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China's economy is experiencing the problem?
China's economy is experiencing the problem?
1, China needs to adapt to national conditions of Economics
2, the socialist economy and the causes of economic cycles
3, the economic implications of China threat
4, the mystery of the stock market misappropriating
5, the financial assault and seizing a new form of contemporary capital agglomeration
6, China's development need to find the right idea
7, Yasukuni so radical
8, the stock market is a virtual economy
9, the preferred economic model is "mixed economy"
10, China should develop its own global strategy
11, the network of colonial and network security
12, China must participate in "globalization"
He was originally a new chapter in the March 8, 2000 to accept,
"LESTER" an independent interview conversation. Summary of
this article has been published in the March 2000 / April of the "wide-angle
lens" magazine (Hong Kong Version).
1, China needs to adapt to national conditions of Economics
Reporter: In the Chinese academic, you are full of controversy and legend, has always
been a "heresy," said, "fighter" reputation.
But more than a decade of world development, whether or freely about the direction
of China's development, many of the recommendations is to be your top
policy adopted and translated into reality. Now you predict what China's
development prospects?
He Xin: I did not tell you less "legendary."
Reporter: I have studied your "economic and political
TECHNOLOGY." I note that since the real from the early 90s,
you've been speaking, neo-classical or neo-liberal economics, misled
China's reform.
He Xin: China's economy has two traditions. One is the pragmatic tradition,
which is reflected in Mao Zedong, Chen Yun and others on China's
economic policy design and formulation of principles of economics in the tradition of
pragmatic policies.
There is also a tradition of theoretical economics. Over a long time, our pure
theoretical economics from the economic realities of deficiencies. Divorced from
reality in two ways. Before the introduction of Soviet-style reform, political economy,
is a concept from the real system. The reforms introduced Western liberal economics,
is a play with the concept of abstract model from the actual system. So in fact, China
has still not formed their own, to adapt to economic conditions in China.
Reporter: Do you think that Anglo-American neo-liberalism and Soviet-style political
economy is essentially the same ideology. But in fact the two are mutually exclusive.
He Xin: the ideology of the Soviet school, with the Anglo-American ideology is the
opposite school. However, although the two theories appear to the contrary, the
essence is very similar. This is a "unity of opposites."
Indeed, between them, mutual criticism against each other. But that is just
"talk the chicken, then chicken, duck duck, then say," both
wrong, but he does not mean this to the wrong.
They are based on subjective ideology (which some ideal economic model for the
virtual: the former is a centrally planned economy, which is perfectly competitive free
market economy) to distort the reality of economic life.
Modern China did not produce their own independent economic system. As the
modern Chinese economy's long-term long position in a developed, the
Chinese students in the field of economics has always been. People are superstitious
and mimic the pre-reform political economy of the Soviet model. Reform Samuelson
superstition and imitate a class of neo-liberalism. Position from left to right, but
always believed in the ideology of economics (pseudo-science).
China's so-called "mainstream" economics, what is it?
Marx in "Capital" in mocking the German economy,
"they always just students, blind obedience and imitation, large foreign
firms     in    the    retail    foreign    goods   of    small     traders."
("Capital", Volume 1, 2nd Edition Postscript)
This little one-sided criticism of Marx, in fact, has been formed at the German
Historical School represented by Liszt Economics. Is extremely important and very
unique. But this criticism Daoshi situation in China has appropriate economic theory.
Because China has also been formed to meet China's national conditions
and policies, the policy principles of economics system.
Using the wrong theory of inevitable errors in the guide.
A typical example is the 1989-1990 when almost all economists, the real economic
difficulties in China misjudgment. At that time mainstream economists argue that
rising prices had occurred because of economic difficulties, is due to an overheated
economy? Quot; total demand is greater than aggregate supply. "This view
has repeatedly been written into the
1988-1990 "Government Work Report."
Reporter: Where mistakes?
He Xin: The oversight is to open the package as a result of price inflation, as inflation.
In 1988 -1989 I have produced a wrong impression. By 1990, I realized that this is a
This is actually from 1988, a theory of my mistakes.
Reporter: you?
He Xin: Yes. In 1988, I am in the "Economic Weekly" and
Hong Kong's "Ming Pao Monthly," published a set
for the launch of the abolition of price controls Zhao criticism of the policy paper,
entitled "View from the inflation and the reasons for failure of economic
reform." In the article, I explicitly address the prevailing economic
situation and the introduction of the "inflation" concept - has
rarely been argued that socialism has inflation. The paper said:
"I think the Chinese economy in recent years occurred in the phenomenon
of price increases is due to economic scrutiny and policy failures as a result of
hyperinflation. Rather than a reasonable, from well-planned, and thus the direction
and consequences can be well controlled benign price reform. "
"According to the usual definition, the so-called inflation, that is, the
general     level    of    prices     generally    increase    significantly."
"Chinese renaissance and the future of the world" under the
Volume 513.
Articles in this group was caused by the most senior leaders of the attention in the
economics of my earliest speeches.
My thesis in this group against inflation, that is, Zhang Wuchang, Friedman to Zhao
Ziyang to the beginning of 1988 and was adopted as proposed, so Zhang Wuchang
succeed "excited", "sleepless nights"
estimate the possible social unrest triggered the so-called "package release
(one step)", "long illness as a short illness," the
"price reform" program. See book page 16.
My criticism was to become an open field from the theory, strong voices and shook
the senior leadership, causing the top of this reform may lead to awareness of the
social consequences.
But on the other hand, I was the argument is based on the
"inflation"              and          "demand",
"total supply" an inaccurate economic concepts such as
Reporter: Why?
He Xin: inflation is special and the concept of currency or curr

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