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Corporate and social responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a contemporary
Western philosophy is the rise of a corporate ethics, the concept was first proposed by
the United Kingdom proposed, usually with key stakeholders, the value of phase
contact, complying with laws and respect the human, social and environmental series
of policies and practices. Corporate social responsibility is linked with the following
three areas: the sustainable competitiveness; to attract high quality investors; the
establishment of sustainable and more equitable growth mechanism, which would
include the poor benefit from all walks of life, including .
First, the background of corporate social responsibility to
"Corporate Social Responsibility" concept first put forward by
the Western developed countries, in recent years this idea is widely popular, even the
"Fortune" and "Forbes" This business
magazine ranking of the companies when they added the "social
responsibility" standard, see Western society's emphasis on
corporate social responsibility. The United Nations is to promote corporate social
responsibility play an important institution. After taking office, the new
Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the United Nations focus on great changes have taken
place, from the maintenance of national sovereignty more often from the civil rights
of maintenance. Given the vulnerability of globalization and international widening
gap, in view of the gap within countries are widening, and the inequitable distribution
of wealth and inequality, especially given the irrational development of some
enterprises to world security and the environment a huge threat, Annan presented to
the challenges of international business leaders that appeal to their own selfish
profit-making enterprise bound behavior, and take on more social responsibility.
January 1999, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the United Nations
Secretary      General      Kofi      Annan      proposed     the     "Global
Agreement", and in July 2000 was officially launched at United Nations
Headquarters. The agreement called for companies to comply with human rights,
labor standards and environmental aspects of the nine basic principles, which are: 1
Businesses should support and respect internationally recognized human rights, 2, will
not participate in any disregard and violation of human rights, 3, enterprises should
support freedom of association, recognition of both parties on such issues as wage
bargaining power, 4, to eliminate all forms of compulsory labor, and 5, the effective
prohibition of child labor, 6, to eliminate any discrimination in respect of employment
and industry behavior, 7 , business plan ahead to respond to environmental challenges,
8, take the initiative to increase environmental protection responsibilities, 9, to
encourage environmentally sound development and promotion of science and
Analysis of these nine principles, from the enterprise perspective, is to protect the
dignity and welfare of employees, from the outside, is to play to enterprises in the
social environment of good roles. Overall, corporate social responsibility can be
divided into economic responsibility, cultural responsibility, education, responsibility,
environmental responsibility and other aspects. Of economic responsibility, the
company primarily to create wealth, provide material products, improve the
people's living standards, cultural responsibility and education in terms of
responsibility, enterprises to provide staff with human rights in the work environment,
education of workers in the behavior consistent with public morality, the way in
environmentally friendly production. With a "global agreement"
standard to control our China business, you can see a lot of difference. That is the
current development goal of China's enterprises is still far from
international standards.
Specifically, some of the current issue of China's most prominent corporate
performance in eight broad areas: First, ignore their social security should be in the
role, as far as possible to avoid taxes and social security contributions, and second,
with little consideration of social employment, the burden Shuaixiang society, third,
with little consideration of environmental protection, the profit destruction and
pollution of the environment built on the basis of four is the number of enterprises
making profits, selfish, providing sub-standard products or false information services,
and consumer for profit or to deceive consumers, of heartless exploitation of the five
companies rely on the income and welfare workers to seek profits for the owners,
business owners fall into the capital of the slave, money-making machines, six is the
lack of awareness of provision of public goods, public good simply ignored him,
seven is the lack of awareness of fair competition, some of the planned economy
inherited from the monopoly, a lot of misappropriation of monopoly profits, and
strongly reject market competition, eight is a general lack of integrity, lack of integrity
of the state-owned enterprise, engaged in sham bankruptcy to avoid debt, private
enterprises to the market misappropriating fake packaging.
Development of Chinese enterprises are in a quick success of the historical stage.
How to put right the relationship between business and society, how to play corporate
social responsibility, business in the end what society should shoulder the
responsibility? Chinese society, ignorant of these issues also. From international
experience, corporate social responsibility made, mainly to solve the contradictions of
capital and the public, businesses and consumers to resolve the conflict. Not have the
correct idea, the capital will unduly favor the minority. For example, if an enterprise
engaged in counterfeiting, they improperly seized the interests of consumers, if the
production of quality products, not to deceive customers, would reduce profits. If you
engage in clean production, reducing pollution, protecting the environment, even
more to reduce profits. This is a contradiction, a society without a clear business
ethics and business philosophy, they may become self-serving, among each other to
defraud the mud. Therefore, today launched in China, a great debate on corporate
social responsibility is essential. How to profit-making enterprise, how to compete
with the consumer benefit? Requires not only legal safeguards, but needs some moral
realm to protect.
In addition, businesses in the community to assume increasing responsibility for the
final analysis, "small government, big society" result, Chinese
companies can in future play an increasingly larger role? It depends on our
understanding of this issue, but depends on the function of the next phase of reform
the government.
Second, the relationship between business and society, enterprises in the end Who is
Some people make that claim, after the companies pay taxes, even if completed
corporate social responsibility, there is no need to look for other social obligations of
contract. If companies has a lot of social responsibility and moral sense, these
enterprises will surely grow up, no big deal. This view even too vague sense of
morality summed up the characteristics of Eastern Enterprises, the final conclusion:
Oriental civilization difficult to produce large enterprises, to a certain stage of
development will be social responsibilities overwhelm. Some people believe that
companies should first be responsible for their own survival and development, before
taking into account the community. These views have some truth, but thinking does
not seem full. Whether the enterprise is just a mechanical operation of the machine?
Companies that do not have the humanity? Market economy of enterprises in the end
bear what responsibility? Indeed, the current Chinese society worthy of serious study
and discussion topics.
There is no doubt of the primary task of innovation and production, social enterprises
should be the creators of material wealth, the main purpose is to give business
community to provide material goods but also spiritual products. Support the survival
of the human enterprise is the basic economic unit of society. If companies lose
production and innovation capabilities, then the business loses the fundamental value
of its existence. Therefore, any business that the first prerequisite is to improve
production, create market efficiency, more taxes for the community to achieve its
social economic responsibility, which completed its main task. As for other social
responsibility of enterprises, it was considered to be the second thing, you can call it
"fair share child" thing. For example, how to protect the labor
rights of workers, should not education employees should not engage in clean
production and environmental protection, should be the degree of development of
enterprises. If an enterprise has economic strength has to be considered, if not to
attend to the.
Enterprises should not contract outside the economic responsibility system also
depends on factors of social responsibility in different companies have different social
systems performance. Changes in China's corporate responsibility to
change the extent of the government. If the economic system, China is still a planned
economy, then the corporate social responsibility is unlimited is limited. If the
Chinese society is still a "big government, small society"
approach, then take the number of companies do not need "to but outside
the" social responsibility. If the Government changes toward
"small government, big society", the direction of change, then
the business undertaken by non-rigid social responsibility must increase. Therefore,
the number of China's commitment to social responsibility of enterprises in
the future depends largely on the Chinese government's reform. On
China's current situation, Chinese enterprises remain the main duties of the
"envy of" the matter, some companies even within the
responsibility did not do that, such as pay social insurance fund.
Under the planned economy, the government is a big business, business is actually
part of the government organizations, enterprises not only to assume the task of
production, but also bear on the outside of all workers in the production of living. In
the planned economy, enterprises are not only the production and economic
organizations, but also administrative organizations, educational organizations or
military organizations. With the deepening of economic reform and politics in
China's deconstruction of the Almighty, the government's
all-powerful role in society is changing, the gradual separation of business and
government, corporate responsibility on the part of the government are constantly
peeling. So far, the Chinese enterprises of all types, whether state-owned enterprises
or private enterprises, had been substantially separated from enterprise management.
Instruction in state-owned enterprises and the government has gradually separated the
same time, companies who are responsible for many of the social responsibilities are
constantly shifting, and many state-owned enterprises have pensions for workers to
the community, many factories are schools, hospitals, service organizations also
realized the business community. View from the trend, after 20 years of reform,
state-owned enterprises have gradually embarked on the road of independent
operation. Formed under the planned economy of running social phenomenon
gradually disappeared. Private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises in the staff
relations become more clear. Only with such changes, China's state-owned
enterprises to traveling light, can have market competitiveness. Therefore, the
state-owned enterprises, the performance change in 20 years is mainly enterprise
But it must also see that the market economy of enterprises and society as inextricably
linked. Enterprise from society, but also will restore the community, this is a new
situation in relations between social enterprises. Corporate life and death, grow or
eliminated, should have a community to accept its price of failure. More important,
the society is the survival of the environment, not a good environment for enterprises
to survive. Therefore, businesses have a common prosperity and social relations, the
market economy of enterprises and society and even has a closer relationship, rather
than become relatively distant relationship. Business under the new situation and
social relations, an important manifestation of that company through the form of taxes
and contributions due to meet the social Bao Zhang's Zeren, Zeng Qiang
society's protection ability, but not any way to evade that responsibility.
The current situation, enterprises do not fulfill this responsibility is quite serious.
Third, enterprises and the relationship between public goods
United Nations "Global Compact" proposed by the nine
principles, basically due to rigid corporate responsibility, are "part in the
upbringing of" things. In addition to share of things, companies can engage
in many community activities. These responsibilities we can call it non-rigid
responsibility is to do business voluntarily. Enterprises in the community how much
this non-rigid requirement charity depends entirely on the civic-minded enterprise
level and economic strength.
Practice shows, enterprises benefit does not equal social benefits. In the market
economy, good companies can benefit more in the profit distribution to employees.
-Effective business and inefficient enterprises opened in a larger income gap, and
unemployment is pulled off by a huge gap. For example, the tobacco industry of
Zhejiang Zhenhai income workers in 10 million yuan. In this case, whether a
company will profit more by way of tax revenue transferred to the community?
Enterprises under the market economy and planned economy is not in the same
category of enterprises, enterprises under the planned economy almost no difference
between the market economy, enterprises can not be starker. Therefore, the balance of
corporate earnings, of corporate social responsibility has become an important topic
of the times. Otherwise, the social polarization of rich and poor will increase.
In theory, all property owned by state-owned public enterprises more easily shoulder
the social responsibility, public accountability in the private sector is relatively low.
But China's current situation is very complex, some large state-owned
monopolies instead of using their monopoly and competition and consumer interests,
the interests of more benefits flow to the sector and going. As taxes from the national
power sector assets with its own far from commensurate with the income and welfare
of workers, however, is among the best. The weakness of the small number of private
enterprises, often unscrupulous in order to survive. Currently only a few companies in
China showed public spirit. Shenzhen, a pair of self-started by a couple, a few
thousand million aid donation of education in poor areas. In the "glorious
cause" in some social enterprises contribute to public welfare. As Inner
Mongolia Shiqi Group is making a rare move ---- Chinese enterprises established
Shiqi funded comprehensive research institutions, in material manufacturing, but also
on social science research to contribute to society.
Proved not only to learn how companies make money, but also learn how to spend
money that is taken from the community, but also from the community. Good times
when the economic efficiency of enterprises, enterprises of the profits tax alone is not
enough a way, there are contributions, funding, charities, founder of the Foundation
and other means. In the United States, there are currently more than 50,000
foundations. These foundations take a lot of social responsibility. To the community a
great deal of public goods. Can be funded enterprises established in China is currently
the Foundation may not have one. The reason why this situation has arisen in China,
is mainly concerned with the institutions of our country, the Government has assumed
too much social responsibility. Nor does the law make provisions for enterprises to set
up the Foundation. This limits to some extent, the social enterprise should play a role.
In this regard, the present study is in dire need of corporate public relations activities
and taxes. For example, under what circumstances, companies can establish a social
fund? What is the relationship between the Fund and the revenue? Social funds into
corporate profits after taxes should not? In short, how many companies can provide
public goods, can provide what kind of public goods, how to provide public goods?
Will be the Chinese enterprises and theorists need to carefully study a topic.
The role of corporate social contributions, not only in terms of staff training is also
reflected in the. For example, in the prevention of AIDS, the enterprise has no
compulsory education, enhancing staff awareness in this regard? Company employees
have compulsory education in the community Samaritan, help the old child-friendly?
Enterprise is not just a place where employees work, is also a subject of education,
knowledge and access to life long experience of the place. How to become a business
and cultivate people, know the big schools? Is also the corporate social responsibility
performance. Chinese enterprises in any case not from one extreme to another
extreme, arranged from the Cultural Revolution period to today's washing
their hands of the Almighty. Impact on staff education and the role of the enterprise is
an important aspect of society. Appraisal on the future of enterprises, this enterprise
must be the performance of employees included in the community rating range.
Enterprise is not only a place to produce goods, but also must be a production
qualified, ethical, high-place. This is the company's intangible assets to the
community and public goods.
China today, a whole society involved in the corporate social responsibility
"hearing" is held in full swing. It is undeniable that enjoys
popular support in the concept of a harmonious society today, contemporary China is
really     need      to    cultivate     a    universal     responsibility.    In     this
"precious" and the new spiritual movement, who we do not
need to push to the moral heart of the torture carried out on the court, but to all
aspects of society actively mobilized into concrete actions . Only in respect of this
present discussion, we need to listen to corporate social responsibility in particular the
most important voices of the party --- entrepreneurs.

Social Responsibility and Modern entrepreneurship

Jack Ma (Alibaba CEO): entrepreneurs into three categories, one is a businessman,
what the money earned; a class of businessmen, do something; a class of
entrepreneurs, concerned about the long-term concern for social responsibility .
Ma's words as "modern entrepreneurial spirit" to do a
good footnote. To have a corporate social responsibility and meet the changing
expectations of the public need to have smart leading corporate executives. History of
the development of many enterprises that only those who can gain a profound
understanding of social change, and how these changes are expected to affect the
operation of the enterprise itself in order to become competitive in the survivors.
These companies and government regulators to get along more harmoniously, on the
business stakeholders need to be more understanding of the interaction with the
community and more effective. Therefore, it is easy to see that sense of social
responsibility is an important content of modern entrepreneurship.
Fulfill their social responsibilities from the basic level of business start
Ding Lei (Netease CEO): Netease online game development will take into account
economic efficiency and social responsibility. Of the people who play the game, the
game is a fun, enough is enough. Netease game does not advocate doing this quick
success, not to sell the game tool. Whether the present or the future, the
NetEase's game themes are drawn from China, the game will not be with a
bloody and violent, emphasized that China's cultural connotations.
That social responsibility, people tend to think of philanthropy and "social
service" activities, while neglecting the business itself, the scale of
business activities. NetEase's practice tells us that an enterprise to win
respect, and the development of society as a whole have a positive impact, we must
start from the most basic business activities. Company's products as
businesses and consumers to communicate directly to carriers, it presents the most
specific and the image of a company's values, the impact on society and the
public is also the most extensive and thorough. Material production to today, the
product concept and content are often more important than the quality and
performance. Therefore, enterprises If you want to bring the community a positive
radiation, should be from product design and production to start in this most basic
business activities, not for profit and resort to all means.
Corporate social responsibility combined with the actual
Zong (Wahaha Group chairman): Enterprise's own limitations to bear
non-economic social responsibility, they may bring disaster to the enterprise. Such
entrepreneurs to their own reputation, squandering corporate resources or assets to do
various social charitable activities; enterprises in order to solve the employment
problem of a group of employees, still propped up an insolvent lending business hard.
The former shareholders of irresponsible social investors, which in fact is a large
number of unnecessary labor and resource consumption, is truly irresponsible to
society. This commitment to economic efficiency and social responsibility are not
effective as a.
The profitability of a business commitment to voluntary corporate social
responsibility is a prerequisite. Corporate performance should be the main economic
standards, social responsibility can add but can not replace the economic
responsibility. If the business at the expense of normal business activities and
financing of social welfare activities, which amounts to abuse of
shareholder's money, this behavior is unsustainable in the long run. A lot of
money or a check is easy, but if there is no return if only input will be very easy for
shareholders, managers and aroused resentment and dissatisfaction among employees
emotional. Such an irresponsible company will soon lose the trust of shareholders.
In fact, we should encourage enterprises to solve social problems in the time to find
profitable opportunities. After all, only grow a business only after we talk about how
to repay the society.
Corporate Social Responsibility and the long-term business strategy
Zhang (Haier Group CEO): relationship between responsibility and profit is not a
game. It conducted a survey on the century-old, they promote social responsibility
first, interest, profit second.
Numerous studies show that corporate social participation in economic performance
with the existence of a positive relationship between. Internationally renowned
research institutions BSR (B us in e ss fo r Soc ia l R e sp on s ib ility) of the last
century through the 90's found that will help companies fulfill their social
responsibility to a range of practical benefits, including sales and marketing share
growth, strong brand position and influence of corporate image enhancement and
lower operating costs, while corporate investors and financial analysts will increase
the attractiveness. To sales growth, for example, in 2002 Cohen / Lo platinum
corporate citizenship survey shows that 84% of consumers believe that if price and
quality comparable to, they would be willing to choose a public good associated with
the brand. Therefore, to fulfill social responsibility that will increase business costs, is
actually a short-sighted and biased.
Fulfill their social responsibility and contribute to the community
Guo Guangchang (Shanghai Fuxing Group Chairman): A company should take the
initiative to take social responsibility. A well-developed business will take up more
social resources. Enterprises may create profit, but no community support and
understanding, there is no community wide platform, enterprises can not be
Guo Guangchang, then to corporate social responsibility has done a very good proofs.
Enterprise development will occupy much of the social resources, but profitability is
not necessarily all of the contributions would have the return side. Therefore, it
requires companies to shareholders, a social parties are included within the scope of
the feedback. Between business and society that positive interaction will provide
enterprises with a good development environment.
Meanwhile, the enterprise as an economic entity, and social entities, at the forefront of
social development, this special status makes the company virtually has enormous
power and energy. Enterprises have the responsibility to see everyone benefit from the
behavior of enterprises. Corporate control substantial resources, their behavior will
affect the people form an important, so enterprises have the obligation to the rational
use of these resources, so that their behavior on the whole community beneficial
Corporate Social Responsibility and core competitiveness of enterprises
Gerstner (IBM's former chairman): good companies just donate money to
charitable activities is not enough, it was only a low performance of the act, their
resources and management capacity, and other things brought to charity and money is
almost as important.
If corporate social responsibility only to face the "pretty", then
the business community invested in the choice of projects and themes, will show a
great deal of randomness, and the company's long-term development
strategy for lack of relevance. If we look at the social behavior of well-known
multinational companies, we will find that they are not blind to charitable donations,
not just a check, but the value of a few selected for their strategic focus areas. In other
words, corporate social responsibility should be from the core competitiveness of
enterprises starting. Doing so, one can achieve more significant results; the other hand,
will also help enterprises to better build their own core competitiveness. Michael
Porter has said that enterprises should make more than a simple check-writing
worthwhile effort. Therefore, the company is the only way to win respect for their
own advantages, the man can not.
Corporate social responsibility lies with the radiation model
Chen Tianqiao (Shanda's chairman): In the past, due to my own idealism,
we donate money do not want people to know, this might contradict naive. Because as
a socially responsible enterprise, a real influential companies, your behavior should be
adopted, so that people know you, and bring more people, more businesses to care for
the hot, concern people who need help really do something to support the social
development. Wealth creation is important, but equally important social responsibility.
At present, the corporate social responsibility in China is a widely discussed topic.
But corporate social responsibility from the "enjoys popular
support," there is a certain distance. Therefore, in our current social
environment, the excellent enterprises in addition to the optimization of the social
environment and increase national well-being to contribute, also bear with a special
"social responsibility", that is, through its own actions to
influence and lead more business groups, to create a good social atmosphere. It is also
building a harmonious society needs.
The influence of an enterprise should be multifaceted, in addition to good business
performance and advanced cultural ideas, every move a company should seek to bring
about positive social effects of radiation. Society as a whole should be an enlightened
attitude towards corporate social participation, learning good corporate social
responsibility in the performance of the practice, do not always see it as
"fame" of their own behavior.