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1 Marx's missing: the age, culture, region
(1) human capital, macro: Science and technology are primary productive forces,
micro: human (intelligence, ability) to employ the capital, two-way selection and
(2) monopoly of power, the power involved in division of surplus value, rent-seeking
(3) primitive accumulation, 1) political speculation, 2) emotional investment.
(4) human and social development model. Scientific socialism is the ideal, historical
materialism, dialectical materialism.
(5) understanding of the capitalists, the capital phase of capitalist primitive
accumulation. Exploitation: the ability to allocate capital and profits. Is the
composition of wage costs, but also labor in the allocation of profits. No residual
value, there is no longer necessary value. Eggs and chicken.
2 of Marxist theory and Communism: Marxist theories have been politicians use.
Marxist theoretical system, 100% correct philosophy (dialectical materialism), which
is based on both historical and philosophical criticism and inheritance. But precisely
because one hundred percent right, so it is difficult development, and also of little
value, only the United States incomplete, valuable things are defective and
development space. Followed by economics, it is critical for realistic and research.
Limited at the time of the history and reality, the development of history to prove its
limitations. The least accurate of scientific socialism. Politicians in the use of his
theory, but also changed its forecast path. Theory is gray, evergreen tree of practice.
Primitive communism was based on the nature of dependence had to be so, is the man
so passive. History is irreversible, as long as the selfishness of people change,
communism will always be an ideal and ultimate.
3 of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics (micro-economic
system: the external market, internal plans, stock separation of powers,
parent-subsidiary group of the living costs, death ratio, the contract system.)
(1) relationship, you have me, I have you
(2) fuzzy, not 100%
(3) monopoly, state-owned enterprises
(4) The power to influence public morals private morality
(5) macro-control mode, after the brake, belated. High, as high blood pressure.
(6) government-run and private, ancient and modern
3 Political and economic
Classical economics known as political economy, shows an intimate relationship
between political and economic. Politics and economy are two sides of a coin.
Individuals engaged in economic (business wealth) will require political vision and
political relations. Government officials need to have economic mind and economic
means. Management sometimes need to use political tactics. Considered inseparable
from political and macroeconomic issues. Government policy should stand on purely
political point of view and should not stand in the economic point of view.
Sometimes, Xu Yong economic means to solve political problems, sometimes, to
solve economic problems Xuyong politicking.
4 economies of scale - scale of the economy, the internal economy - external
diseconomies, economies of scope, transaction costs, organization costs
Economies of scale and the scale of the economy, in the general sense, with the
increase 总 量 to leverage and optimize existing resources, particularly diluted
Guding cost section so that produce 规模 benefits, but the scale larger, the greater
difficulty of management, The higher capacity requirements for managers,
organizational structure and processes must change to adapt to the increase in size, so
with the quantitative scale, the change is marginal benefit curve inflection point, from
economies of scale into the scale of the economy during this period there appropriate
scale. As an enterprise, large, not necessarily strong, is not necessarily good, the state
is true, the state greater, the more difficult governance, rule of Taiwan Chiang, Mao
Chinese government, in addition to the original foundation, political movements, the
external environment and other reasons, the large inland , the great, complex system is
one of the reasons behind the development.
5 BC VI Jizhi Gong Yuan 11 century is the era of knowledge-winning, technical
factors is not enough to reflect the importance of it too. Knowledge of the world are
busy with the accumulation of Bacon: "Knowledge is power."
Form of government that is the national management system, humanities, cultural
style, social principles, ontology and purpose, and so on, are human conscious
awareness of self and society will inevitably have to read materials on the subject.
George. George Brandes: "In fact, the existence of some historical
knowledge will no doubt destroy a person's vitality, the creativity of a
nation choking." Lu Xun "Do something new voice in a foreign
land." "The idea rampant in the snobbish, ignorant of whom are
non-Debate." ("Cultural bias to the theory")
6 weeks Rong Yi Li Wang appointment responsible for the management of public
finances, the "people" in many of the industries nationalized,
government-exclusive patent, cut off the "people" cutting,
hunting, fishing and other economic resources. Coupled with strict restrictions on
freedom of expression dynasty high-handed policy, "people"
had had enough, so at riots, sent packing, Li Wang, searching for the Prince (called
the public's son, like "The Orphan of Chao" preview),
that "the Republican System. " China heads the first time of the
absence of government management, and call the public, two co-regent Duke, which
is also shared with the Spartans to implement two-phase if the ruling political system,
at least on the surface photogenic though. "Republican" with Li
Wang died during flight, re-ascended the throne and Prince ended. The psychological
impact of this incident a number of intellectuals, "demise" of
the     doctrine     that    such    a    political    background       came    out     of.
"Demise"               one        step        further      is        the
"election." History has repeatedly proven the family rule is
unreasonable, but also "the Republican administration,"
"abdication theory" in the background, Shang Yang, Xiao of
Qin why not choose the Republican system?