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									Early life Alan Alan Rickman
Alan Alan Rickman
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Early life
   ?Rickman was born in Lunduihanmo Smith (Hammersmith) a working class family.
His mother, Margaret Doering Rose (Margaret Doreen Rose) is a Welsh, she is
Methodist church, housewives. His father, 伯纳德里克曼 (Bernard Rickman) is
Irish, he is a Catholic, factory workers. (Note 1, Note 2) Richman 8 years old, his
father died, and his mother were raising four children. She has remarried, but after
three years with Richman's stepfather divorced. "In only a true
love of her life." (Note 2) from the La Timo Hammersmith School
(Latymer Upper School) after graduation, Richman entered the Chelsea College of Art
(Chelsea College of Art), and began his Soho (Soho) (Note 3) painter of the road.
Later, he received a scholarship in 1972-1974 at the Royal Academy of Drama Arts
(Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) study.

School, he was Nigel ? by Stockhausen (Nigel Hawthorne) and Sir Ralph Richardson ?
(Sir Ralph Richardson) when the makeup artist to feed themselves. (Note 4) school,
he has received several awards, such as Emily ? Merritt Award (Emile Littler Prize),
the Forbes Robertson Prize (Forbes Robertson Prize) and the Bancroft Gold Medal
(Bancroft Gold Medal). Since then, he became Britain's most outstanding
and most versatile actor of stage and television actor. (Note 5)

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