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Liao big holiday is notoriously late, the ladies will vote or tell me on the 13th can not
buy tickets early, and most make me despair is that even the 14's are not
selling it, and Aunt generally counting my money side of the fight I said, 15 do not
necessarily buy, and buy not buy a 16 on the bar, I Oh, sigh, thought to myself with 17
to Feng Xiao, and this would be an exaggeration to say that is just short of the sleep
on the streets.
Nothing done on 13, 15, of the votes there for 2 days. Equal to 48 hours.
This can be 2 days of basic dream life, we come to the bedroom of the San Huofan
symbolic. Xin Colombia mainly do not intend to come back next semester, and we
count with breaking it after the break up does it mean that no period? After the mood
with a large non-Kaoyan good meal he took, in fact, we never eat the bedroom is no
shortage of reasons, even Xin brother refused their girl students to declare a class can
also be a reason for our eating and drinking, although is the dream life, but we are not
drinking 4 The reason why that's so tragic is because we eat very 4, with
big words that fly to eat each meal to stop the negative marginal utility, Although we
do not drink, but the whole process and results of basic and drink spit no different.
After dinner went to the night, the night is a very wonderful thing, basically after 2 in
the morning I was semi-conscious state. and when I when in this state can not help but
think back to some of the things some, Dr. Ma said I is latent depression, have to go to
a general sense the dead of night will show up, but I found was not the case, I would
like to Although the comparison of depression thing, but my thinking is very active,
non-stop thinking, clear thinking, like the time and tell yourself that you think is
useless, meaningless, but still wants their own, Dr. Ma said that you is
obsessive-compulsive disorder, a doctor in Malaysia to combat, I think I'm
a man too dangerous for society, then I do not Guannameduo, so I can think to write
them down arbitrarily and wanted me to write a little blog can also be associated with
mental illness, That is something the.
The tragic death two days later, I finally took the ladies to help me buy a train ticket
home, I passed 13 cars when the time without thinking and then go directly into the
compartment 14 away, people are really little, ah, Aunt is professional, ah, ah sigh,
and then politely told 34 students sitting in this seat is mine, and who the students
look of surprise, shook the frames on the bridge of the nose, as if my face in the
ceiling action, said the students you sure you do this car? result was I wrong, people
are +1 car, when I was struggling to trouble the 14 car when the train was near the
station of Shenyang, and found 34 No. I sat down opposite the two female students,
next to a female student, a look that is opposite the two students, next to the female
students also like myself, I stole glances my good glances around her, not because she
was beautiful because she was too shocking that false eyelashes, and I'm
afraid of her time stuck in the eye blink, there is medical malpractice, traffic accidents,
the accident came to you this smug is not good, opposite the two familiar, it is
estimated that our school, the familiar normal, not normal call out the name, because I
could not even name the girls of our department is also called incomplete, they are
two One is the heavy makeup, a prime makeup, students who more strong basic The
paintings are painted on, and finally covered his face with a handful of long-haired,
somewhat feeling chivalrous Gu Long novels that make people can not imagine
wearing the productivity of hundreds of years ago. home feeling and six months of
fatigue if that moment came, I stumbled and fell asleep, fuzzy in my mind the flying,
even though I think I'm not a fit person can afford to take, but I really think
of her I just remember thinking she would laugh, cry like that in my head non-stop
cycle, I would like to lose control of a computer, does not quite ask myself the
question, then stop the answer, and then stop the negative Of course, the problem is
on the fly.
So after about 1 hour, I smelled a very special fragrance, I looked up and across the
loading factor in the travel desk girls are lying asleep, I think it was the smell of her
perfume, and now I have already described not the kind of scent, and I feel very
familiar, even before I became obsessed with this scent, and then wake up opposite
classmates, I was surprised to find even the prime equipment and fly long girls so
similar, even sleepy feeling is the same dim, Is God laughing at me? I am keeping a
close eye her, she finally noticed a relatively insignificant in the eyes looking at her,
her makeup to her classmates from her backpack to take a magazine to her, pretending
to her eyes avoided my I was completely desperate, even with the delivery of a book
to be thanked, and thanked the tone is so similar, I really started to doubt myself
whether it is true, I began to anxiety, I can not control my own thoughts I began to
keep the fly, I was going crazy, or I have mad, only a thin collapsed. So I looked
exactly like flying across the female students, wait until the Golden State Station and
ran away like the train, when standing on the platform after I turned off my ticket, the
train started running, suddenly I back to the students who installed the windows Prime
looked through the glass of water vapor Mi Meng, I think I saw that big eyes, eyes
like a little doubt, more or witty. Fly? I muttered. My feet and watched the train far
sparse crowd toward the exit, they seem to have left me, that moment as if I am the
only stand still, surrounded alone.

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