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					Draft Common Frame of Reference and Other
                  European Developments
   Time of General Transition – Decisive Steps
    for Further Development of the Private Law in
   The Idea Of The Common Frame Of Reference
   An Academic Project
   A Political Project
   The Academic Draft of the Common Frame of
   The Idea of a „Restatement” or a Code?
   The Interim Outline Edition of the Common
    Frame of Reference
   Roads to the Draft Common Frame of
   The Lando Group and the Principles of
    European Contract Law
   The Comparative Model of the Rule – Making
   Is the PECL a Restatement of the European
   The Common Rules or the Best Rules
   The Study Group on European Civil Code
   Continuation of the Lando – Group
   Beyond the Boundaries of the Contract Law
   Specific Contracts
   Tort Law
   Secured Transactions in Movables
   Transfer of Property
   Benevolent Intervention and Unjustified
   PECL and acquis communautaire – a deficit
   Consumer Law Compendium
   The Idea of the Acquis Group (Research Group on
    Existing Principles of European Private Law)
   The Acquis Principles – a „Restatement” of the
    splitted acquis communautaire
   A Coherent Set of the Acquis – Rules. A Problem
    of Generalization of the specific acquis rules
   The Idea for a new Structure – Towards a New
    Systematic (The Mirror – Structure)
   Acquis Principles – Interim Edition and Further
   Revised PECL + other Works of the Study
    Group + Acquis Principles = Draft Common
    Frame of Reference
   Drafting and Compilation Team on The
    Common Frame of Reference
   Discussion on the DCFR
   The optional Instruments and the Idea of the
    „Blue Button” of Hans Schulte – Noelke
   The Political Development
   The Horizontal Directive is going to come!
   Horizontal Directive – a Question of the
    Maximum Harmonization – the consequences
    for the Codified Systems
   The „Political Draft Common Frame of
   Other Projects on the European Private Law
   Work of „Evaluation Teams”
   Economic Assesment Group
   „Projet de Cadre Commun de Référence”
   Terminologie Contractuelle Commune
   Principies Contractuels Communs
   The Project of the Gandolfi – Group
   The „Common Core” Project
   The Casebook Project
   The academic next steps
   The Idea of the European Law Institute
   www.acquis-group.org
   www.law-net.eu