Discussion on the Long Tail Theory by fdjerue7eeu


									Discussion on the Long Tail Theory
More than a year ago, I looked up "long tail" this book. After
reading the feeling that this is a new theory, yes, but it seems difficult to apply, and
many other leading edge business economics, marketing theory, such as
"Blue           Ocean       Strategy,"          "experience
economy", have all prospered, but the real use of those, 10,000 had no one.
This is one of my many previous confusion. Read so many theories, what use, what
kind of produce the real productivity? Productivity did not produce what is
meaningless. So the world's new economy, new theories, new ideas
emerging, to see those millions, millions of dollars, but truly rewarding those who
actually produce economic benefits, minimal, often sigh, Reading what purpose?
But today to participate in commercial marketing for Gifted war camp, the instructor
repeated the long tail, so I immediately had a reaction, and I think the opportunities in
the near future, network, set up the association, perhaps, can produce effects of a long
tail .
To truly produce long tail effect, to really put together, very dependent on network
technology, relies on Internet marketing, the true prevalence of e-commerce. Only the
network can achieve unlimited supply of cheap shelves, a stage for the long tail put on
sale for those who wish to choose.
In fact, I find that the current e-commerce, it is unwittingly towards tail. Many
e-commerce, are unwittingly toward a true market segments, narrow niche market, to
put online the next business point of view, is the real long tail, is the line beyond the
business to operate. This is exactly the vitality of e-commerce: from traditional
markets 80/20 to reverse its move towards the market it can not match the gap.
Although I firmly believe that the future of e-commerce will replace traditional
business greatly, from tail to 80/20, but at present, e-commerce to do long tail, is the
most appropriate choice.
This is exactly the time I am firmly in the thinking and pursuing, in the end a long tail
which can be enough to put a long, really from the dragon dance Vientiane.

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