAN128 is pin-to-pin compatible with the
   processing speed with a rich feature set, and is
                                                           A highly flexible In-Application Programming           mega128. It is available in TQFP64 and QFN64
   perfectly suited for many CAN networking and
                                                           capability, via CAN, UART or SPI, allows remote        packages and in industrial temperature. Samples
   industrial applications, including factory and
                                                           programming and field upgrades. Atmel offers a         are available now. Production volumes are
   building automation, medical equipment, marine
                                                           library of In-Application Programming routines to      expected in June 2004. Pricing for 10,000-unit
   networking and print media.
                                                           customers wanting to build their own bootloaders,      quantity per year is $7.50.
   The AT90CAN128 integrates in a single chip the          reducing overall development time and thus time-
                                                                                                                  To aid development, Atmel supplies a CAN physical
   features of the existing mega128 and the already        to-market.
                                                                                                                  interface module kit, the ATADAPCAN01 at a cost of
   proven V2.0A/V2.0B CAN controller used in the
                                                           AT90CAN128 peripherals include 16-bit timers           $19. This combined with the STK501 and the
   Atmel CANary microcontroller family. The CAN
                                                           with enhanced Pulse Width Modulation capabili-         STK500 provides a full development environment
   controller can handle 15 independent message
                                                           ties, a powerful 10-bit/8-channel A/D converter        to the user. With the kit, Atmel also provides a
   objects, programmable on-the-fly. With a 16 MIPS
                                                           and several serial interfaces. A wide operating        C-code drivers library for all peripherals including
   AVR RISC-engine, 128-Kbyte Flash program mem-
                                                           voltage range (2.7V-5.5V) plus five low-power          the CAN-driver and various program examples.
   ory, 4-Kbyte RAM and 4-Kbyte on-chip EEPROM,
                                                           management modes optimize the application
   AT90CAN128 can tackle the most demanding
                                                           power consumption.
   industrial control applications.
                                                           “Handling a large number of message objects
   A large portion of the AT90CAN128 processing
                                                           programmable on-the-fly with 16 MIPS is a real
   speed and memory remains available for the
                                                           benefit for many applications,” said Michel
   application while a full higher layer protocol stack
                                                           Passemard, Director for the Industrial Control
   (CANopen, DeviceNet™ or J1939) runs on the
                                                           Business Development at Atmel. “This first AVR
   chip. An interrupt accelerator engine informs the
                                                           with CAN controller offers unrivalled feature set to                                                                   page 6
                                                                       A T M E L            A P P L I C A T I O N S                    J O U R N A L

                     Mars is Picture Perfect Thanks to Atmel’s
                          High Definition Graphics Chips
                                                                                                                  New Power Management
  CCD Linear Arrays Contribute to                          This part of the mission is executed by nine of           Unit Dedicated to
  Observation of Red Planet                                Atmel’s TH7808 CCD linear arrays integrated into      Camera and Sound Supply
  Atmel® is proud to be a contributor to the success of    the High Resolution Stereo Camera based on a
  the Mars Express Mission. The satellite, presently in    push-broom scanning method. These arrays feature         in Feature Phones
  Mars’ orbit, has, among several other missions, the      5184 pixels with a 13 µm pitch, extended dynamic
  task of performing the planet’s mapping.                 range and low noise threshold. The TH7808 provide
                                                           a ground resolution of 10 meters with a 2-meter
                                                           resolution zoom capacity, enabling picture perfect
                                                           images that are of major interest to the scientific

                                                           During a 25-year involvement in space imaging
                                                           projects, Atmel has developed many linear and
                                                           multi-linear arrays, Time Delay Integration (TDI)
                                                           CCDs and multi-TDIs for high resolution observation
                                                                                                                 The AT73C212 Power Management standard
                                                           of the Earth and other planets, in either
                                                                                                                 Integrated Circuit (IC) is the latest Atmel IC
                                                           panchromatic or multi-spectral wavelength ranges.
                                                                                                                 specifically designed for multimedia section
                                                           The company has also developed rad-tolerant area
                                                                                                                 supply in new-generation feature phones.
                                                           arrays for star sensors and contributed to many
                                                                                                                 Manufactured on Atmel's low-cost
                                                           scientific missions by upscreening image sensors
  The TH7808 provide a ground resolution of ten                                                                  mainstream CMOS process, the AT73C212 is
  meters with a 2-meter resolution zoom capacity.          form its standard product line.
                                                                                                                 designed to supply and regulate power to
                                                                                                                 CMOS or CCD camera modules, MP3 or
                                                                                                                 polyphonic sound generators, a multimedia
                                                                                                                 coprocessor, an external memory module and
                                                                                                                 a USB interface.
           Atmel’s AVR Microcontroller Ships 500 Million Units!                                                  The AT73C212 features a comprehensive set
                                                                                                                 of power supplies required for a mid-level
                                                                                                                 multimedia application where camera and
  Atmel has shipped its 500 Millionth AVR®                                commitment to growing the              sound features are required. Five linear
  Flash Microcontroller! Atmel introduced                                   breadth and depth of the AVR         regulators provide output voltage from 1.8V
  the AVR 8-bit Microcontroller                                             product portfolio. There are         to 2.8V with a wide range of output current
  Architecture in 1997. Over the past six                                   seven design and development         between 10mA to 130mA. A switching
  years, the AVR has become the indus-                                     locations in the United States        converter with integrated FET, provides
  try’s largest selling 8-bit Flash                                      and Europe delivering AVR based         300mA at 1.8V or 2.5V, is specifically
  Microcontroller with a market share of over                         standard and application specific          designed to supply a coprocessor core, often
  30 percent.                                             products to customers worldwide, he added. The         used as a multimedia engine in feature
                                                          AVR is well supported with evaluation and debug        phones. Atmel offers the AT73C212 in a 5 x 5
  “At the time of introduction, the AVR was the first
                                                          tools supplied by Atmel or third party tool            mm, 32-ball ultra-thin BGA in order to satisfy
  new 8-bit Architecture introduced in the
                                                          partners. In 2003 Atmel became the                     portable device manufacturers’ minimum
  marketplace in 15 years. This revolutionary
                                                          industry’s largest supplier of 8-bit development       space requirements. It is also available in 5 x
  machine offers designers high performance, low
                                                          tools shipping 43,000 development systems to           5 mm 32-QFN package for reduced number
  power consumption and dense code. The
                                                          customers.                                             of PCB layers. The AT73C212 is available now
  combination of these features plus the ability to
  deliver on chip Flash Program Memory at One             Later this month we will begin sampling the first      mounted on a reference design board or as
  Time Programmable (OTP) prices made the AVR             AVR with a CAN controller integrated on chip.          engineering samples. Suggested resale price
  an instant success,” said Graham Turner, Vice           This device has 15 message objects and will            is $3.50 per unit in quantities of 1,000.
  President and General Manager, Atmel                    expand our product offering in the industrial and
  Microcontroller Business Unit. “Atmel has a major       automotive segments.                                                                  page 7

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