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First, this point, domestic and foreign enterprises is consistent with the view.
Microsoft vice president Kai-fu Lee is very stressed in his speech, select personnel
first consider the "De      . Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly women say, the
leaders of the most important quality to be honest, this is the view of foreign
companies. I still remember our old Song Renqiong revolutionary comrades in the
selection of cadres of the three: "ability and political integrity, entrusted
with the task; not only virtuous, hard burden; talent without virtue, with its
treacherous economy. Talent without virtue are the most dangerous. Song Renqiong
comrades talented people I still remember the three words in mind. Founder 10 years
experience I fully appreciate, the quality of entrepreneurs, the decency, is extremely

The second quality is the vision of the current and future market has a keen insight,
this is an important quality of the entrepreneur. Apple started in the 20th century after
70 years within three years into the world top 500, I think this is unparalleled. Then
by the first personal computer, even earlier than the IBM PC, called the Apple II,. Its
designer is the technical expert called 史蒂夫渥兹 Nick, he set up the machine
Account very well, but the lack of foresight, that the design of the computer can only
sell a few hundred units a year. Entrepreneurs at the time, Apple's other
co-founder Steve Jobs called, business in his early 20s, later President Reagan called
the "people's hero           , his view is completely different, that
Apple will bring a huge industry, selling hundreds of thousands of units a year. the
fact that if they really expected, the personal computer into a large industry,
Apple's three years into the world top 500. Bill Gates foresaw that year, the
future, everyone's on the table will have a personal computer, the operating
system is Microsoft's product. So keen insight on the future market is
extremely important to the quality of the entrepreneur.

The third quality is to be familiar with the financial, capital, know how to operate.

The fourth to have the spirit of adventure. U.S. "Being Digital,"
a book author, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab founder Nicholas
Negroponte, the famous prophet, when asked "the most important quality
entrepreneurs what       did not hesitate to replied: "the spirit of adventure.
      course, adventure is not a mess, but after careful consideration the
decision-making. For example, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq merger, the two
companies have several hundred billion dollars in value, the current president of Carly
anticipated benefits of the merger, so drastic reforms, the result is very smooth and
combined into a new giant Hewlett-Packard.

Fifth, there is strong management capability and modern management experience. I
very much agree that entrepreneurs practice a few years to read MBA, just to study
MBA graduates do not have much meaning, and then to read with practical experience,
have greatly improved.

Sixth, there is strong communication skills. CISCO's CEO John Chambers
has said before, entrepreneurs to lead to an enterprise, the most fundamental thing is
to do one a happy, popular, so strong communication skills is an important quality of
the entrepreneur.

Seventh, the technical entrepreneurs should pay attention to technology companies, as
a good technology often creates a new market. After the successful development of
laser typesetting year, some say, the Chinese picked the cheapest type, it is difficult to
promote, with the result of the tremendous benefits of new technologies, to promote
the use of a sudden. The same is true of color publishing system, 1992 years ago, very
few color newspaper in China, we use new technology to process color newspaper
publishing over the past two hours to two minutes.

   ?We see that everywhere is the color newspaper. So a good technique to create a
new market. Entrepreneurs do not have to know very much about technology, I just
said Gerstner is not a computer expert, but he attached great importance to technology,
there are two months a year with IBM's technology elite bubble together,
listen to their views. SUN, president, founder Mike Miller is a management expert, an
employee who invented the hands of a very famous now JAVA language, but not the
initial idea of the development of the employee due to the Miller submitted his
resignation. Miller, after listening to completely obey the views of employees, to
create the best conditions for him, the result was later to become the world standard
JAVA, SUN thus miraculously revive the company. There are some stories of SONY
Corporation, SONY Morita, president of the depressed economic situation in the
circumstances, can actually 7 years vigorously supporting technical experts well depth
of color picture tubes. At that time we do not see the future, I do not know can not be
successful, Morita resolved to support the successful development of making color
picture tubes, SONY been greatly developed. So, why entrepreneurs dominate the
core, because good entrepreneurs to attract a large number of outstanding scientific
and technological personnel. Such as Microsoft, gathered a large number of very good
people, some of whom won the highest award the computer field.

Company naturally wanted to profit as the primary goal, there is no doubt, but just as
many outstanding entrepreneurs said, not to profit as the sole target, but also need to
consider the interests of the community, should the interests of enterprises with
national and interests of the community together. I very much hope that
China's enterprises can hit with their own technology products to
developed country markets, I also expect China to the emergence of a multinational
entrepreneurs. These two goals achieved, it means that China's economy
really to the world, reached the advanced level.