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March 12, 2010 Friday, clear
                  Beautiful little doves
   Home from school this afternoon, my mother and I prepared to go to kindergarten
to her sister. Suddenly went halfway, and saw two beautiful little doves. They look
more beautiful ah! White feathers, red eyes, even the claws are so good-looking. I
carefully observed the mother Talia What is the difference, and then give them a name.
Looked for a long time I stood in front of the cage and found a large pigeon wings,
tail feathers a lot. Mother said: "This may be the public." I
thought, said: "call it a long tail general it!" His mother said:
"OK." I gave a short tail pigeon a name, called the
"skirt princess." We reluctantly left.
?March 13, 2010 Saturday, rain
       ?Tipping really fun music
   Today, we had lunch with the family to dump music to play. Along the way we are
talking and laughing. Got there, I saw many people, like a human sea. My sister and I
start to play the slide. Played five minutes, her mother said: "We play
corners of it!" Play tired, rest for a while, we play Ocean ball. We play
Leap the bed. Sister said: "Leap the bed like a fly as well."
Sister really good time at the top flexible. Time really flies, we were reluctant to leave,
happily home.
March 14, 2010 Sunday, overcast light rain
               My watercolor brush
   Today, my mother bought me a box of very beautiful and lovely watercolor brush. I
would love it! Painted a cute bear out, how happy smiling mouth! Inside a colorful
crayon. I will use it to draw a beautiful, lifelike picture. Watercolor brush gives me
confidence, I like my watercolor pen!
March 15, 2010 Monday, light rain
   High-rise to be at Ryan West, Feiyun River north, 56,57 dart through and through.
Here bayberry production, and excellent ecological environment, Myrica special
sweet and delicious appetizers beauty, cheap, attractive P Plus guests. Welcome to the
March 16, 2010 Tuesday, cloudy
                     I am a good boy
    After school today, I walk in the road, saw a gray-haired old lady, holding a
walking stick. She accidentally slipped. I see, and quickly ran to help the old lady up.
Grandmother said: "Thank you very much." I said gently:
"I take you home!" I held on to grandmother walked step by
step, to the old lady's home. Grandmother moved to say: "how
can I thank you!" I said: "Never mind, this trivia is what I
should do." The teacher said: "Who needs help, we will
enthusiastically help others." Returning home, I bring the issue to the
investors and told her mother, her mother said: "You're a good
boy." My heart was flattered. I can not help but think of the teacher to say:
"" help others, you can get help from others.
  I was a little girl who must go on helping others.
  As long as everyone contributes a little love, society will become more beautiful.
March 17, 2010 Wednesday Fine
                   My math book
    I have a beautiful and lovely mathematical. Painted cover of the book Mathematics
of three naughty children, there is a little girl, wearing long braids, like the tail of the
animals, on the back of swaying. Her eyes Hushanhushan's. A small boy,
his face small two Mimi's, chest fluttering colorful scarf, can be exalted!
There is also a little boy, his eyes usually round and bright, long with thick eyebrows.
    Look, they're doing it by hand! Can do serious, careful too! They sat on
the grass, enjoy the surrounding scenery. Grass poking from the ground, trees, little
shoots spit. Meadow flowers bloom, blossom, flowers. Cheerful stream in heartily
singing ...... Ding Dong Ding Dong. . . . . .
    I like my math book, I want to take better care of it!

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