Even dared to touch the golden rule _5_ by fdjerue7eeu


									Even dared to touch the golden rule (5)
                                                Of: Dr. Song Yuehua
3. Staff integration in two ways
The first layoffs style. And the first four waves to a monopoly position in the
expanding scale of operations and reduce the risk of acquisition different from the
fifth wave of mergers and acquisitions aimed at achieving optimal combination of
resources to maintain core competencies. Human as a resource, the natural range in
the optimization to maintain core competencies is one way to divest non-core business.
Thus, the repeated and non-core businesses were faced with the outcome can only be
As can be seen from the table, even advertised lifetime employment system [1] [13]
of Japanese companies in mergers and acquisitions in recent years also have started
Table 1 [2] [14]
Enterprises to reduce the number of period
DKB, Fuji Bank, Hing Bank 60,002,005 years
Sakura Bank, Sumitomo Bank 90,002,002 in April
Tokai Bank, Asahi Bank 40,002,002 at the end of
Central Bank, Mitsui Trust 10,002,002 at the end of
Mitsui Marine, Japan fires, Koa Fire 30,002,004 years
New Japan Securities, and the light in April securities 20,002,000
Nissan Motor Group 210 002 002 end
40.002 million at the end of Isuzu Motors
Sony 170 002 002 end
NTT210002002 end
KDD20002003 end

Intuitively, in the acquisition of increasingly sophisticated contemporary theory, the
ultimate failure of its acquisition of the reason is because "M &
= lay off" the equation is completely destroyed by the acquiring staff
morale. In the deal, the acquired company in a passive position as an objective,
naturally, as the company's employees that they had been abandoned
former employers, new employers in their existing employees can not possibly be fair
and equitable treatment. Thus, through the work for the company to meet their
physical, mental, safety, social and even self-realization needs to be acquired with the
business and lost, originally seeking the cause, and the establishment of all
connections all made up nada. Moreover, the acquisition means that the concept of a
direct threat to lay off employees job security. Loss of past efforts and future
prospects of the uncertainty, the staff formed a great psychological pressure. This
psychological burden, resulting in a lack of cooperation in the performance of
employees during mergers and acquisitions. How to be an active employee with the
acquiring M & A activity is the acquisition of personnel during the
integration of core tasks, how to uninstall the psychological burden of the staff is to
integrate with the acquisition of the contents of the specific work period, which
involves taking fate of staffing policy, welfare pay Gaibian and the basis for
leadership selection and restructuring of both the staff team and other issues.
Second, the development of type. IBM on the Lotus Development Corporation (Lotus
Development Corporation, hereinafter referred to as LOTUS) M &
M's model was a success. The key points are as follows:
First of all, refused to lay off. IBM Lotus has not open, nor the two combined
company's staff resources, but it established a wholly-owned subsidiary, to
retain the original energetic brand. Lotus does not appear that people not only fear of
layoffs, on the contrary the number of employees has increased steadily. Less than
three years, total number of employees to nearly 9,000, more than double the
acquisition. Staff turnover rate from years prior to the acquisition of 11% to 6%. In
addition, all the Lotus system, such as benefits, compensation plan and equity, were
also preserved.
Second, equality of opportunity. In most cases, mergers and acquisitions, corporate
officers because of distrust of the original M & M side by side are not
executives from selected personnel. IBM is an exception, Manzi resigned in less than
24 hours news, IBM announced that the two former vice-president of LOTUS Zisman
(Michael Zisman), Peibao Si (Jeffrey P. Papows) respectively as the Post-merger
LOTUS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the operation of the President (COO).
This will enable people to Manzi to resign because of the variety is not conducive to
speculation that IBM corporate image disappear in the bud. It is noteworthy that
Zisman and Peibao Si is not a rubber stamp: They propose to halve the price of Notes
software, IBM promptly the recommendations of unconditional approval. Gerstner
(Lois Gerstner, IBM chairman), and Thompson all know this is very risky.
"To this, we bet the human body," Gerstner said, "let
them go dry, that they practice the right track."
December 1995, Lotus Notes software, business strategy renovation. Spend 200
million U.S. dollars, for the Notes and Domino software, software launched an
international marketing and advertising campaign. Sales of products resulting price
rose, and the momentum of the more violent than before, so Domino, IBM Internet
strategy to become the most valuable diamond, the most respected people. On the
other hand, IBM Lotus engineers to open the doors of its research and development,
personnel responsible for the integration of specific software development, IBM vice
president of Thompson, said: "You can choose something
interesting", IBM allows them to use without restriction the number of
billions of dollars in research resources, which is unprecedented in the software
industry. The IBM Lotus will develop speech recognition and other functions,
integration into the version of Notes being. Meanwhile, two companies of engineers
to further integrate their product lines, the communication software of smoke from the
battle against Microsoft's fierce attack.
Cheng Zhongli and IBM in the M & A had obtained with both high-return
initiatives: the mid-nineties of the last century, analysts IBM and Microsoft, Oracle,
Sun (Sun Microsystems), Compaq, Dell and Hewlett-Packard par. This is a major leap
forward, IBM, because the old people always put it with the enterprise data center and
the glass house of the hosts. Gerstner at the completion of the acquisition of Lotus,
concluded that: "M & A is a well-prepared as surgery, require a
prior precise and detailed analysis, planning ... ... If the employee when the company
announced the acquisition of the determination to find Qita jobs, then all financial
plans and budgets will be a dead letter. there is no suitable human resources
integration, mergers and acquisitions with only 1 +1 <1. "[3] [15]
Gerstner and Jack Welch's views on M & A success or failure
serves the same purpose: the key to success is the staff integration phase, that is the
key to successful mergers and acquisitions need to have the human resources
integration and business innovation moisture. (Continued)

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