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									Entertainment actress in their real resume
Topics actress's real entertainment resume [43P]

Gong Li: Graduated from the Central Theatre Academy. In 2000, Gong Li, Peking
University graduate student self-study courses to study sociology; graduated from the
Central Theatre Academy, China by Western film actress recognized as the
international face. In 2000, Gong Li, Peking University graduate student self-study
course was exceptional admission, she chose sociology.

Gong Li is taking the news of North exceptional end of the year became the most
popular     entertainment   news.    Representative    work:     "Red
Sorghum," "Ju Dou," "Raise the Red
Lantern," "Story of Qiu Ju," "Farewell
My     Concubine,"    "alive",       "Rock,
crossroads," " Curse of the Golden Flower "and
other TV work.

Fan Bingbing: Xiejin Heng Tong graduated from art school. In 1996 he entered
Shanghai Xie Jinheng through art school, during school cooperation with Vanessa
filmed TV series "strong woman", appeared in a corner of actor
Bing Shao's fiancee. June 12, 2007, "Ice Television Media Co.,
Ltd." (Fan Bingbing studio) was officially established.

Fan Bingbing on behalf of film and television work: "My Fair Princess
I",    "Ma      Yongzhen",     "Romantic
Swordsman", "Zhongguancun", "名捕震
关 东 ", "Four women's prison,"
"apple," "fate of the call transfer "and
other TV work.

Zhao Wei: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Zhao Wei Xie Jin opened in 1998,
the Shanghai Hengtong Movie Star school, one year after the school switched to the
Beijing Film Academy. 99 years, Zhao Wei with "My Fair
Princess" became a hit when, or the Beijing Film Academy, a college
student, young age, she Starryland good, and Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Xu Jinglei and
known as the "four little rising star."
Filming that people can escape from reality, reality is always unsatisfactory, not
perfect. Reality has always made me feel very tired, but the film is a virtual space,
you are in there all the experiences of others, met again in the movie is not as big
blow out in your life so you one thing headache. "- Taken from Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei, the film masterpiece: "My Fair Princess",
"Laofangyouxi", "A Touch of Zen Blast,"
"Romance in the Rain," "Moment,"
"Shaolin Soccer" and "Odyssey,"
"Heaven and Earth Heroes, "" Jade Goddess of
Mercy, "" Love "," Night. Shanghai
"and other TV work.

Zhang Ziyi: Graduated from the Central Theatre Academy. School history: 1990 -1
996 High School of Beijing Dance Academy, dance major; in 1996 the Central
Theatre Academy -2,000; 2000 - present National Theatre of China

She's smart, her efforts, her acting, her beauty by the people ... ... are hot.
Beautiful actress is a necessary condition, but Zhang's beautiful but have
different meanings. In the eyes of Westerners, this is not called Kate is not called Rose,
but has a very Chinese name "Ziyi" The girl is the Eastern

Zhang's film masterpiece: "Xingxingdiandeng",
"My Father and Mother," "Crouching Tiger Hidden
Dragon,"     "peak      moment      of      2",
"Samurai,"                 "Heroes,"
"Memoirs of a Geisha," "The Banquet"
and other TV work .
Joke: Graduated from Shanghai Drama. In 1993, Li Bingbing to the Shanghai Theater
Academy to study. By chance, Li Bingbing took on Oil of Olay ad. As the ads are
very good, Joke actually received 26 million high-reward.

This is her lack of money at home most days of making the first pot of gold, the
mother's medical fees, Li Bingbing his sister's school fees and
solve problems together. Therefore, the family dubbed her as the family of
"great savior." In the Shanghai Theater Academy school days,
because of the Joke filming of a lot of advertising, advertising specialized households
and on the play known as "Little Rich Wives."

Joke of the film masterpiece: "Police the soul,"
"Love For All Seasons," "A World Without
Thieves", "Toronto", "Knot,"
"Linger,"     "Forbidden     Kingdom",
"Juvenile Justice Bao" " 机灵小不懂",
"Young Zhang San-feng" and other TV work.

Xu Jinglei: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In early 2006, Xu
Jinglei's Sina blog in just 112 days after opening, will become
China's first super of millions of blog traffic. May 4th, 2006, Xu
Jinglei's blog on board the world's leading blog search engine
ranking the first, be the first to board the top position of the Chinese search engine

Since then, Xu Jinglei began to be widely known as "Lao Xu",
because "Lao Xu" is the name of her blog on. This year, around
the topic of Xu Jinglei, has more from the blog started. 2007 "Open
Rights" magazine, blog queen pro Renzong Bian Xu Jinglei.

Xu Jinglei's film masterpiece: "Night wealth,"
"Spicy Love Soup," "Subway to Spring",
"My     Dad",  "letter     from   an   Unknown
Woman," "dream shines into reality," "a
sentimental thing, "" will be carried out in the end of love
"and other TV work.

Gigi Leung: Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Design). The
age of 15, after Granville was scout to explore. July 1, 1995 formally to join showbiz
(formally signed a manager's contract)

Gigi's television masterpiece: "rogue doctors",
"Chariots of Fire," "God of Gamblers God of
Gamblers III of Youth," "turning left. Right away,"
"Wonder Woman" and other TV work.

Cecilia Cheung: Graduated from high school in Melbourne, Australia Holmes College.
In 1998, the 17-year-old Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong from Australia, was
graduated from high school shooters found that have appeared on the (sunshine lemon
tea) ads, when the different versions of the commercials aired, the size of the
magazines, film companies and advertising agencies scared to Heaven, have to
contact his manager.

Cecilia Cheung's film masterpiece: "Chariots of Fire
2" Speed legend, "12 Nights," "Shaolin
Soccer", "Kingdom by the Sea," "barbaric
Tips",    "601   calls",   "King      of
Comedy" , "The Wandering Songstress", etc. TV

Liu Xiaoqing: Graduated from High School Attached to Sichuan Conservatory of
Music. 1970, graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory, the main subjects dulcimer,
Vice Section vocal, piano; Daxian subdistricts Publicity Bureau, 1971; in 1975 into
the Chengdu Military Region, banners Repertory Theatre, took to the screen after
three months; in 1980 formally transferred Beijing Film Studio.
Brigitte Lin: graduated from Jinling Girls (High School). Girl's High
School in 1972 graduated from Jinling; training films to the United States in 1980.

Brigitte Lin's film masterpiece: "Ashes of Time",
"The East is Red of revival," "Peach Blossom
Land," "Honorable Knights," "The
Deer", "Swordsman 2, The East is Red",
"Love misty hazy "," windows "and other
TV work.

Betty Sun: Graduated from Shanghai Oriental Culture Television Section. 5-year-old
started to learn dance, 11-year-old partner on behalf of Shanghai Oriental Art Troupe
visited by the United Kingdom, United States, Japan and other countries.
Double-support the National Party in 1999, received by the General Secretary, the
same year was named "outstanding soldiers."

Zhou Xun: Graduated from Zhejiang Art School. Zhou Xun's works in
2008 with "overwhelming momentum" return, in addition to
Reying    in    "Painted       Skin", "Lee    and
Death," co-operation with Tsui Hark's "Woman is not
bad" is also about to release.

Zhou Xun's television masterpiece: "NU ER,"
"Temptress     Moon,"          "Tomb      shortage
Studio", "Bicycle", "Butterfly,"
"Palace of Desire," "Painted Skin",
"Lee and Death" other film and television works.

Hu Jing: Graduated from Central Academy of Drama, a bachelor's degree.
1990-1996 Central University Department of Dance; the Central Theatre Academy
1996-2000 specialty national dance, drama and music; graduated from the Central
Academy of Drama in 2000, a bachelor's degree.
Hu Jing's film masterpiece: "Palace of Desire,"
"Mr. Liao Zhai", "Youth Sanfeng",
"18 Ocean", " 皇 太 子 秘 史 ",
"the Yang tiger," "Legend of Chu Liu
Xiang", "Xiaozhuangmishi" "The Age of
Love," "You Are the One" and other TV work.

Huang to: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy (performing undergraduate), many
people appreciate the distinctive qualities by Huang, even more amazing way of
smooth sailing by Huang Yi. From Huang to the family background and by a variety
of education (home education, quality education, academic education) point of view,
it all seems to have is rational.

Huang   to     the  film   masterpiece:   "Kung   Fu",
"Ultimate Ninja", "Hail the Judge",
"Number One Scholar," "Sword"

Chen Hao: Graduated from Central Academy of Drama (Performing undergraduate).
Secondary school children's television program host any of Qingdao; in
1999 as Hong Kong Phoenix Star TV "Nine Unknown
Pleasures" program host. For shooting TV dramas, Chen Hao has a
recognized name: "Stunner."

Chen Hao's film representative works: "Heroes Lü Buwei
troubled times", "Liweidangguan," "Pink
Lady",        "Tian       Long      Ba        Bu",
"Odyssey," "I love Kingdom by the Sea,"
"Pom", "Laurel Canyon "" The
Hill, the man, dog, "" ambush "and other TV work.

Jiang Qinqin: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy (performing undergraduate)
5-year-old elementary school student in Chongqing Xiaolongkan Culture Village,
10-year-old admitted to art school to learn Peking Opera in Chongqing. After
graduating from art school, Jiang Qinqin into the Peking Opera Troupe of Chongqing.
The first shock was shot in 1992, Chongqing TV drama "Mei Tai Guan

In 1998, after graduating from the Beijing Film Academy, was assigned to the Beijing
Film Studio, to continue performing its brightest light the road.

Jiang Qinqin representative works for film and television: "Iron and Blood
Legend",         "Mei         Tai       Guan      Yin,"
"beauty",           "Kyoto          Detective,"
"Kang Xi Incognito Travel", "miracle-working
doctor       Hua        Tuo",         "Bodhidharma,"
"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "" Eagle Shooting
Heroes, "" Sitaimingbu, "" My Fair
Princess "," Joe Courtyard "and other TV work.

Shu Qi: Graduated from high school in Taiwan XX. Shu Qi and life in a very different
film roles, Shu Qi real brains to grasp every opportunity to treasure joy. Occasionally
crazy on a night with friends at midnight, and will not obey the demands of other
people force themselves.

Shu    Qi's     film    representative  works:     "Metade
Fumaca," "Young and Dangerous V 98",
"Black Sheep Affair," "Stormrider,"
"shrew Kong," "Red Light District",
"Erotica,"     "Sex    and     Zen      Zen    II,
""    rare   lovers,   ""     the  Stars,
"" You Are the One "and other TV work.

Jia Jingwen: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy. 17-year-old on debut. Charming
screen moving Jia Jingwen, a very naughty childhood, adolescence is the continuous
pursuit, until my father passed away, her teeth and independent sustain the family, this
process of growing up to let her know how to treasure the existing everything.
Jia Jingwen film and television work: "good home blessing,"
"My father is an anchor," "Romance in
Taiwan",            "Romantic        Swordsman",
"Lianlianqingshen," "Heavenly Sword Dragon
Sabre", "miracle-working doctor Crazy n"
"Turn Left, Turn Right", "Cactus",
"Jinyang Laocu Square" and other TV work.

Natalie: Graduated from Hong Kong Tak Catholic English College (High School).
2007 graduated from Tsinghua University senior studying fashion management
EMBA professional. 71 Shung Tak Catholic Secondary School from Hong Kong after
graduation, candidates for the Japanese airline stewardess; 73 years: in Hong Kong
Miss Hong Kong to participate in the election, by rd Runner; 74 years -75 years:
continue stewardesses. With Qiaoxiaoqianxi, beautiful eyes hope Xi "to
describe Natalie the most appropriate, although it is the mother of three children,
Angie is so beautiful and still is, 30 years of ups and downs never seem to stay in her
face under any traces of that flavor added to the mature woman that everyone

Natalie on behalf of the film masterpiece: "Heroes Shed No
Tears," "junior high schools," "Legend of
White Snake," "Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre",
"Chu Liu Xiang", "the beach",
"good           fortune",            "double-sided
"and" Fox of Snowy Mountain ","
Guanyin "," Moment in Peking ","
Hibiscus Town "and other TV work.

Liu Yifei: Graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Year-old Liu Yifei at home
business are South held the second "Children spend Cup" Kids
model Grand Prix win. Year-old went to the United States with his parents in early
2002 returned to the motherland, as in the United States spent some time, she seems
more than mainland girls mature age foreign flavor by chance Liu Yifei to be engaged
in film and television industry for nearly 20 years of swim-ming fancy building, Liu
Yifei decided to star in "Noble Family" Female II Baixiu Zhu,
in the drama and actor Kim Yanxi, a helpless interpretation of the emotional
entanglement. Liu Yifei's career from the beginning of the ...

Liu Yifei's film masterpiece: "May Love,"
"Forbidden   Kingdom",       "A       Bao's
Story", "Noble Family", "Tian Long Ba
Bu", "evil", such as film and television works.

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