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Interview with ginger is the new vice president of China Unicom: 116 114 set at the
world to achieve
March 22 message, in Boao, China International Tourism Forum held in the first
period, ginger is the new vice president of China Unicom, said Unicom had 116,114
of its information services, navigation platform upgrade, users dial 116 114
information service will be more convenient at the same time, China Unicom
launched Travel Information solution, vigorously strengthen the tourism industry,
efforts to expand information technology market.
Unicom 116 114 information service upgrade
"The current development of China Unicom 116,114 fine, traffic,
transactions both chain growth above 20%," Jiang said China Unicom is
new information that the development of navigation platform 116 114.
116 114 is the 114 upgrade, 114 in the community have a broad influence on the
awareness in the community can reach 90%. Before, China Telecom to name the
number of such information services know all, Crown Macau network, access number is 118 114, and China Unicom with 116,114 for
the information service platform.
It is reported that China Unicom to upgrade information navigation platform 116 114
service, users will can make voice calls, Internet, mobile phone WAP and storefront
access to a variety of forms such as travel, tickets, service information.
Jiang is noted that the new users, the upgrade of 116 114 visitors can meet air tickets,
hotel booking needs, gold gaming network profit training
ground south of Shandong fans even behind the national security alone against South
Korea fans, travel agents, tourist attractions around the facilities inquiries demand,
multi-language online translation needs, etc., greatly improve the visitor's
travel experience.
He said 116,114 tourists by Unicom voice, Internet, WAP phones and other means,
you can enjoy the air tickets, hotels, golf reservations and car rental services such as
rich. Meanwhile, China Unicom users can query call 116 114 Tourism Information,
attractions, dynamic and other attractions, the query results will be in the form of text
messages sent to user mobile phone, gold gaming net profit
From the perspective of institutional reform and strengthen the service capacity
According to recent reforms Unicom's headquarters, business operations
Unicom Unicom 116 114 book number will work with customer service hotline for
Unicom China Unicom merger of the letter, which will greatly enhance the capacity
of China Unicom 116 114 information service.
"116,114 have completely evolved into a provider of information services
and business applications platform, as long as the user dials can be completed with all
tourism services; Unicom also offers visitors location service, users can Zijia
You", ginger is new in that.
It is understood that mobile terminals are generally essential travel travel
communications products, is also an important tool for access to tourist information. It
is understood that 116,114 mobile phone users of China Unicom to provide the
national number search, category search, no counter-check, message forwarding,
direct dial and other basic functions, while providing air tickets, hotels and other
custom class service. China Unicom users through WAP site or client, you can
directly without opening the phone 116 114 service.
View of the current hot iPhone (Mobile Internet) phone, China Unicom has developed
iPhone version of mobile client and WAP site (, and increased
tourist attractions Map of Hainan Province, regardless of user physical location, travel
information can easily grasp.
In addition, China Unicom 116 114 Yellow Pages information is one of the products
of travel information, gold surplus account NBA game Guo
Ping was born in Germany the new champion doubles tournament held in Japan lost
gold, second half of 2009 , China Unicom publication "Tourism Yellow
Pages," which to meet the needs of different tourist groups for the purpose,
contents include scenic description, line promotion, catering, entertainment,
accommodation, shopping and other information.
"One provides the world"
Jiang is noted that the new China Unicom 116,114's slogan is
"One provides the world", Yao and the way to achieve the
upgrading services to 116,114 upgrade to the phone from voice services, Internet can
be used to create a user for the public, a voice-based, information platform for all
terminals, providing business travel services to the public, to achieve the most
convenient hotel reservation, air ticket booking, provide catering, flowers and other
services provided.
He also disclosed that 116 114 is not only for ordinary users, but also for the tourism
industry, business services, gold profit agency, China Unicom
has launched a tourism information solutions to 3G mobile, broadband and based
Internet technology, including digital management, digital services, digital area,
digital travel four parts, the level of tourism and improve the management of great
For example, China Unicom 116,114 Online Shop ( for the
travel and tourism companies in the information publishing platform,% E5% BE%
B7% E5% 9B% BD% E8% B5% 9B% E5% 9B% BD% E4% B9% 92% E8% AF%
9E% E7% 94% 9F% E6% 96% B0% E5% B7% A1% E5% 9B% 9E% E8% B5%
9B% E5% A5% B3% E5% 8D% 95% E5% 86% A0% E5% 86% 9B +% E5% A5%
B3% E5% 8F% 8C% E8% B4% 9F% E6% 97% A5% E6% 9C% AC% E4% B8%
A2% E9% 87% 91, nearly ten thousand companies are already registered, of which
more than 1,300 tourism enterprises. Speech by 116,114 tourists, visit the Web site,
etc. about travel, tourism products, attractions and other information surrounding
facilities, making travel more comfortable and convenient.
In addition, China Unicom also are doing mobile payment, gold betting net profit, including the regular payment, remote payment. The future,
users get a mobile phone can travel around with mobile search restaurants, roads and
other information, using a mobile phone to pay for consumption.

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