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									Deconstruction Huawei
?Editor's Note / by the Chinese Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS,
the Chinese business newspaper publisher Jinbei competitiveness led research team,
in the "competitive economics" based on the theory of
"China          Business,          a"        common         developed
"Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises Monitoring System" -
CBCM (China Business Competitiveness Monitor). The System was recognized as
the government and the academic scholarship application-oriented paradigm. From
the end of 2002, CBCM continuous monitoring system more than 1,200 listed
companies on domestic and some non-listed companies, foreign enterprises in China
brand competitiveness monitoring. Currently, the system already has more than 600
million data have been hundreds of foreign-funded enterprises to varying degrees in
the monitoring results on CBCM be applied. Enterprises can take advantage of its
long-term continuous monitoring results, clearly see their competitive situation in the
industry curve.
CBCM system based on monitoring results, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
and the Chinese Institute of Industrial Economics Research Institute has been
continuously      operating       newspaper      published      7     years    together,
"Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises", the report has
become a stock of comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese enterprises
authoritative data, Based on the launch of the "China Business
Competitiveness Annual Conference", also a seventh has been successfully
held for government officials, enterprise managers build a platform for high-end.
In the current competitive will be held in December 2009. In the global financial
crisis deeply troubled Kuxun business prospects, but also to observe the corporate
competitiveness of our new perspective. In this annual meeting, we will focus on
looking for those in crisis, still maintain their strong competitiveness of enterprises,
through our continuous tracking of the company to reveal the source of their
competitive strength. In a large number of Chinese enterprises, through the layers of
screening, we finally determine Huawei, BYD and Conch Cement as our object of
study. No doubt, they have every reason to become an outstanding representative of
business. Starting from this issue, we would continue to serve you our research
This is also a created a hero heroic achievements by businesses, which is an early
stage in the development of third world rhetoric there must be one of the company,
which is considered a real Chinese enterprises to the world, this is a 20-year always
stick to the road every day for their own business, this is an unassuming but many
people look to attract business, this is a news media refuse to understand business.
Huawei body, this system is the "Basic Law",
"coyotes" culture, mattress culture. But "never
within our 'coyotes culture' and 'mattress
culture' argument, these are critical to our lessons. The core of our
corporate culture thing is: customer focus, teamwork, and work and plain
living." Huawei Technology Branding Brand Manager Guke Hui said.
Although "Gen Sui-type player," the Shenfen known, but it is
very clear about Huawei and Ericsson, the gap between the industry bellwether - 2008,
Huawei's per capita productivity is 21 million, while Ericsson is 350
thousand U.S. dollars.
Now, Huawei is still not free from cost overrun caused by stimulating role. The cost
overrun out of corporate social responsibility, including cost and the cost of Huawei
countries, most notably the demographic dividend, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and other
companies where the state can not provide such a low manufacturing cost; inward
while the cost overrun including employee benefits, compensation,
Huawei's R & D personnel in more than the number of
competitors, but the R & D costs are much lower than competitors.
1988, 1998, 2008, Huawei seems to encounter a ceiling every 10 years. How do we
interpret Huawei across the ceiling, while also waiting for Huawei's next
"Heroes" behind the "survival anxiety"
Author: Wang Huafeng
Core Reading
There is no doubt in the minds of Huawei staff, especially those who work in Huawei
employees as long as 10 years in mind, president of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei is the soul
and hero: "No Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's forward-looking strategy
will be lowered."
However, he did not think so Ren Zhengfei. "Huawei does not need heroes.
Zhengfei often say that a hero is not one of the best companies. The past is the
foundation laid by the hero, and now rely on process, by platform, no longer rely on a
capable person." 1 Ren Zhengfei people close to tell, "China
Business" reporter.
"Anxiety are to survive, succeed paranoid." This is the famous
Ren Zhengfei, which means that success is paranoia, and survival depend on the
anxious bench. In every respect the "heroes" behind Ren
Zhengfei, Huawei this at 20 years of "anxiety are" how to
become "the most successful international enterprise"?
1, the core values of temper
Appears in the bo, Huawei's unique "dual core" is the
core of its success: "a nuclear core values is to" Huawei Basic
Law "as the representative of the core value is the value of corporate
culture; the second core is the core competitiveness. In Huawei, based on core
competence management as the core. "bo is a Chinese People's
University School of Public Administration Organization and Human Resources
professor and doctoral tutor, since 1995, Huawei as a management consultant,
is" Huawei Basic Law, "the drafters of one.
    ?Find a common language
Huawei's core values from scratch, from molding to improve, so far lasted
20 years. Even today, Huawei continues to explore the core values in the upgrade. In
fact, March 23, 1998, "Huawei Basic Law" was adopted and
before the start, in addition to Ren Zhengfei and a handful of people, the vast majority
of Huawei's core values of people of the so-called no idea. Then make
plans for the Huawei's expert advisory team (mainly by the Chinese
People's University professors) that the high growth of Huawei, the
increasing scale, more and more employees, management issues become increasingly
prominent, one of which is senior and middle-level cadres in the pursuit of the
enterprise's mission, core values and difficult to reach consensus, it is
difficult to communicate.
China Management Consulting Ltd, chairman of the cornerstone, the famous
management consultant, Huawei's expert advisory group when he was head
of the Peng Jianfeng later with a very vivid metaphor to demonstrate the
circumstances. With the business expansion, staff size, and the enterprise level and the
reduction in grass-roots contacts, Ren Zhengfei found himself farther and farther
away from the middle leadership, will not be able to keep abreast of the work of
subordinate status and ideas. For those who do not understand the idea of employees
Ren Zhengfei, the boss, then more and more difficult to understand, that the boss
saying, "birds" and understand the owner's intent to
become more and more difficult, so every day wondering what the boss would like to .
At the same time, the boss also felt the lack of the following are increasingly savvy,
"as stupid as a pig." Employees understand the boss's
intent can not be prepared confused, Ren Zhengfei also because they can not be
understood and painful, both sides need to establish a common language systems and
communication channels. The refinement and elaboration of the core values is to find
the "bird" and "pig" a common language
For this reason, in discussing "Huawei Basic Law," the basic
framework of the design, Ren Zhengfei on a request that "Huawei Basic
Law" to establish the business deal with the fundamental contradiction
between inside and outside the law, establishing a clear common language system that
is the core business values, as well as guidance Huawei's future growth and
development of the basic operating policies and management rules. "How
will our precious and painful years of accumulation and exploration industry in
absorbing the best ideas and methods, then a step further, as the theory guide us in
advance to avoid falling into empiricism, which is to develop" Huawei
Basic Law " basic position. "'s speech in
1998" from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom ", the
Ren Zhengfei put a" belated. "
In the development of "Huawei Basic Law" process, Ren
Zhengfei and exchange of very large group of experts. Expert Group's
office in his office next door, in memory of Peng Jianfeng, when the experts have told
Ren Zhengfei chat almost every day, "he tends to come chat.
On" Huawei Basic "there is 9 times the formal discussion, in
addition to with at least one 20 informal discussions. In fact, through this process, Ren
Zhengfei also completed a deepening of Huawei's future development and
systems thinking. "
"Huawei's Basic Law," the preparation and drafting
process lasted three years, Huawei has experienced more than 800 people from 1995
to 1998, nearly two million high-speed development. March 1998, after 10 deletion,
up to 16,475 words, "Huawei Basic Law" was finalized.
"For Huawei," Huawei's Basic Law, "at
least three aspects of the role." Peng Jianfeng later evaluation, the biggest
role is to translate into real high-level thinking that we can see and feel things, to
make high-level and between staff able to reach consensus, "This is a
power of intelligent process." Huawei Basic Law "in the unity,
cohesion of staff and so the role of the immeasurable." Second,
"Huawei's Basic Law," after the introduction of a
competing domestic and international business pursuit, study model, greatly
increasing social awareness and customer Huawei Huawei brand identity. Third, it
fostered a leadership team of Huawei.
Bo in the eyes of another person, "Huawei's Basic
Law," the role and significance of more specific: "I always
thought that" Huawei Basic Law "is the Charter of
Huawei's management or cultural charter. It is not just a cultural exposition,
it Huawei to upgrade their management to encourage the establishment of their own
management system, in this sense, it is a milestone. "
Basic "change"
However, the stand point of view look at today, "Huawei's Basic
Law," "the contents of which are almost always
change." Peng Jianfeng, this is because the magnitude of business, mission
and pursuit are not the same. "At that time proposed the
'world-class companies' objectives have been reached, but the
'lead' the word did not reach."
That "Huawei Basic Law" needs to change not only Peng
Jianfeng. From "Huawei Basic" to implement a full 10 years
after the promulgation, December 19, 2008 afternoon, visit the company's
internal forum "community voice" of Huawei staff found that
there more of a "Forum's core values." Borrow
"One World, One Dream" Olympic symbols language, the
Forum's defenders - "The Working Group's core
values of order" raised "the same Huawei, the same
vision," the slogan of the initiative to participate in all Huawei "
sharing and creation of this discussion. " Submitted to the nearly 90,000
employees of the Record of Huawei Huawei EMT (Executive Management Team, the
management team) will be the company's core values, from 673 the year
re-refined word for "hard work, self-criticism, team cooperation, sincerity
and trustworthiness , achievements customers, open enterprise, "24 words,
and to illustrate and explain one by one.
"We have no scarcity of resources can rely on, only hard to win respect and
trust of customers", "only by adhering to self-criticism, to listen,
give and continue to surpass in order to more easily collaborate with others to respect
others and to achieve customer company, team and individual and common
development "and" victory is celebrated toast, Baize desperate
is extended, "" we only magnanimous and sincere heart, can
deliver its promises to keep, "" to provide effective services, is
the direction of our work and value of the evaluation scale, customer success is our
success "," Any advanced technology, products, solutions and
business management into a business success can only create value "... ...
This is a brutal competition in the has gone through a 20-year survival, development,
and growing international business experience and lessons from the heart.
"Huawei's development today, would try to rely on"
Basic "and then what by a system of such a large company to all thinking
clearly, I think unrealistic." Talking about the continuation of this still great
discussion Peng Jianfeng said, "but its significance lies in the core values
of the same time make people aware of all Huawei, Huawei's basic core
values can be integrated, and is always been the same, such as value-oriented
"To realize that customer service is the only reason Huawei
exists." April 28, 2005, Ren Zhengfei central group in the Guangdong
Provincial      CPC      Committee    held     a    "learning       forum      in
Guangdong," the 16th conference of the report as "Huawei core
values, "says project report.
2, the third stage
Back in early 2008, an internal meeting, Ren Zhengfei, says that Huawei will be the
coming economic crisis, the biggest beneficiary.
Why Zhengfei dare this true? "IT managers in the world,"
writer Yunjie that this is because a more reasonable distribution of
Huawei's operations, the advantages of expanding the international market
is more prominent. In fact, Huawei has made a more rational distribution of support in
the international market, greater advantage is the management system of Huawei,
Huawei, its external manifestation is "dual core" of the other
core - the core competitiveness.
If the value from the representative of the core values of corporate culture can be seen
in Huawei's soul, then the core competitiveness from Huawei cultivation
process, may be able to clearly see the giant Huawei has grown from a
child's footprints.
To the regular army from Tuba Lu
You want to know how Huawei to build the core competitiveness and future
development, it should first of Huawei path. Whatever you do do the domestic market
or international market, Huawei has remained true to some of the key elements of
success for an enterprise, these key elements is the most important support.
"When we do," Huawei Basic Law "is a
breakthrough from this problem. Huawei's why the success is because it
has these key elements; to achieve greater success, but also what the ingredients of
success? It what to do next in the international market level, it can be what kind of
company, in fact, was a continuation of past success factors and success factors of
adding the new. "bo said.
From this perspective, Huawei's growth can be divided into three stages.
Established from 1988 to 1998, "Huawei Basic Law" final,
"This is basically a hard struggle to find their own patterns and areas of the
stage, is pioneering stage." Huawei bo called this period the
"red years", while is also a "passionate, not
management" era. "Age is a passion to help young people, a
bunch of people who have no money, eyes braved the green light to begin stealing
money in the market. By 1997, Huawei has basically established their business,
determined to do their own, determined in a relatively stable market position.
"so-called" stable position "is very difficult to re-die
business, earn to feed themselves.
From 1998 to 2008, the second decade, is the second phase of Huawei. In this decade,
Huawei's enterprise platform to do, the market did, and product
diversification, and staff and more complex, Huawei started to realize the importance
of management, while in fact, this decade is the overall management system of
Huawei formation stage.
Huawei to promote "comprehensive introduction of world-class
management," the motivation is that Ren Zhengfei really aware of the
"Tuba Lu" and "regular" gap. That time,
have accumulated some experience and capital, Huawei gradually from the
"red decade" of the ignorant and the excitement in the wake of
"Huawei Basic Law" in the pursuit of their own as the
"world leader", and fully aware of their and about to face a huge
gap between the rivals. To this end, Ren Zhengfei proposed "second
pioneering" Huawei has become the most popular saying at that time. In
the 1998 speech "from the realm of necessity to a free
kingdom", the Ren Zhengfei said Huawei second goal of business is
sustainable development, the "spend ten years to work with international
practice. It is characterized to dilute the entrepreneur's personal, strengthen
professional management. the personal charm, traction spiritual, personal drive to
become a kind of atmosphere, it forms a field, to promote and guide the proper
development of enterprises. "
Although the storm has gone through 10 years, but has also had a place in the industry,
but in the eyes Ren Zhengfei, the lack of world-class management system, Huawei
still only be considered "Tuba Lu." "Is wearing
sandals, head wearing white towel, holding 38 caps and haunted Qingsha Zhang, and
then buried in a mine, put a sniper or something. This is a true portrayal of the early
Huawei is very appropriate." Bo said, "but Huawei aims and
regular operations and the regular army to fight only one option is to turn oneself into
a regular army. the regular army to take off their sandals for shoes, leather shoes, but
China has not only pay big bucks to the United States buy, pay big bucks Buy
American management system. "
Huawei's first "buy" is well-known consulting firm,
American interests (HAY) human resources management system. However, in this
platform to build up after Huawei was found not enough, after the whole process is
introduced from IBM, including the IPD (Integrated Product Development), ISC
(integrated supply chain) and is still ongoing in the IFS (integrated financial
restructuring) . "IBM to Huawei from 1998 till now has not stopped, the
process is actually build process, create a flow structure. Huawei IT can withstand the
winter and twice a severe test of the global economic crisis, largely relying on its
management system in work, also proved the reliability of this management system.
"bo considered, including the 2008 Love for the world's first
patent application for a world-class records are actually strengthening the
management of the consequences.
"Soft power" of the times
Now, Ren Zhengfei earlier proposal of "one-third of the world
telecommunications market, Huawei must have a seat," the dream has
largely been achieved, then the way how to get? Bo that Huawei's
development has entered the "whole building soft power" of the
third stage, a balanced attitude slowly to "gray" attitude toward
peace, to reason, "this phase has just begun, often a few years later to see
clearly. The management system to continuously optimize verification, the road is
relatively long, I think this process at least a decade about it. "
And Peng Jianfeng are told reporters on the "soft power", Ren
Zhengfei "more concerned about more than ten years ago." He
used "rite of passage" to describe the 20 anniversary of the
founding of Huawei, and that Ren Zhengfei early start before a comprehensive
reflection. "Since May 31, 2008 to April 2009, he was always fighting at
five systems were five awards ceremony speech, the speech is in fact the"
Huawei Basic Law "to critically rethink the past, Huawei , present and
future, just not this way by the Basic Law. In fact, you look carefully, he thought in a
comprehensive Huawei how to get to the next question. "
Peng Jianfeng highlighted in the first article is Zhengfei early 2009's,
"who call for fire, how to provide timely fire support." This is a
marketing system for Huawei's article, the core is stressed decentralization.
"Huawei's development today, afraid of big enterprises disease,
fear of bureaucratic, bureaucrats begin from headquarters. Huawei has always been a
totalitarian, centralized, and Ren Zhengfei thinking now is how to change this
centralization to decentralization, sustainable decentralization, to hear the real fire of
the people (that first-line marketing staff) to do policy-making, which is the core of
his article. I think this is a major transformation of Huawei and Ren Zhengfei.
"Deep Beach Gardens, a low weir", is Ren Zhengfei April 24,
2009 fight at the operational and delivery system for speech recognition meeting.
Deep Beach Gardens, is the constant internal potential, reduce operating costs and to
provide more valuable service; low weir is moderate their greed, their retained profits
lower, more to customers, and treat upstream suppliers. "
"Huawei Ren Zhengfei is in fact reflect on the past and the competitive
relationship between the partners hope will be vicious competition into previously
healthy competition, to build the advantage of the value chain and reduce
costs." Peng Jianfeng that, "Huawei go today, profit margins
less and less, if the profits also depend on the past that at the cost of the mode of
operation at all costs, certainly faced the problem of declining profit margins. He
made this speech, in essence, that is, the efficiency within the enterprise to further
tapping the potential to improve profits rate. "
R & D system, his speech was "a rubble from the earthquake in
Wenchuan, a church built a century ago comes to mind is not down." This
article is actually emphasize the professional R & D problems, hope they
have a thankful heart, can work together to strive for excellence shop and go to
everything, focus on quality, not down to build the foundation for a century.
"Peng Jianfeng said to Ren Zhengfei 2008 to the present published several
articles with this together, can find him to reconsider" Huawei Basic Law
", the re-thinking how to get business in the next 20 years." If
you say "Huawei Basic Law" Huawei is an emancipation of the
past, then this series of articles is a new round of ideological emancipation, they solve
is how to take the responsibility of industry, how to maintain the continued prosperity
of business issues, sustainable competitiveness and global competition with the
problem. He thought the problem was, as a world-class enterprise, based on industry,
on globalization, Huawei to sustainable development. "
3, "limit" on the
The formation of the inertia of 20 years, Huawei will bring to where exactly? Would
like to know the answer, not just "anxiety hero who" Ren
July 21, 2009, IDG Yong Zhong Wei, deputy managing editor in an article entitled
"Huawei's growth will occur when the corner? "The
Bo text, references and a brief analysis of the Huawei sales data since 2002, Ericsson
and Nortel reference to major competitors such as Huawei, the historical trajectory,
analysis of the three risks faced by Huawei Zi Shen and referred to
possible" Large changes in the environment "after that, the
fast-growing corner of Huawei, should in turn by the following four reasons:
succession issues resolved; EMT team structure after a major reshuffle;
communications market comprehensive business and services from the device after
the shift; any boss retired, after they listened to others opinions.
A week later, "IT managers in the world," chief reporter,
"Huawei's world," one of the authors Ji Yongqing at
the FT published a signed article in the Chinese Internet, "Huawei second
time limit" that is about to enter the club's Huawei 500, it is
difficult to continue "vigorous flying ":" and
compared contemporary Lenovo and Haier, Huawei's development
momentum despite some of the more violent, but that does not mean it will not be
bound by the law of gravity: when 'follow-type players'
discovery previously not find Huawei to the number of leader, when low-cost
competition of Huawei found itself being gradually lost when, Huawei can escape the
fate of Chinese enterprises do? "
Huawei can not stop
However, bo that the four proposed Yong Zhong Wei, "Huawei
corner" because no one desirable. The network had some people interested
in discussing the "Ren Zhengfei, Huawei is not how" is simply
a false proposition. "For the past in terms of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei is
really a non-negative factors. But Ren Zhengfei retirement and the departure is certain,
nobody can change." Bo outspoken, "Huawei If there is no
management system, not the large platform, then Once the retired elderly, may
become a very serious problem. But in terms of today's Huawei, Ren
Zhengfei behind the enterprise strategy and management system is the most important,
as long as the sound of these two factors, Huawei's culture will surely
continue. "
"If suddenly there is no Zhengfei the short term, not a big problem, but it
will certainly affect the long term." Talking about this topic, Peng Jianfeng
words out carefully, "I think EMT is a team, everyone have their own
characteristics This is a Ren Zhengfei was formed through the 'dual
structure' under the 'nine yuan structure', nine-man
team actually implements a complementary. but not the words of Ren Zhengfei,
Huawei's biggest problem is lack of the spirit . "
", In a sense, Huawei's success is the success of entrepreneurs,
from this point of view, we can say there is no today without Zhengfei Huawei.
Huawei from a very small company, to today, its origin or entrepreneurs spirit.
Chinese enterprises, may rely on mechanisms for the next 30 years, by organization,
but over the past 30 years, indeed rely on entrepreneurs. "Peng Jianfeng
said," until now, I have contacted the company in the home, Ren Zhengfei
is the most 'heroes ', no one can match him. Now he is
committed to creating mechanisms for the organization, which is the mission of Ren
Zhengfei. he left, Huawei can not be sustainable development, which is his measure
of whether he is an important indicator of success. If In the management system of
further optimization, I think Huawei is fully capable of from good to great, with the
stereotype, this is a very good business. "
In Peng Jianfeng eyes, Ren Zhengfei biggest feature is the strong sense of crisis and
self-critical spirit. "Everyone says that Ren Zhengfei very authoritarian, in
fact he was only in a totalitarian form of a democratic way to go. Really like everyone
says tyranny, so overbearing, Huawei will go today?" Peng Jianfeng that
"this guy "face a very long bones absorb, integrate the views of
others," so I used a word, he often 'bloodbath' other
people's knowledge, the knowledge you take over, is in his blood inside a
circle, into his blood, This is his feature. "
However, a sense of crisis, self-critical spirit and the "bloodbath"
in the ability of the Ren Zhengfei, plus a reasonable management system, Huawei, we
will be able to continue today's splendid? If there is a subsequent impact in
the same area Huawei, Huawei how to do? "It depends on two aspects:
First, the correct decision. When faced with a crisis, when encountered in the corner,
executives can keep a cool he

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