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									Effective meetings
Internal meetings
   Zhao Benshan early to have a short play "money," and
dreamed of more than a million things. Inside a high Xiumin coax Uncle Zhao sleep:
High pat Zhao sang: patted my dream Menger, sleeping ah ... ...
   Zhao: sex yet, do you coax grandson, you know.
   High: ye beat it?
   Zhao: another got the right stuff.
   High: small young married woman, the pleasant children, look for a lover to
become pro-children ... ...
   Zhao: You pull down it, you sing this stuff, I can sleep Why you?
   High: That in the end to sing night?
   Zhao: You always take a small young married woman seduced me, and I still
   Height: lie down it, I know that singing train of thought.
   Zhao: You sing that one on the hazy ... ...
   Height: (singing) to meet the production team, organizational learning ah ... ...
   Zhao: Hang Hang ... ... (sleep)
   In this essay, the irony of the meeting is really just right, then meeting in
people's minds as a time killer, synonymous with low efficiency. Once that
meeting, most people's reaction is: boring, pale ... ...
   For the frequent company meetings, many people complain is because there may
conferences and they do not matter. Or part does not matter, these people have to
"accompany listen." So, when meeting with some of the
participants involved in unrelated matters, to allow them to leave. And this is best we
should do in the meeting agenda.
   "Good to be Teacher" and "chatter" has
become the two major killers, consuming a lot of time, waste of time to speak of other
   Meeting time management failure leading to another reason is off the subject. If
you do not take a firm measures that, the meeting is a waste, a waste of time, also not
to talk about what goals to achieve. Experts will present a session back on track
quickly, and do not hurt the feelings of a method: to digress into the idea of
"parking lot." "Parking lot" may be a
whiteboard, listed above can be discussed in a more appropriate time.
   Popular in advertising something called brain storm (Brainstorming) pattern of
meetings, which open thinking, pursue the idea that the number of model: the meeting
or have their effect. "Brain Storm" is a positive form of the
meeting, so this form is used by many enterprise.
   This conference is by external technical devices, graphic design packaging, process
control, extended the conference content. It is no longer just simple communication,
although communication is still the subject, but integrated into the various factors to
enhance participant satisfaction.
Marketing Conference
   First of all, the marketing company or industry more and more widely accepted the
General Assembly, which is a "learning fun" things. Although
the ingredients with entertainment, but in fact enterprises and the nature of the
exchange value. Chinese saying goes: "to meet two-thirds
cooked," a marketing concept of the business are familiar with this point of
the road.
   On Microsoft's senior managers have the "Wall Street
Journal" that "conversation is still by far the most efficient way
to create a relationship. Face to face contact with people is still great
   For example, IBM in China, has a large number of meetings each quarter, these
sessions were aimed at customers, partners, why like how eager the company
   Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner on "Who Says Elephants
Can't Dance?" The order, wrote: You can not just sit in an office,
you can successfully manage their businesses. This is my company as CEO in
IBM's 9-year period insisted the reason to visit around: here, my mileage
was 100 million miles, and met with numerous IBM customers, business partners and
   This world-renowned for providing IT solutions to the "Big
Blue", the conference become a marketing tool, if the advertising and
public relations are good looks and elegant style of conversation, then the session is
reached       before     that    firm      effective     cooperation     intention The
   In fact, do not deliberately exaggerate the role of marketing meetings, marketing
meetings because there is no less complicated. Instead, the meeting marketing
principle is very simple face to face, it is accurate for groups of customers.
Invited participants
   Meeting invitation to become a more headache. The purpose of the meeting not
only to protect the old customers, but also the development of new customers.
   Adoption of this form, companies can take customer feedback, and customers to
feel someone is listening and understanding them. In the marketing of such a theory:
to get a new customer cost is the cost of maintaining an existing customer 10 times.
Therefore, emphasis is placed on existing customers.
   For new customers, to put it in a kind of atmosphere. The atmosphere of this venue
to grasp the scene mainly by the ratio of old and new customers. 80% was best to
keep old customers and 20% of potential customers. Potential customers mixed in
among existing customers, will overcome or reduce its remoteness and distrust,
allowed to experience a more active atmosphere.
   Are relatively slow start of the meeting. The airport, hotel occupancy, conference
registration, pre-time ... wait ... does not seem to have any
"interesting" place, planners often ignore this process of
   But in fact, experts say: This is the first few hours may affect the mood of meeting
attendees, meeting planners should be in the "opening" How
fascinating efforts. The best approach is to allow them to act, to peer around them are
also in action, because only a real heart will be put into action.
   Meetings, not to overlook the "low-tech" feeling experience
of marketing in the meetings, often blindly in to the game, so often neglected the
experience of some of the most basic aspects, such as encouraging participants to
shake hands or the name of each newspaper, each other.
  ?Such an experiment: Two groups attended the same public event, a different group
of people is one of the activities in the three hours have been 2
"safe" contact (shaking hands, take the hand, etc.). And
"no         contact"        group     compared      to   have     had
"contact" group that the activities of the organizers more
competent staff, good service and outstanding appearance.
   The middle of the meeting may be really boring, but the end of the meeting must
bring joy to give participants as much as possible, and this is the last opportunity to
change the views of the participants. In fact, few organizers of the meeting to take
timely measures to follow up the meeting. During the meeting several times shortly
after the end of follow-up even more is extremely rare.
   If the organizers of the meeting a week after the end of the meeting, send a gift to
the participants, the participants will find an unexpected surprise, of course, you can
also add other information, such as corporate product information, the next meeting
relevant information.
   The conference not only included a large stage eloquent speaker, he will use some
equipment. Jobs at the Macworld conference as the keynote, with the large screen,
very cool! Bill Gates will demonstrate Touch Wall, to technology enthusiasts s heart.
In addition to this sensory experience, a large meeting with more visual design,
service details, so to establish a corporate image, even at the meeting to set a region,
place the company's product or promotional display panels. Therefore, the
Conference has become a major part of marketing experience. Even a lot of
experience center, the user experience when there is a lecturer about the products you
use, is it not a small conference it!
   Today went to the Adi Sanlitun Apple Store to shop and experience, in fact, the
experience of garment center no particular bright spot, is nothing more than reflected
in the display, decorative, more complete product category.
    Experience outside the store in the Adi has a "find
themselves" in the region, in fact, a camera, can stand up there to record
the screen. I think this point is not very attractive idea, even a waste of resources, that
it is difficult to continue to have attractive, short life cycle, but the content and brand
has little to do. Adi experience within the museum include all the relevant brands. I
can only say this: just clothing, there is nothing special about it. Does not deserve to
"Experience Center" is the title.
    Apple store experience looks thin, big long table on which side has the products,
casual users can store their favorite products experience, nothing more.
    Apple store experience, there are several good places to do more, there is a regular
topic of a talk on related product knowledge. Another is that here you can easily
experience, sales staff will not take the initiative to bother you, if you have questions,
you looked up and around will certainly be wearing a uniform of a consultant.

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