Crisis by fdjerue7eeu


   From the map, China's northern border with Mongolia, is a grassland,
northeastern mountains, the northwest is a Gobi Desert, southwest of the steep rugged
highland road, east, southeast, south by the sea in three directions around the most
objective of the natural environment For a long time to circle the Chinese people on
this rounded land, only the development of the North Cunzai out the relative
convenience channel, and a few thousand years since the alien invasion continued to
resist the construction of the Great Wall, from another angle it also prevented their
outward expansion pace. In addition to the history of the cruel Mongol armies of the
expedition, but also is the "Silk Road" to open up and Zheng
He's voyages were the two things from the land and sea and abroad to
establish a definite link. Yellow brought up to live in this land of the people, the
mother river of nourishment made fertile land suitable for growth, people gradually
clothed, also continue to create new culture, thriving economy, rising living standards,
people's needs are met , the idea would also tend to seek stability and
comfort, combined with farming civilization unique "sheep" of
Confucianism in-depth bone marrow of the Chinese people has always lacked the
aggressive and expansionist, but also can be understood as the conservative heart of
hearts of Chinese people .
   The corrupt government of the Qing Dynasty has always been reviled for the
people in the world, but some people think that is saved Manchu China, the Ming
dynasty of the Han Chinese have been bad to the bones, the nation has fallen into an
abyss fall under the Han Chinese has reached a dead stranger, if not the great love Luo
family feel the momentum change in the new course of history, China today may have
been stuffed into the pockets of the West. Chinese history, the most successful up to
the Qing Dynasty Emperor to the most fainting up to the Ming emperor, but the
erosion of Confucian thought is contains a very powerful force, the late Qing to the
streets of Beijing to see are all carrying Banner wandering around the cage descended,
Dorgon period Xiongbing forcing and vanished long ago, Chinese civilization had
been corrupted.
   Today, although the country has also been promoting patriotism and collectivism,
but the concept of people have already been assimilated liberal. 30 years of reform
and opening up, the rapid economic development, while the major impact of various
ideas and concepts from time to time the spark of inspired Pentium. But those who
want to go to elite schools the students are all working for foreign companies, the real
will of their own destiny and the destiny of the country were linked to very few.
Values have been blurred, the pursuit of what has become a loss. Jews have been
living in a precarious situation, which makes them have a sense of crisis from birth,
today's Israel, let the world become so strong full taste of the Jewish State
by a national cohesion, which is how enviable quality. But China is far from ready,
perhaps because Chinese society has become too peaceful, but how long this situation
can continue? Many people are worried about, more people will not think about.
   Our different countries and the United States, the United States system and the
relative concept of ordinary people agree, because it is bottom-up, so the United
States do not have to spend a lot of effort to control his people's thinking
and behavior, but so many of China population and poverty status of such a
Western-style democracy is if the world will be chaotic, to split when the Chinese will
set foot in the mire, so our current situation such a strong need for a Communist
regime, but ordinary people concerned about personal freedom and democracy, so to
control, in addition to control also need guidance. CPC's mission is huge,
in addition to solving the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people and development, but
also to resolve the issue of 1.3 billion people of faith, light solving the material
problems will not solve the lack of cohesion of the people with psychiatric problems,
there will be many countries Vulnerability can be used by the enemy, but the issue of
mental problems than physical material and more difficult to solve, because China has
no religion this tool, become the reality of materialism Rang Ren Min, realistic vision
of people there are limitations, so to find the Gong Tong beliefs country again
entrenched in the minds of thousands of Chinese people Confucius and Confucianism
he moved out, hoping to play on the cohesion of the entire nation assistance, and this
is not very wise, because there are many evil of Confucianism itself, He does not
inspire a sense of crisis, people will lack the courage to open up. The reason why late
Ming dynasty, the Han Chinese to the incurable state of great corruption and
degeneration due to Confucianism at work today, if China wants to revitalize and
strengthen the country must look for other ways you can use to find the real core
values, core values that are not the above requirements, "loyal to the party,
love the people, serve the country, dedicated to the mission of upholding
honor," and so the slogan of the ruling party who are created in order to
consolidate the ruling position of things, we can not just look down from above, only
from the upper to look under the result is the deterioration of formalism, we are
looking for people really care about and love the spirit, from the bottom up
perspective, it is freedom and democracy, in addition to need something else, a can to
individuals and nation linked to something, what is this thing, materialism, religious
people can also be used in addition to what, we still think one thing is certain, it is not
is now called "the realization of communism," This what kinds
of mutual deception. Crisis, it has always been.

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