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   "Out of the quagmire of depression" has finally deadline. Ten
o'clock yesterday morning, save the manuscript and catalog, distributed to
publishers Zebian, no matter how, to this end, not modified.
   If there is no deadline, probably would have to write down, in fact, today wake up,
they immediately think of one should no longer change it. People like me, will never
have the satisfaction of the time.
   A lot of time and effort to put all the details of some of the changes, focusing on the
distal shoot big trouble, the formality of the concept of symmetry. It reminds me of
the last shop, I saw that the sofa is not placed flush, no ashtrays on the table the center
of the diagonal is always intolerable, must take the past to re-adjust; there are
fingerprints on a glass , will re-wash the cup, while this manuscript, I do not know
"re-wash" the number of times.
   In the writing process, again and again felt the drawbacks of a perfectionist, think
one of the Duluo A small mirror can see that side is not complete, also found himself
constantly changes, see a lot of interesting places to see some of his past deviation
even funny text.
   Why the pursuit of perfect? Each stage can reach the heights are different. Write
today to see the article a few years ago found that many wrong with that, but at the
time, perhaps this smug over.
   At that time, my understanding of the concept of my ability I can only reach that
level, as today, I can only do what their own sphere of competence. Looking back a
few years, will find many imperfect and naive in places, but today I've
tried, this is not enough yet?
   I can not do to their own satisfaction, but can do nothing to be ashamed. Important
is not how good this writing, but I did the best for this.
   So, enough.
   Writing programs have very early, we can say, "Blue
Treasure" is the prototype of the book.
   In 2006, when the depression has improved, there is such a mind the idea, his own
experience and perception write it down, let more people know: that depression is
curable, no matter how long the duration, extent and more serious can be good.
   In the first draft completed by the end of 2007, 2008 research, back home, set aside
a period of time not to manage. Press 要一分为二 was made, one becomes two,
which is equivalent to rewrite This really threw himself into writing them.
   Several times, stop writing, do not want to write, to put the Internet altogether, we
free to read, to save money or buy, I saved a lot of things, would not be better.
   But each time, to calm down a wish, edit to say makes sense, not all people are
online, not all people can see online.
   Either blue or the sun forum treasures, which are only part of this virtual space,
countless, real life, there are still many people with depression do not know, I do not
is to let more people know about it?
   Give up, this is not my style ah. Even if the final written and far from my original
idea, but nonetheless, not far from the purpose, was completed this.
   Important is not whether I satisfied that all the people are satisfied, it is important
that this matter, I did it, done.
   So, enough.
   This time at home without leaving home "behind closed doors
sentences," in addition to sleep every day is writing ten hours a day facing
a computer, a word: tired.
   To ease writing, transfer the silent phone, or even the rest time and deliberately
reversed, because the dead of night when most conducive to creativity.
   Sedentary life upside down and black and white, I am obviously much larger than
physical condition. Began to frequent migraine attacks, cervical spondylosis,
neurodermatitis increase, again blood in the stool, combined with the rainy days in
Changsha, intolerable pain in his legs ... ... wrote that "physical
therapy" when the chapter, once again strongly feel the "life is
movement "It's ancient truths, always thinking about those
home networks home of a friend or indulge, do not know how to make them more to
outdoor activities, I would not worry too useless ah.
   During this time, I too lack of exercise. Out three times in March. The first is the
flower that she had a friend with depression, talk me out to meet; the second time the
sun Hunan group gatherings; third time accompanied her to the park flowers. Not only
is the lack of outdoor activities, but also a lack of interpersonal communication, both
of which are essential to human health, and I have to "catching
up" a little longer.
   Flower birthday yesterday, eating, depression sufferers are the last to see her for the
position of sitting next to me, that feels more uncomfortable after drug withdrawal. I
am a little surprised how she will be guilty of a sudden withdrawal of the wrong?
   In writing this book, always felt he was talking nonsense, those who do not suffer
in silence, sick of view, the medicine Do not look at what other people eat their food
in any amount, withdrawal can not arrest and so on, seems to have said that 10 million
times, is also necessary to repeat it? Everyone should know ah.
   To yesterday, I explained to her the issue of withdrawal of drug response, only to
find that she does not know can not be discontinued abruptly, but also worried that
antidepressants are addictive, it can not distinguish antidepressant withdrawal
reactions, and we see people who are drug withdrawal symptoms when drug any
different. Even her old sick all this years is not clear, just sick friends may even
   When I said I was still feeling the same old tune boring, she said makes sense,
many people still do not know. Yes ah, if I knew when stopping, if she had known, if
more people know, a lot of unnecessary suffering will not eat a lot of unnecessary
unnecessary long way to go will not go.
   Just recently, and a chat with family members of patients with
obsessive-compulsive disorder, also found that I thought it was a lot of common sense,
I think most people should know the problem, they still do not know.
   Perhaps my understanding is really biased. I have repeated many times, that this
should be known by everybody; know some understanding in this regard that many
patients have, they know everything under the sun that the people on the know.
   In fact, there are still many people do not know.
   In fact, I can know is limited, especially in some specialized knowledge. However,
I know this little thing, some people may be of great help. That being the case, why
not say so?
   To do something they can do, is enough.
   Revising the process, find themselves a lot of conceptual bias. Ye Yang pointed out
that some of my harsh tone of the chapter, my first reaction was not ah, I am enough
of a euphemism. Zaiyi Kan, really.
   I have put yourself in a "depression advocate" position to
play a "counsel patients with depression," the role of language
in society is no lack of public criticism and dissatisfaction, and even ridicule.
   If depression sufferers that may be hooked out a mouthful of foul smells, think I
speak for them. But, In fairness, the public about depression and depression is not
more understanding and do not understand the phenomenon of discrimination against
a minority, they are not willing to provide support and help, but does not know how to
help, ways inappropriate.
   I is not guilty of an incomplete wrong? If I did not stand in an objective, neutral
point of view, talk about correcting the misunderstanding of others? I told the family
not to blame for depression, accusing others of what I do?
   Thanks brother pointed out that the mistake is also grateful for my editors readily,
in the air I was impatient to endure upset when he was suffering neat style, I go all out
with energy finalized on schedule. This altogether lasted, I like!
   Thank you for the support and understanding, this time down a lot of messages
accumulate, in addition to some simple e-mail inquiries, are not able to speak a few
words clearly, and have not replied. There are a lot of friends do not send e-mail,
know that I am overwhelmed, there is more to me Do not be too hard, pay attention to
the body's greetings. Thank you very compassionate.
   Then there are many things to do, there is a book to be completed in April of
gatherings organized or not, when not busy, there are many pressures and difficulties,
but, I have been doing, do not stop, enough.
   The road has so many friends, support and encouragement, is enough.

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