; Every day meeting of the consulting company: IGS _IBM Global Services_
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Every day meeting of the consulting company: IGS _IBM Global Services_


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									Every day meeting of the consulting company: IGS (IBM Global Services)
About IGS
IGS (IBM Global Services-IBM Global Services) and IBM business transformation
occurs is the result. In 1993, when IBM bottlenecks encountered when Gerstner
(Louis Gerstner) led the transformation of services IBM begun.
Gerstner was introduced in three specific initiatives:
One is to establish a new service for selling IBM a lot of hardware, software,
consulting and maintenance services; in 1996, Gerstner will formally separate service
unit as an independent body - the IGS.
The second is to embrace "open systems" and standard
protocols, IBM's software, which gives a tremendous expansion of space;
Third, the decision in 1995 to embrace the Internet, will integrate IBM,
"Network Computing." Now it seems, IBM software division in
1995 as the establishment of an independent business sector, can not be said that the
wonderful foresight Gerstner deployment.
Can say, IBM to find and quick to seize on the hottest in the Internet age in the two
"S" - Software (Software) and services (Service). IBM has
resolutely       abandoned        the      skilled      manipulation         of      the
"product-centric"                 model,             and             to
"customer-centric" customer's location is IBM again
placed the focus of attention in its own office. IGS has also become a contributor to
IBM profits 50%.
IGS following several departments ITS / BCS / SO / AMS
ITS (Integrated Technology Service) - the main area for IT services, mainly after-sales,
service delivery, including IBM and non-IBM products to maintain
BCS (Business Consulting Service) - for projects for industry consultation, all aspects
of the SO (Strategy Outsourcing) - mainly for outsourcing
AMS (Application Management Service) - Technology sector
TSS (Technique Sales Support) - formerly known as TSC (Technique Support Center),
is mainly the product pre-sales technical support, customer training and after-sales
telephone technical support, including hardware and
In fact, IGS is no longer simply just do the business services sector. The restructuring
of services for the entire IBM company, IGS or the software and hardware in the
product technology and human resources to integrate an important institution.

IGS China
IGS in China has two main characteristics:
First, the changing business priorities.
First Wave: Blue Express / Blue Express -20 years ago, IGS services business had just
started up when the service is indeed mainly limited focus to hardware-based
after-sales service in China is no exception. After-sales maintenance of IT hardware
business has accounted for a large share of IGS operations. So, IBM and the Chinese
Ministry of Railways, launched the Blue Train maintenance company, will transform
into a car repair site, drag around. This was the after-sales maintenance of IT
hardware products throughout the country brought the most efficient way, 9 weeks in
the country with fast blue and set up 50 sites that can provide services in 126 cities.
Second wave: (1) the end of 2002, IBM set up in Tianjin Development Zone, strategic
outsourcing services to Internet data centers - Raflatac technology. The subsidiary
belonging to IGS, the Internet data center will be the core business operation, relying
on IGS's service capabilities and implementation experience, to provide
enterprises from the IT strategic consulting to systems integration and infrastructure
development of comprehensive services. Raflatac into IGS IT outsourcing business in
China a major breakthrough.
    ?(2) in November 2002, IBM succeeded in Greater China M & A
well-known consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the establishment of new
services - IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS), the self-service technology
successfully upgrade its IT based, enterprise-wide management and business
consulting services. The department's services business for the IGS
provides a new bright spot, and to IBM's services are based on IT, go
beyond IT.
(3) established in 1999 in Shanghai, China's first disaster recovery center,
in November 2002 in Beijing and Guangzhou to establish disaster recovery centers.
To achieve the client's business protection services can not only provide 24
hours of data backup and more importantly, to provide enterprise protection of their
business continuity. In other words, when faced "disaster" when
the customers can complete the business critical applications, and even staff
transferred to IBM's "disaster recovery center" to.
Today, IBM in Beijing, Guangzhou and set up Cross Border's
"disaster        recovery    center"        in    the     next     three
"centers" real-time backup of each other, Jiang in the event of
sudden disaster to reduce the losses caused to the customer to a minimum, in order to
make important customer data, business continuity and work better.
Third Wave: The biggest change - a breakthrough in the field of IT outsourcing. IBM
IT Outsourcing services is determined by the direction of major new business. In 2006,
IT has become the IGS Strategic Outsourcing keywords. IT strategic sourcing,
including BTO (business-transformation consulting, outsourcing switch) and BPO
(business-process outsourcing, process outsourcing operations).
Which, BTO main business is to help clients redesign business processes to improve
overall efficiency, this business is the cross-industry outsourcing, even including
human resources, supply chain links. BPO mainly refers to IT business process
outsourcing to IT service providers, IT service providers need to do is reduce IT
management costs.
Fourth Wave: Recently, IBM announced that it would provide a new advisory service
- supply chain management consulting, to help them better manage global logistics.
According to the survey, the global supply chain management and consulting services
market size 3 trillion. IBM has put it as a core business to develop. For example, IBM
has positioned its rival giants above the world's Express: Federal Express,
UPS, DHL, etc., rather than the traditional consulting firms such as Accenture.
Gotta to say, now IGS products in China, mainly after-sales service, IT strategic
outsourcing, application management services and advisory services to four blocks of
business. Among them, product service, including IBM products, non-IBM products
and IT infrastructure, comprehensive after-sales service, IT outsourcing and strategic
outsourcing, including switch operating process outsourcing, application management
services, including systems integration and software design and development,
consulting services include IT consulting and business consulting.
Second, very few, and other companies.
Although the IGS partners hope to expand there is a major breakthrough, the latest in
a Cisco IGS and Agricultural Bank of China is an example of a project, but partners
such as Cisco there are many, such as SAP, UF, Kingdee and so on, but it still can not
explain the relationship between the IGS and partners, especially with a number of
systems integrators.
More system integrators that, IGS itself is a large SI (system integrators) and SP
(solutions), so in some sectors have done a very professional large-scale integrators,
and the IGS is between less cooperation, competition but more of them. Departmental
status with IBM IGS, looking for partners on issues facing the greatest challenge is
how to avoid partners in the business competition.
IGS is its most important feature of the mark with both IBM and also independent of
IBM. Customer-centric approach, always provide our customers need the best service.
However, rapid development company must have a strong team of support personnel.
IGS is a qualified project manager with 60 people, but now IGS business growth rate,
two years after the needs of hundreds of people. In addition, there are 7 major
categories such as senior project director is also the IT services industry is the
shortage of personnel, therefore, need to quickly fill vacancies from the talent. This
will be the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of IGS.
Online word-IBM inadvertently see a major initiative in recent years: with 3.5 billion
U.S. dollars bought PricewaterhouseCoopers, 21 billion acquisition of Rational, and
the long-term loss of the hard drive and PC businesses were sold to Hitachi and
Lenovo. Lenovo announced at the time thought to 1.25 billion U.S. dollars (cash plus
stock) acquisition of IBM PC business overall Yang's pride, it is ironic.
Company headquarters are moved to the United States, Lenovo, has really done a
good deal it?

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