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					ERP Glossary
   1 ABM Activity-based Management Management based on work activities
2 AO Application Outsourcing Application Outsourcing
3 APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society, Inc Association of
American Production and Inventory Management
4 APICS Applied Manufacturing Education Series series of practical training
materials for manufacturing management
5 APO Advanced Planning and Optimization of advanced planning and optimization
6 APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling Advanced Planning and Scheduling
7 ASP Application Service / Software Provider applications / software suppliers
8 ATO Assemble To Order Order assembly
9 ATP Available To Promise for sales (the amount can be signed)
10 B2B Business to Business Business to Business (E)
11 B2C Business to Consumer Business to Consumer (E)
12 B2G Business to Government business-to-government (e)
13 B2R Business to Retailer business-to-dealer (e)
14 BIS Business Intelligence System Business Intelligence System
15 BOM Bill Of Materials BOM
16 BOR Bill Of Resource resource list
17 BPR Business Process Reengineering Business / Business Process Reengineering
   18 BPM Business Process Management Business / Business Process Management
19 BPS Business Process Standard business / business process standards
20 C / S Client / Server (C / S) \ Browser / Server (B / S) Client / Server \ browser /
21 CAD Computer-Aided Design Computer Aided Design
22 CAID Computer-Aided Industrial Design Computer Aided Process Planning
23 CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing Computer Aided Manufacturing
24 CAPP Computer-Aided Process Planning CAPP
25 CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering Computer Aided Software
26 CC Collaborative Commerce Collaborative Commerce
27 CIMS Computer Integrated Manufacturing System Computer Integrated
Manufacturing System
28 CMM Capability Maturity Model Capability Maturity Model
29 COMMS Customer Oriented Manufacturing Management System Manufacturing
Management System for clients
30 CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture Common Object Request
Broker Architecture
31 CPC Collaborative Product Commerce Collaborative Product Commerce
32 CPIM Certified Production and Inventory Management Production and Inventory
Management certification
33 CPM Critical Path Method Critical Path Method
34 CRM Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management
  35 CRP capacity requirements planning Capacity Planning
36 CTI Computer Telephony Integration Computer Telephony Integration (Call
37 CTP Capable to Promise to capacity commitments
38 DCOM Distributed Component Object Model Distributed Component Object
39 DCS Distributed Control System Distributed Control System
40 DMRP Distributed MRP Distributed MRP
41 DRP Distribution Resource Planning Distribution Resource Planning
42 DSS Decision Support System Decision Support System
43 DTF Demand Time Fence demand sector
44 DTP Delivery to Promise can be promised delivery time
45 EAI Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Application Integration
46 EAM Enterprise Assets Management Enterprise Resource Management
47 ECM Enterprise Commerce Management Enterprise Business Manager
48 ECO Engineering Change Order Engineering Change Orders
49 EDI Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange
50 EDP Electronic Data Processing Electronic data processing
51 EEA Extended Enterprise Applications Enterprise Application Extension
  52 EIP Enterprise Information Portal Enterprise Information Portal
53 EIS Executive Information System Information System senior leadership
54 EOI Economic Order Interval economic ordering cycle
55 EOQ Economic Order Quantity EOQ (economic batch method)
56 EPA Enterprise Proficiency Analysis of Enterprise Performance
57 ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning
58 ERM Enterprise Resource Management Enterprise Resource Management
59 ETO Engineer To Order special design-to-order design
60 FAS Final Assembly Schedule Final Assembly Planning
61 FCS Finite Capacity Scheduling Finite capacity planning
62 FMS Flexible Manufacturing System FMS
63 FOQ Fixed Order Quantity Fixed Order Quantity Method
64 GL General Ledger General Ledger
65 GUI Graphical User Interface Graphical User Interface
66 HRM Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
67 HRP Human Resource Planning Human Resource Planning
68 IE Industry Engineering / Internet Exploration Industrial Engineering / Browser
There are many, not yet finished.